Bow and arrows in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of throwing an arrow or arrows at an unknown man or being in a forest or wood with a bow behind your back? What does it mean to dream of hunting wild boar, animals with arrows and bow, killing a snake, fox, tiger, lion, wolf, bear, sheep, dog, cat, deer, fawn, lamb, pig, together with a deceased relative for many years? Why can we dream of buying a bow with many arrows or seeing someone who wants to hit us with a poisoned and sharp arrow? Why is it possible to dream of being hit, injured and falling to the ground, feeling a lot of pain for an arrow in one leg, in one arm, in the head, in the heart, in the shoulder, also losing a lot of blood? What does it mean to have a weapon as dangerous as a bow? To break an arc, to burn, to break, to destroy an ancient arch with arrows or to see in a dream the bow of Ulysses. What does it mean to dream of shooting, pulling an arrow with the flaming tip or dreaming of being hit by an arrow that is a toy is not hurting? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to try to win a lot of money in the lottery, if we dream of finding and using an ancient bow with various arrows according to the guide on dreams? What does it mean to dream of a bow with arrows that is used to kill our parents, some animals, our grandfather, a friend, a work colleague, a cousin or brother-in-law? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with my mother and father while we were buying a small bow without arrows. Last night someone threw me at an arrow that stuck in one foot. Tonight I dreamed that my brother was killing me by throwing an arrow into my head. Last night I dreamed of being hit by a long arrow that came from the bow of a man I did not know". Usually doing this kind of dreams is not a very common thing because bow and arrows are objects with which we have little to do in real life but even these objects can have a valid symbolism in our dreams that we are going to analyze. What is the meaning of bows and arrows in our dreams or nightmares then?


Therefore we must always start from the real meaning of these objects. First of all, the bow and arrow are weapons that are no longer used for hunting animals but they were objects and weapons widely used in the past. Certainly therefore, when we see these weapons we must think of something that concerns our past. Obviously we must distinguish the dreams in which the dreamer actually loves to hunt in real life and therefore, being a hunter, the desire to hunt can appear in dreams along with these particular objects instead of rifles and guns, weapons that are used now for hunting birds and various wild animals. But if we are not hunters and indeed we hate hunting that we believe to be a violent and useless sport, then arrows and bows in a dream can take on other meanings. So the arrows can be pointy and poisoned and the arcs are so powerful that you can shoot the arrows very far. At this point it is possible to think that when we dream of finding an arrow with an arrow, we have the possibility to fight for something because, precisely, these objects are weapons and weapons are used during a war. When we see these objects in a dream, then, perhaps we are experiencing a period in which it is simply necessary to struggle, it is necessary to live life in a particularly combative way and without being overwhelmed by obstacles. So very positive dreams that can denote a strong spirit of rebellion, a fighting spirit and the possibility to choose to act in an absolutely independent way. These dreams are even more truthful when we ourselves are hurling arrows by arming the bow. This particular action that we do in a dream means that we have all the willpower to act in our lives and to make decisions, make choices that can be fundamental to our progress, our evolution and inner maturation. But with bow and arrows you need to have good physical strength and above all a great aim if we want to hit the target.

And in our dreams, who are we aiming for the arrow and then who is our target? Perhaps an animal or a person, a relative, a friend, a parent or a man or woman we do not know. We have often said that animals represent our instincts and therefore when in a dream we try to kill an animal with arrows then perhaps part of our character needs to come out or be blocked. For example, we could be too aggressive, and then dream of killing a tiger or we could dream of killing a fox because our subconscious realizes we are too clever and cunning. In short, every animal can take on our character appearance. Very often we dream of snakes that want to bite or even dogs that chase us and that the arrows thrown at these animals are used to block animal instincts, sexual impulses too exaggerated and uncontrollable and even an exaggerated energy that can only do damage. In the case of snakes we can say that often they represent envies and jealousy of people. So in real life maybe a person is against us, tries to impede our ideas and our progress and then in a dream it turns into a terrible snake that we kill using bow and arrows. But in our dream world we can also kill innocent people, innocent animals or birds flying in the sky. Birds flying in the sky often represent our ideal of freedom and therefore kill birds with poisoned arrows or however using a bow, means not being able to take flight in life and not be able to be independent, in short, it is possible to live a particularly free time of freedom because of ourselves and our behavior or because of other people and situations in which we are involved. But we can also dream of being injured or even killed by a person who throws us at a fiery or poisoned arrow. We can even experience a lot of pain and feel dying.

If someone we do not know points an arrow at us and hits us, we must first try to remember where we have been hit and who is the person who threw the arrow. If we remember seeing one of our parents throw the arrow at us then most likely the family relationship with this parent is about to change. Perhaps we need to become more independent and perhaps we need to get away from our family and here is the arrow is a sign that invites us to take other paths, otherwise the family could continue to create further problems. The oneiric suffering, the physical pain that we can experience and the blood that comes out of a wound, obviously signal a very complicated period, a moment in our life in which we are devoid of energy and we do not know how to act against adversity, we can not take right decisions. If the arrow hits us in the head then our ideas are wrong, they are too lacking and useless and so we have to change the way we reason while if the arrow enters a leg or an arm then the work will be very complex for us. Arms and legs in a dream represent the working life and therefore a leg or an arm that is injured almost certainly indicates work problems. But arms and legs also represent the imagination and creativity of a person and therefore being hit in these points of the body means living a period with little creativity, little desire to do, a period in which we have no desire to act and to commit our strength to improve our lives. So a very important difference, when we see bow and arrows in a dream is the one in which we use this weapon ourselves or not. Striking with bow and arrows means however to have a good energy and a good initiative, a good courage to make decisions while failing to hurl an arrow or fail the target is the symbol of a defeat, a choice that we make or a decision that we take that they are absolutely wrong. If someone points an arrow at us then we are experiencing a period of intense inner crisis and we have little willpower.


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