How will the year 2022 for the zodiac sign of scorpio? What will happen to the scorpio in 2022? What aspects of the affect and will be positive or negative? "I'm of the sign of scorpio, what to expect in the new year 2022? It will be a lucky year, the best year for the scorpio? Will i find love in the new year? I'll feel better physically and mentally? Will I find a job?" Look at let's see the best and the best horoscope annual predictions for the new year for the scorpio sign of love, work, money, shape, health. You can also listen astrological predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in audio video format. The best 2022 year horoscope weather and astrological predictions for scorpio sign. In these predictions are taken into account especially the positions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that give more or less a good idea of how to evolve the year for the 12 signs.

To get the most accurate predictions do not forget to read the horoscope for your sun sign and your ascendant. Make a summary of the two readings because you have so much detail and you will have more accurate information. The ascendant can calculate it at this website page if you do not know it.

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Love Scorpio 2022: with Saturn unfortunately squaring from the zodiac sign Aquarius it is not easy to feel peaceful in love as responsibilities increase and also a lot. The planet of time and maturity, of wisdom, wants some things from you including sacrifices. The superficial loves that arise during these months are absolutely to be excluded because they will probably only lead to various misunderstandings. Certainly when Jupiter passes through the zodiac sign Pisces you can experience moments of joy and lightheartedness together with the person of the heart while the singles will have interesting meetings but everything that continues must be based on a certain inner maturity, on taking responsibility. Stay away from those sentimental relationships based only on fun, passion and physical attraction because with a planet like Saturn in quadrature, they can really end very soon. Spring is quite difficult as regards the love relationship you live as Mars is in quadrature but subsequently, its transit in Pisces, together with the conjunction with Jupiter, allows you to return erotic energies to excellent levels. Do not give up on living a secret love as long as the important thing is that it is always a particularly mature, stable, concrete, solid love, in which each person assumes their own responsibilities. As for the rest of the other months, from mid-April to almost late May Mars in Pisces gives optimism and desire to fall in love as well as to woo someone but in fact only in the months when Jupiter will also be in this zodiac sign you will be able to give life to a small or large love. With his transit in Aries things begin to be more complicated and his transit in the eighth astrological sector denotes an increase in libido and therefore erotic passion but also some communication problems.

Job - career - money Scorpio 2022: work goes very well during almost all the months of the year 2022 but obviously the best periods will be those in which the planet Jupiter will pass through Pisces. Its transit allows you to improve your working condition, to obtain other types of tasks in the same office or company in which you work and also you will easily know, look elsewhere and decide to take new professional paths if you are tired of what you are doing. As for those who do not have a job yet, the months of January and those of spring are excellent for demonstrating their qualities and for gathering some opportunities that may come. With Jupiter in Aries almost all summer the problems start to be particularly important. For example, there may be a lot of money bleeding as a result of economic investments, business that you decide to conclude. We must be very careful and take advantage of the last two months of the year, with Jupiter still in transit in Pisces, therefore in trine, to undertake economic investments. So beware of spending and stay away from some people who just want to bring water to their mill. Then there is Saturn who finds himself in Aquarius all year round, therefore a very uncomfortable astrological position for you. Saturn asks for all 12 months and in particular in those in which Jupiter will not be a valid support, to work hard, to make sacrifices, to fight for even the smallest benefits and achieve very few successes and satisfactions. As far as the economic sector is concerned, spring and the last two months will be important in order to earn more but if you think you are getting rich then make a big mistake in evaluation as the costs will still be many and the revenues will not be so sufficient. Do not give up on some proposals that arrive already at the beginning of the year and which with Mars in Capricorn could be particularly concrete.

Luck - fitness Scorpio 2022: needless to say, the astrological predictions for the year 2022 that concern you and your physical form, your energies, are absolutely affected by the passage of Saturn. In fact, its balance will be very austere, severe with you and as the months go by you will realize that you are aging prematurely and not only physically but also mentally. What Saturn wants from you is seriousness, concentration, dedication to work, little fun and in the months in which Jupiter could give moments of small and great luck, you will not be able, in fact, to fully enjoy these happy moments. A year in which you will mature a lot, in which despite, for example, a very young age, you will be able to take responsibility and fight every day to achieve the goals. You will therefore become wiser, more concrete, less superficial. On a physical level you have to be very careful about the joints, bones, teeth and therefore not to overlook any ailments of this type. The generosity of someone comes with Jupiter in transit in Pisces until May. Probably in these months, before the beginning of summer, you can easily make trips that will be productive for work, managing to concretize some ideas. Jupiter of course offers his gifts only if the conditions you create are good, otherwise your life will continue as always without major events. Unfortunately characteristically, just for Saturn in quadrature, you will be quieter, less sociable, with a greater desire to be alone or with only a few people, perhaps with family, partner, children, very few friends. In some moments, for example in the summer, with the planet of fortune in Aries, you will feel a drop in energy and a melancholy that must absolutely be fought to avoid falling in even more critical periods. Strong nervousness and stress to be fought between July and August.

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And if you have ascendant in ...:

Aries: a rather discreet but not exceptional year in all areas of your life. You don't have to be too superficial in your choices, otherwise you could pay for various mistakes, be too light and then pay the consequences. Physically you are in excellent shape but love is a continuous struggle in which losing is easy.

Taurus: not very satisfied with some projects that you carry out but that in the end will be quite satisfactory. Certainly you would like to get more but this is a year in which you can be satisfied with what comes without asking too much. The mind gives birth to good ideas but in order for them to bring good results, a lot of work is needed.

Gemini: really good year in which you will physically live moments of great recovery but also mentally the situation will improve. Obviously with Jupiter in Pisces it is not absolutely easy to conclude good deals and indeed in addition to being careful of some scam, trap, you will also have to be attentive to any legal problems.

Cancer: loving is not absolutely simple with a Jupiter in Aries for several months, especially for almost the whole summer and a very severe Saturn in Aquarius. The physique requires a lot of attention and various treatments but fortunately these are mild ailments that can be easily resolved. Excellent time for work with Jupiter in Pisces.

Leo: you cannot criticize those people who disagree with your professional ideas. Summer will be very productive but in the rest of the year you will be forced to face physical fatigue and perhaps moments of melancholy that will be inevitable. The closeness of people who love you will therefore be essential.

Virgo: a rather complicated year because of the opposition of Jupiter but also of that Saturn in Aquarius. Do not make drastic changes in your life, do not face decisions, do not make choices without thinking a lot and without asking for advice from those people who love you. Legal problems not to be underestimated.

Libra: the year starts really well but summer is quite critical. With the opposition of Jupiter some enemy returns to be reviewed or you will be forced to face a new obstacle in working or even private life. In love the tension that builds up could lead to some separation, divorce.

Scorpio: you face a rather monotonous and also disappointing year. It is absolutely not easy to interact with the people who are at your side, both in love and in work, but at least with Jupiter in Pisces you will have various possibilities to recover and live more peaceful moments. Some new projects that start but still quite confusing.

Sagittarius: the beginning of the year is full of a great desire to do but Jupiter in quadrature with the zodiac sign Pisces unfortunately does not allow you to be so satisfied and various professional complications as well as in the personal sphere, can throw you into despair. Excellent summer to fall in love and to share moments of joy with your partner.

Capricorn: the summer period will be very complicated with Jupiter in Aries but the other months will be absolutely positive both for work and for private life. Don't invest too much money in some projects because the earnings could be not exceptional. Beware of energy drops that can lead to various ailments.

Aquarius: a year like this in which not to ask too much about fate and where unfortunately the money will go out consistently. Jupiter in Pisces brings expenses while Jupiter in Aries occasions to be carefully evaluated and for which the advantages coming could be substantial. Bello an incoming love for young people and the consolidation of many couples.

Pisces: this is your year in which to be lucky but also to undertake paths with extreme decision and a lot of effort. Saturn behind and Jupiter in your sky with Uranus in Taurus bring many small changes to accept. New projects to be carried out with extreme decision but in some cases, in the summer, you will be hesitant.

The 2022 year for the 12 signs:

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