The salary in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of receiving a beautiful and large salary increase? What does it mean to dream the director of a company that offers a very low salary? Why can we dream of having more money, more money at the end of the month? What does it mean to dream of a lower than normal salary and to be sad and worried? What does it mean to dream of asking the employer to increase his paycheck? What does it mean to dream of asking our mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, cousin, brother-in-law, grandfather, friend or co-worker for more money? Why can we dream that this month's salary is not enough to face all expenses? What is the meaning of dreaming of opening an envelope with the salary money inside? What does it mean to dream of having a good job and a good income? Pay, salary, remuneration, compensation. Why is it possible to dream of a promotion or to dream of having a beautiful and important unexpected promotion? Dreaming of the reduction of our salary and therefore of our salary or dreaming of a sharp increase in it, is a very common thing among many people. What numbers can we pull out of the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we take all the salary with the ATM in our dreams, according to the guide and the book on dreams? What does it mean to dream of a small increase in salary? "This night I dreamed of being very sad because my salary was very low. Last night I dreamed of receiving the salary but there was no money in the envelope. Last night I dreamed that I was with my employer who did not want to pay me my salary. The other night I remember dreaming of being with my parents asking me for money to live". Money, salary, are elements of our dreams that appear very often and can have various meanings that we must try to understand. Today we try to understand why it is possible to dream of receiving a good salary or a too low salary or even an almost nil salary.


So working and receiving money is a normal thing because with our efforts we can get money to be able to live. Money is essential and arriving at the end of the month without particular problems and economic suffering is a concern that we can all have. Unfortunately, many people have small or large economic problems that can go unnoticed during the day, but during the night these concerns come out very strongly even if not easy to understand. Many people say they dream of being in the office of their employer and ask for an increase in salary but he refuses their request. Unfortunately these dreams, very widespread, contain the simple meaning of a professional and very unsatisfactory life, a life that is not what we want and being in front of the person who commands our work means that we feel the strong need for change a situation that does not allow us to be serene, happy, satisfied and optimistic. In most cases, therefore, to dream of asking for more money means to be dissatisfied with the things we are doing in our lives and for all that we could do to improve our existential path but unfortunately we do not do. If asking for an increase in salary that is not granted in a dream means not being happy with the life we??are facing but rather being very disappointed, on the contrary being able to receive a small salary increase means to improve our working and professional conditions but certainly it also means experiencing a sense of small or great inner satisfaction and psychophysical well-being. In fact, perhaps not all of you know that money in a dream is not just a material wellbeing and therefore an economic well-being that we would like to achieve in our lives but also a psychophysical well-being, a mental well-being. And so when we dream of getting a good wage increase we could be in a very productive phase of our life.

And this productivity derives precisely from the great stimuli we have and from a period in which we feel very well physically and mentally. But in the dream we can also receive an income, a much lower salary and be upset about all this. If we connect this kind of dreams to what we have said before, then we can understand that we are facing a very difficult period, a period in which the energies are really very small and we need to rest. So dreaming of money, wages, salaries, often means simply going through a very tiring life phase and where the energies are very low or exactly the opposite. It must be said, however, that salaries in the dream world can have other meanings. In fact, many people say they dreamed of receiving a small sum of money more than they usually get in real life at the end of the month, and after a few days, just during work, they got a praise, a little gratification , then a certificate of esteem from a colleague or the employer. Other dreamers tell of having dreamed of receiving the salary of a colleague of their work. Well, these dreams can signal the need to be able to do the same things that the work colleague does, therefore having the same responsibilities, the same tasks to do, the same tasks. Behind these dreams you can see, as you may have guessed, a sense of light envy and jealousy that the dreamer nurtures towards his work colleague because maybe he feels he is not appreciated for the work he does. Disgruntlement, disappointment, bitterness for the underestimation of one's own qualities and in fact obtaining a lower salary means just feeling underestimated, feeling little appreciated for what we do but, attention, this could just be a sensation that the dreamer perceives in real life and presents itself in the dream world, while in everyday life people, perhaps, appreciate our work.

The low level of self-esteem is always a very present in this kind of dreams but also an overestimation of their qualities and therefore a high level of self-esteem can be perceived in a dream through, perhaps, a salary much higher than the usual salary that, in reality we could never receive. Money is however fundamental every day of our lives and its extreme importance, in this capitalist world, appears in our dreams in various forms and also in the form of a salary that is practically nil. Have you ever dreamed of having a zero salary? Receiving a salary of this type means not being appreciated by anyone for the things we do but above all means having a very strong sense of distrust in life that must be fought because it could be the antechamber of some illnesses, a beginning of depression, melancholy, sadness and pessimism. And dream of asking for a loan of money from someone? What does it mean to dream of asking for money from a parent, a relative or a friend or colleague? We need help but not just financial help. Probably behind the economic demand there is a strong malaise, a problem that we can not solve alone but only with the help of someone wiser than us. Expect the right recognition of your work from other people. This is hidden behind the receipt of a payment. Recognizing the merits and qualities of a person, on the other hand, is the meaning that lies behind the dreams in which we are giving money to someone. Getting a higher salary is the symptom of wanting a lot more than what you do in life while receiving a too low salary very often means feeling underestimated but also suffering from some guilt. In fact we could have done a lot of bad work and therefore dream of having less money for this very reason, for a sense of guilt that in a dream can not remain hidden but comes out from the depths of our subconscious.


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