How will the year 2018 for the zodiac sign of leo ? What will happen to the leo in 2018 ? What aspects of the affect and will be positive or negative ? "I'm of the sign of leo, what to expect in the new year 2018 ? It will be a lucky year, the best year for the aquarius ? Will i find love in the new year ? I'll feel better physically and mentally ? Will I find a job ?" Look at let's see the best and the best horoscope annual predictions for the new year for the leo sign of love, work, money, shape, health. You can also listen astrological predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in audio video format. The best 2018 year horoscope weather and astrological predictions for leo sign. In these predictions are taken into account especially the positions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that give more or less a good idea of how to evolve the year for the 12 signs.

To get the most accurate predictions do not forget to read the horoscope for your sun sign and your ascendant. Make a summary of the two readings because you have so much detail and you will have more accurate information. The ascendant can calculate it at this website page if you do not know it.

Love Leo 2018 : love does not really go very well during this time. The year 2018 does not start in the best way because the relationships that came out last year can get to a break even before the beginning of summer. Many sentimental relationships may, in fact, be subject to a major arrest because of trivial arguments and quarrels that may concern the family of origin. Jupiter is in quadrature and can first create some obstacles in the sentimental relationship, and even under this sky you may be betrayed by your love partner or you will betray more than once. This need may arise from the fact that you do not feel more understood and loved as before and perhaps you have also realized that your pride has led to a situation not to come out. This difficult aspect of Jupiter does not last many months, but unfortunately creates many problems also in social relations and for all those people who do not yet have a person alongside them. In fact, Jupiter can make you meet many people you can fall in love with, but the illusion of these new loves will last very little. With Jupiter in quadrature you can create so many castles in the air so you have to have your feet well planted on the ground. Dreaming of a big love now is not the best thing to do and you can not even dream of meeting the person of your life. Friendships can be important, however, and who knows that one of them becomes a great love over time. Relationships may also have a halt in winter with Mars that makes the climate really very difficult but fortunately this aspect lasts a few weeks and therefore the important thing to do is not exaggerate with the words. Your pride must be set aside.

Job - career - money - Leo 2018 : your work situation is going very well and you can certainly accomplish many of your ideas but the results you can achieve are not up to your expectations because Jupiter offers opportunities on a silver plate and then makes it difficult to realize them. In short, in work and in the profession, you may have several difficulties to carry on some projects as you want. First of all, the risk is to think that you can do really important, grandiose things but unfortunately can not be put into practice. If you are a free professional perhaps the number of your customers decreases or the gains are diminishing but this phase will not last long and the best is always to make efforts to find yourself ready again in the near future. Does your job take place in a company? Climate with colleagues may become quite heavy and you may also receive some criticism from your employer but the best thing to do is to go ahead without creating too much difficulty because you always have to think that this climate can not last for more than a couple of months. If you are looking for a new job, opportunities are not lacking but are not up to your expectations and since you are often very proud, you can give up opportunities that need to be taken into account because in the near future they can become very important. And the gains? If you work in the company obviously you can forget about a salary increase. Also try to stay away from those people who offer you financial and economic investment but ask to invest large sums of money you do not have now. If you have a lawsuit in progress, the news may not be favorable.

Luck - fitness Leo 2018 : Fortune has abandoned you but only for a few months. In fact, Jupiter who is in a negative position in this 2018, does not bring luck only for a couple of months and therefore fate can certainly reserve some good shot especially in winter. People born under this zodiac sign learn to get everything they want and do not need to be hit by luck but in some cases it can come back to fruition. And how does physical fitness go? Here, here Jupiter can make its negative influences feel. You can exaggerate in eating, drinking alcohol and your liver certainly does not thank you. Your body weight may increase and you may have health problems related to obesity. In short, try to cure your body and especially your mind that is not at the most of the clarity. Some problems with a family member may lead you to think too much over many weeks while you absolutely need concentration to solve your emotional and work problems. If you do not sport then this is a great time to start practicing a sport that forces you to start your body but also your mind. You could then do yoga or pilates and do not give up many outdoor walks because walking helps you think about how to solve certain problems. Some bad news might come in the spring and relative to your relative's health but the concerns will be very limited because perhaps with this relative you do not have an important bond. If you have a son born under a zodiac sign of water then you can be happy because you will participate in their work successes but also in school and who knows that your child becomes important in the eyes of society and this will bring a lot of pride in you. You are often very good parents but this year you try to give more space to your children's creativity.

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Work and moneyforecasts horoscope 2018 leoforecasts horoscope 2018 leoforecasts horoscope 2018 leo

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And if you have ascendant in ... :

Aries : your ascendant no longer suffers from Jupiter's opposition and therefore your health improves first but also the climate at work and if you have a love affair you can also benefit from this sky.

Taurus : unfortunately the sky does not offer great opportunities because Jupiter is opposed to your ascendant. What does this mean ? Health is to be kept under control and you do not have to overdo it with food and alcohol. Problems in love.

Gemini : heaven is now more free. Your affectionate partner loves you and you have a great desire to dedicate yourself to your family but be very careful at work where some small distraction could cause problems.

Cancer : the affective sector resumes and if you are not in love then you can have some nice meeting in summer near your birthday. Good job opportunities can come and you are happy especially because they bring money.

Leo : this ascendant further confirms all the things that have been said above. The winter but also the spring is not excellent and can create a lot of litters both in love and at work. Healthy.

Virgo : great time for you. The sky allows you to carry on several projects that will not see the light very soon but this does not matter because you are very tenacious people.

Libra : the changes you want to get late and your life seems very confusing. If you are looking for a job you can find several difficulties and you may also be a victim of a fraud. Open your eyes.

Scorpio : great sky for you. Many projects can be carried forward. Many decisions, many ideas finally find the support of different people. Love is excellent and work brings further gains.

Sagittarius : energy does not lack in work but you certainly have to work hard to get things done. Work can create some problems in the summer as love does not sail in good water in the spring.

Capricorn : the workplace requires some changes that have already begun in the past year. If you have left your partner, you can now meet a new person to love even if your head is in the profession.

Aquarius : a year not so good for the sentimental and affective sector. Some family problems maybe with a sister or a parent who need your help and some problems even at work with the gains that are decreasing.

Pisces : great astral configuration with a nice time when you can get different successes in the work. If in the past months has come the great opportunity that you expected from destiny then the period brings its first economic fruits.

The 2018 year 2018 for the 12 signs :

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