Attending an accident in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What meaning can someone assist in dreams? What does it mean to dream to help, to help, to take care of, to support, to support, to favor, to help or abandon, to lose interest, to neglect a person? Injury, disgrace, disaster, episode. What does it mean to dream of seeing a clash between two men or two cars or motorcycles at an intersection? What does it mean to dream of a dying person, a sick person, seriously injured, a dying person, in his own house or apartment, in bed or in hospital? Attending, participating in a massacre, a massacre of men, women, children, innocent people, animals. What does it mean to dream of witnessing a femicide, genocide, uxoricide? Why can we dream of assisting a very old, very old man who can not talk, eat or walk? And to dream of helping someone, a woman we do not know, to give birth? Dreaming of seeing a friend give birth, her mother, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, grandmother, work colleague, a relative who has been dead for so many years. What does it mean to dream of giving birth to a child? Why can we dream of witnessing a stabbing, a fight, a funeral, a rape, a shooting, a show, robbery, pursuit, a sentimental betrayal? What does it mean to dream of witnessing an accident in which some people die? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace do we have to play if we want to bet a little money on the lottery, if we see a terrible car accident in our dreams and help, according to the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I dreamed of seeing a terrifying accident and tried to help all the injured people. Last night I dreamed of being helped by a dear friend along the way home because I had been injured by an animal. Last night I dreamed of being with my parents while helping a woman while she was giving birth in her house. Tonight I remember dreaming that I was witnessing a very sick person who was dying". We see that we understand these kinds of dreams that are widespread and are never trivial.


So in a dream we can simply witness a situation, an event that occurs without doing anything or participate in the event and, for example, help someone who asks us for help. A widespread dream is one in which we dream of seeing a car accident in which some people are injured or even dying. These dreams can be very scary and make us wake up with a heart that beats very hard but identify a problem of the dreamer. The dream accidents are very often always a problem that the dreamer is experiencing and not a problem of other people we meet in dreams. Accidents show obstacles in our work, sentimental, family, economic, professional. These obstacles can be very important if we dream of a major accident in which we see so much blood and so many deaths. Analyzing blood and death in the dream world is a fundamental thing to bring out, to extrapolate a correct interpretation. Attending a serious accident in which we see so much blood and people dying, means that we are facing a very complex period and in which we need to relax, find a good inner balance to recover physical and mental energy and to leave without any particular problems. These problems are even more serious when in a dream we are not able to help anyone and even while we are rescuing a person, it dies in our arms. If the blood identifies a very difficult period and when we do not have the strength to go on, a phase of our life in which we could be very pessimistic, the death of a person we know or not, means the need to change something , the dreamer's need to take new paths to solve some problems that may affect the work but also the family. We must not forget all the details of a dream and therefore objects, places, people, feelings and emotions that we can try because everything can help to understand the meaning.

So an incident that we witness and we can not do anything to save the people involved, can mean a very difficult period and we should close some situations, change the path to see our lives and our social relationships improve. And in fact another very important meaning that hides behind the dreams in which we help someone, is precisely that relating to interpersonal relationships. We can help a person we know as a mother, a father, a friend, a business colleague, an enemy and this oneiric behavior may represent the need to find a peace after a quarrel with this person or the need to collaborate with this individual for to improve one's existential path, to be able to mature, even inwardly. If we can not help a friend, a work colleague, a relative, then we can not find the solution to our problems and ask for help someone will not even be very useful while being able to help a person means being able to find a viable solution even with the that person's own help. Often people who dream of witnessing a terrible accident, think that this thing can actually happen in life but it is not exactly like that and rarely these dreams are premonitory dreams. The incident, rather, is an incident that occurs within us, in our unconscious and identifies a problem that must be solved. Some people say they dreamed of helping their love partner who was dying after an accident. Certainly these dreams hide a small or big dissatisfaction regarding our romantic relationship and we must try to understand the reason for this dissatisfaction. If the person we love dies in our arms, then our romantic relationship has reached a crossroads and we need to make a choice that could also be to close the relationship of love if it is no longer satisfying.

The dream killings always signal the need to change something in our lives. Of course we can be ourselves to kill someone or we can be killed by someone. Killing another person identifies the will of the dreamer to change his life which is perhaps no longer satisfying. If we can not kill a person then we will not be able to make major changes in our lives, we will not be able to change. To kill our mother, our father, a brother or a sister means, probably to feel the strong need to change the family relationship with that person and it is not rare to dream of killing a relative and then making peace in real life after having a fight. Very often we can dream of being in need of help, it is we who have an accident with the car. Someone assist us, call the ambulance and we are rescued by going to the hospital. Surely we are facing a very complicated period, a period in which we are not very well physically and mentally and above all we are very confused and we do not know what choices to make in our life. Dying during an incident confirms the need to change something in our lives, the need to change direction and make other decisions so as not to get stuck in a monotonous and unsatisfied existence on earth. And the hospital is a place of care, it represents a place where we can be treated and regain our energies. So assisting a person in the hospital or dreaming of being hospitalized, means being able to find the strength to be reborn, to be able to overcome a bad period of our lives. We conclude this article also talking about those dreams in which people who have an accident are unknown people. Assisting people we do not know means not understanding the problem that afflicts us and therefore our subconscious tries to make our conscience awaken.


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