The planets, the stars, the stars in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of planet Earth or to discover an unknown planet? What does it mean to dream to see a very bright planet that shines in the sky like a star or the sun? What does it mean to dream of being on a wonderful planet with strange people and strange animals? Why can we dream of being on another planet reaching a star? What does it mean to dream of leaving with a spaceship for another planet together with parents, a work colleague, a friend, a dead relative, uncle, grandfather, boyfriend, husband, son, brother-in-law, cousin, famous actor or singer? And what does it mean to see so many aligned planets, in conjunction in the sky, in space, above my head, falling, bursting, catching fire? What does it mean to dream of taking a plane and leaving for a new planet, to go and search for life on another planet far from the Earth? Dreaming of a shooting star, a blue, red, white, shiny, silver planet, falling from the sky, along with many stars, dreaming of enormous, gigantic, colliding planets that revolve around the Sun, the Earth or see very small planets , far away. What does it mean to dream of traveling in the Universe and see the world that is really small? Have you ever dreamed of an astronomer? What does it mean to dream of the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, a satellite in Earth orbit, a beautiful and distant galaxy or the Milky Way? What does it mean to dream of seeing a planet that is falling to Earth? What kind of numbers can I extract from the Neapolitan grimace if I want to play the lottery when I dream of being on a strange planet, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember having traveled with my mother, my father, my brother and never a sister, in space and I was very happy. Last night I dreamed of being on the moon and I was walking very slowly. Last night I dreamed that I was with a friend of mine on the planet Venus. This night I dreamed of leaving for a new planet together with aliens and their spaceship". Well, today we try to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams that is not widespread but that nevertheless has a meaning that should not be underestimated.


Generally this type of dreams has a fairly positive meaning because the planets can have a strong connection with the hope that the dreamer feeds for his life, for his inner evolutionary path but also at a professional, professional level. In essence, the planets may indicate that they have great hope for their future and this concept, this meaning and this kind of interpretation derives simply from the discourse related to the meaning of the planet in real life. Man has always tried to go into space looking for new planets where it is possible to look for new life, but above all where it is possible to live. The hope of a planet where we can live and then solve the problem of overcrowding on our Earth, now reached its limits. So dreaming of traveling to reach a planet or dreaming of arriving and being on a particular planet unknown or known as Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, means to have a good hope for their future. Obviously talking about hope is a very general thing and we should analyze all the details of dreams to understand at least the sector in which we feel we have to hope again. Since in our dreams we must never underestimate every detail, object, person, place, feeling, emotion, then if we dream of being on a planet in the company of a colleague of ours, then, clearly, we are hoping for a better future for regarding our work. On the other hand, if we travel together with our mother and father or with a family member, we may need to hope to improve our relationship with these people. And if we go to a planet with the person we love then hope, trust in the feelings that bind us to this person, grows within us. This is a first meaning of the planets in a dream. Astrologically speaking, we know that the Sun indicates our instinct, our vital energy but also the illusion and therefore dreaming of traveling to reach this star, means to follow your instinct, an instinct that could create problems because thinking of approaching the Sun It is an absurd idea since we would be burned.

Reaching the planet Venus can have a meaning related to feelings and to a person who attracts us a lot or simply the dreamer is living a period in which to love is important to him. We must not, of course, forget the people who are with us on a planet because they can provide further details. Traveling to reach the planet Mars means experiencing a very nervous period or a period full of energy and physical strength while the planet Jupiter signals the need to seek or get a little luck out of destiny just because this planet represents luck in astrology. While Saturn is the symbol of wisdom, of flowing time, of advice, of maturity and finding ourselves on this planet or observing it with a telescope, means having the need to mature, to evolve, to progress slowly, perhaps following someone's advice who is with us in a dream and is a wiser person. Saturn often also indicates our father and the austere, severe relationship we can have with him in real life. If we dream of traveling to reach the planet Uranus then our life is about to change abruptly or we ourselves have a strong need to change something of our life that is no longer satisfactory while Neptune is the symbol of mental confusion, the symbol of our creativity and Pluto represents the unconscious forces we possess and which could be self-destructive. The Moon, on the other hand, very often represents our feminine part that is not expressed in real life or comes out only at certain moments in our lives. This planet therefore represents emotions, sensations, sweetness, sensibility but also a moody character that can go up and down with varying periods. Each planet therefore has its own oneiric meaning that should not be underestimated and can represent an aspect of our character that needs to be improved or a moment in our lives where we have to use these particular characteristics. We talked about hope but dreaming planets can also indicate luck.

In fact, when we dream of observing the sky and seeing a very bright planet that shines compared to other stars or other planets, we can hope to receive some good news, we can hope for a sudden success and we can also evolve in our lives very positively. Very beautiful dreams, however, that can leave a slight sense of melancholy, frustration and malaise. You all have observed the stars in the sky at night and you have tried to make a wish by seeing a shooting star or you have thought about the important things in life. Here, observing stars and planets also signals the likelihood of experiencing a profound inner malaise, a very particular state of mind that must be analyzed upon awakening to try to understand what disturbs us, what creates this melancholy. When we travel through space with a spaceship to reach a certain planet we are very likely to do or have already made an important discovery that can be very useful in our life, for the evolution of our character, our work, our existential path . In short, the planet indicates hope but also possible realizations and unexpected events very positive for the dreamer. If in the dream we remember to travel with the aliens or dream of being kidnapped by aliens to be transported to another planet we do not know, then in our life we??are about to meet a very strange person or we are going to live a particularly innovative, experimental and in which new knowledge, new discoveries will be really interesting. Some people remember having traveled on an airplane or spaceship to reach a planet with a deceased relative who has been dead for so many years. These dreams identify the pain for the loss of this person and the astronomical journey indicates the need to seek further contact with this person and therefore with the world of the dead. However, never forget that going to the discovery of a planet or arriving on one of them or still seeing the planet shine in the sky is always a very favorable dream that must bring optimism, hope for a new evolution of our earthly life.


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