"Last night I dreamed that I was being rejected class third, fourth, fifth middle school, upper primary school. What is this dream? I was rejected due to the June or my rejection was in September. Last night I dreamed that I got a promotion to a higher class in the dream. Last night I dreamed of being rejected at school and was crying so much. I dreamed of being unable to pass a test, an exam at school, at university. I dreamed that I was a placement test for college but not spent. I was rejected in a dream because I did not answer exactly the questions of the task. Completely the wrong theme written by Italian state exams, final exams. I was in a school and I was questioned by the professor, the teacher, but I was not prepared and I received a very low rating. I passed a difficult question in mathematics and I would get a high rating. I found myself doing oral examinations before a committee very severe". To dream of being rejected to the oral, written, driving to pick up the license for motorcycle, car, truck does that mean? To dream of being rejected at school what does it mean? What it means to be rejected in english, french, mathematics, latin, italian, geography, history, geometry, art, music, technical drawing, etc...? What does it mean to dream their rejection or that of a close friend, brother, sister? What does it mean to dream of being interrogated at school? What does this mean? What is the meaning and interpretation given to such dreams? Let us know right away.

It is clear that many students dream of being rejected or promoted, and often these dreams are tied to their studies and to the school, to the world that they themselves attend school. Often, however, it may happen to be adults, men or women, and most do not attend any school but comuqnue can happen to dream of being in a school desk to make an examination, to carry out a task, to answer certain questions. Giving exams in a dream is very frequent and carries important meanings. Let's start from the students, by the students of the primary school, the media, higher education, children who attend university courses. When you dream of being in school to take an exam, to undergo a query in any matter, we think that we have concerns about their school. Maybe we do not feel well prepared, maybe we fear a professor, a subject in particular and in the dream we are questioned and we do not go very well. So the dreams of rejection or of tests, homework, questions gone bad they want to communicate to the dreamer student who have fears, fears that may be true or not.

So how can you dream of being rejected, you can even dream of being promoted, to pass an examination or inquiry, to have a high rating to a task in class. These dreams indicate confidence in their own quality, preparation, confidence in their abilities and as a result we can really achieve success in school. Be promoted to a higher class is always a good omen because it also indicates maturity, positive evolution of the character of the dreamer who can then reach goals more and more important. Insecurity on the other hand is typical of those who received a low grade in a dream, they are scolded by the teacher or a professor. Sometimes you can hate so much a matter such as history or mathematics, that in a dream you get a bad grade in these subjects but it is said that this happens in real life. We need to work on insecurities when you often make these dreams.

Okay but when we are not students but adults with their work and we dream of making examinations, however, be in the classroom, be questioned, what tasks do you mean? Clearly, we are always faced with uncertainties, fears, fears that the dreamer's also great to not deal with certain situations and life always puts him ahead of choices, obstacles to deal with. That's if small, when we were students, we were afraid of a particular commodity or a professor in particular, then these scenes and come back to remind us that we now have to deal with our other fears. Often when you dream of being rejected, not to exceed exams also take driving tests for a specific car or motorcycle driver's license, they always have to do with fears that the dreamer does not know how to get ahead in life, does not know how to take forward some situations. The promotion in a dream is a good omen of course for men and women who no longer attend school because they have the ability to reach important goals. Ultimately if you dream that a good friend, a brother or sister is rejected, then we should expect to be apprehensive for their own maybe because we know they are going through a period of no good.


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