Get late in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being late for an appointment and being in a hurry to leave? What does it mean to dream of never arriving in a workplace? Why do we often dream of not being able to go to a job interview or an exam at school? Dreaming of a person's delay or dreaming of waiting for a person, a friend, a relative, a work colleague who never arrives. Dreaming of calling the ambulance, the police but nobody ever comes. What does it mean to dream of slowing down, holding back, hindering, preventing the journey of an uncle, grandfather, parents, husband, son who therefore can not arrive in time and can not take a train, bus, taxi, plane, bus. Why can we dream of reaching our destination well in advance or with a big delay? Delays in dreams are really widespread among people. To arrive, to reach, to arrive, to come, to arrive, to land, to land very late, with many hours later. What does it mean to dream of arriving late at work, at school, late or early at your church wedding and not being ready? And what does it mean to not be able to reach the top of a mountain in time? What does it mean to dream of arriving at your wedding day well in advance but to find out that the watch has a wrong date? Dreaming of being late for an appointment or dreaming of waking up late, dreaming of being late for a trip. What does it mean to dream of arriving very late to an appointment with our mother, our father, our children, a work colleague, a friend or a deceased relative for many years? What numbers is it possible to pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to try to win the lottery if in a dream I arrive late somewhere, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of leaving with my car but I could not get to my destination because it failed and went off along the way and I was very worried. Why do I always dream of arriving late at work? Tonight I remember dreaming of coming home alone. Last night I dreamed of calling an ambulance because I felt very bad but the ambulance arrived late and I died. Last night I was with my mother, my cousin, my uncle and my brother-in-law. We had to take the train but never got to the station". Let's try to understand the meaning of these dreams.


Who knows how many times you have dreamed of being in sharp delay while you were going to a dreamlike appointment. Each of you has dreamed, at least once in your life, to go to a job interview or a date of love but not find anyone because the time was completely wrong and you had arrived late. In a dream we can anticipate or postpone an appointment, we can arrive with a great advance or arrive in a place with a big delay. Here the analogy with our life and with many situations that we live is very evident. Basically analyzing this kind of dreams is not very difficult but all this does not mean that their message is unimportant, not very influential, indeed, especially when we often dream of arriving late then we must think we have some serious problem to solve. In everyday life we??arrive late for an appointment for various reasons. We can arrive late because we forgot and only later remember that we had to go to someone, we can arrive late because our clock shows a wrong time or we can take the car, a train, a plane, a bus but arrive late because of a problem to the means of transport, because of traffic or maybe because we are wrong. Generally this type of dreams can be very scary and be particularly mysterious, apparently without a real reason, when the dreamer is usually a very timely person in his life. We immediately say that arriving late in the dream world at any appointment, can be associated with an opportunity, a chance that we risk losing or that we have already lost in our lives. This occasion can concern work but also love or other areas of our life. Here our subconscious shows, through this kind of dreams, a small or big sense of guilt for not being able to seize a good opportunity. In real life, maybe we do not think very much about a situation that could be positive for us and that we did run away but to our mind, our unconscious and our subconscious, it never escapes anything.

Lose a good opportunity in life and in any industry but also be afraid of something, someone, an event that has not yet arrived but that causes a lot of anxiety and tension. And this anxiety, this tension become delays in our dreams. We have to prepare an exam, we have to prepare a very important job and we have a lot of worries because, maybe, we think things can go wrong. Here in our dream world all these fears, these fears become delays that can provoke in us feelings of great sadness, melancholy, disappointment. The sectors that can be influenced are many because we can dream of arriving late at work, to a love appointment, to a medical examination, so we can arrive late at the hospital or at a restaurant or even fail to arrive at school on time. or at a party. Boys often dream of not being able to get to school on the day when you have to do an important task, participate in a question or give an exam. So these guys are very apprehensive, anxious because they are afraid of making mistakes but above all of not being able to get ready, not to be in the right conditions to overcome a problem in their life because the school in dream does not necessarily represent the real school. In fact, even people who do not go to school for many years, can dream of arriving late at school to be able to give an exam. We are often afraid of changes in our earthly existence and this small or big fear can manifest itself with this kind of dreams that, precisely, want to communicate to the dreamer to be ready to change, to accept the possible changes that can come into life because only by accepting some changes can resolve certain tensions, some non-positive moods, situations that do not make us live well in our lives. Often it happens also to dream of running because we know we are late and, for example, we run to catch the bus, the train or the plane.

If by running we can reach the train, the bus, the plane, then we can make sure that an opportunity that is escaping us, can return and be positive for us while arriving late and not being able to take these means of transport signals that despite our willpower, in spite of our great commitment, our sacrifices, we are not able to achieve success and achieve our goals. And if do we dream of making someone arrive late? What kind of dreams can this mean? Dreaming of being the fault of a delay of our parents, our children, our girlfriend, almost certainly means feeling, feeling a small or strong sense of guilt, feeling responsible for everything that is happening to a person. Maybe we have not encouraged our children to study enough to pass an exam at school and then their rejection and failure is also our failure as parents and here we dream of getting our children to school late. We must then say that there are other types of dreams and dreams in which we are forced to wait for the arrival of a person who never arrives or who arrives with a definite delay. These dreams can represent the fear of being abandoned by someone, of not being evaluated for their qualities and not being accepted for what we really are and it is always important to remember the feelings we experience in our dreams because they feel disappointed, sad, melancholy always denotes the fear of a possible abandonment, of a refusal. And fear, rejection are two elements that often occur in dreams in which the dreamer goes to a date of love with a man or woman but, unfortunately, this person never arrives. Sentimental wastes are very connected with this kind of dreams, dreams in which the person we want to love never comes or the person we want to make peace because in real life we??have a fight, comes late or is together with another man or to another woman.


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