How will the year 2024 for the zodiac sign of leo? What will happen to the leo in 2024? What aspects of the affect and will be positive or negative? "I'm of the sign of leo, what to expect in the new year 2024? It will be a lucky year, the best year for the aquarius? Will i find love in the new year? I'll feel better physically and mentally? Will I find a job?" Look at let's see the best and the best horoscope annual predictions for the new year for the leo sign of love, work, money, shape, health. You can also listen astrological predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in audio video format. The best 2024 year horoscope weather and astrological predictions for leo sign. In these predictions are taken into account especially the positions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that give more or less a good idea of how to evolve the year for the 12 signs.

To get the most accurate predictions do not forget to read the horoscope for your sun sign and your ascendant. Make a summary of the two readings because you have so much detail and you will have more accurate information. The ascendant can calculate it at this website page if you do not know it.

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Love Leo 2024: this phase of the year for you and as regards the feelings is divided in two and depends very much on the position of Jupiter, as that of Saturn in Pisces, is not very engaging from a sentimental point of view. Jupiter is still in quadrature in the first 5 months of the year 2024 and if you have not yet closed a love relationship, if you have not yet suffered a sentimental breakup, then soon you will have to take this step forward, take this decision especially if with your partner the situation is irritating, depressing, unsatisfying and there are no solutions on the horizon. Obviously a reconciliation is always possible in the least cases thanks and also thanks to the arrival of Jupiter in Gemini which with your zodiac sign will form a splendid sextile. A surprising event could be about lonely hearts but particularly in the second half of the year. Among your friendships, someone with whom you can start a love story may take over precisely because the transit of Jupiter in the astrological sector of friendships indicates this. Do not be too childish but assume your responsibilities already at the beginning of the love relationship if you want it to last several years. The best times of the year to attract someone, to be very seductive, magnetic are those who see Mars in Aries from May 1st to June 9th 2024, in Gemini from July 21st to September 4th 2024 and in Leo from November 5th until the end of the year. . If you are alone you will really have many opportunities for revenge after experiencing a bad year 2023 and a start of the year 2024 certainly not favorable in love. For all those who have lived a very complicated sentimental relationship since last year and have entered a phase of crisis, if separation has been avoided, Jupiter will be a valid ally to regain harmony, serenity and a better awareness than from the past. mistakes can only be learned.

Job - career - money - Leo 2024: interesting moment also for the job but obviously in reference to the second half of the year when Jupiter will be positive. The influences of Saturn in Pisces and the eighth house could be instrumental in making a very important purchase. The eighth sector is in fact the sector of money bleeding but also of great earnings but considering the presence of Saturn, you will probably have to spend a lot of money to buy a useful tool in your work or to better adapt the professional environment to your needs. Be careful not to make any missteps in the first 5 months with the square of Jupiter because the greatest risk could be not only that of losing a lot of money but also of losing your job. You have to have your feet firmly planted on the ground, not believe everything you are told, not to have useless illusions and castles in the air. Solid and concrete we must be and not dreamers. Stay away from some people who will want you to do deals, agreements, will want you to sign contracts under deception. Underestimating these people could mean paying the consequences in the second half of the year which should instead be a period of recovery, of great rebirth after a rather dark and not very productive period. With Jupiter in Gemini from June 2024 you will finally be more serene, more optimistic and able to attract small and large opportunities to you not only for work but also for income. Trying your luck in a new city, in a new place other than where you usually live or work can be a winning weapon. If you are without a job, do not be afraid because by the end of the year, thanks to your commitment, many opportunities could really come. Studying is essential when Jupiter passes positively and therefore waiting to receive a job offer, study, even if you are no longer very young. Obviously the students will be benefited.

Luck - fitness Leo 2024: this is definitely not the best year for you because anyway Uranus is still in quadrature from the zodiac sign Taurus and with Jupiter in the same zodiac sign until the end of May 2024, it certainly will not be able to bring pleasant events, indeed you will probably be forced to live events unpleasant such as the loss of a job, an involution in the professional sector, a major economic loss, a romantic separation, a divorce from a business partner. Fortunately, the planet Jupiter leaves the zodiac sign Taurus to reach Gemini and here life will begin to smile at you and with difficulty you will be able to recover, to find the smile on your lips, to achieve various satisfactions. As for the physical, certainly the first part of the year will be very stressful, debilitating, particularly tiring to sustain with waning energies, especially with Mars in Aquarius from February 14th to March 22nd 2024 and in Taurus from June 10th to July 20th 2024 Do not underestimate these periods in which the drop in energy will be very evident as you risk not being able to rise again later even when Mars is positive and Jupiter enters Gemini. Important trips to do only in the second part of the year and in any case do not forget to always find time to rest, to take care of your body and your mind because between January and May you will be severely tested by fate in many areas of your life. . Consistent weight loss or weight gain due to poor nutrition is possible with Jupiter in Taurus and you must be very careful to avoid vices that could worsen your health. With Jupiter in Gemini you may feel within you the desire to do various sports, to start dedicating your free time to a new hobby or you will feel the need to better express gifts such as generosity and altruism towards others grow within you.

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And if you have ascendant in ...:

Aries: nice moment for all of you in reference to the second part of the year that will give you what you could not have during the first 5 months of this year but also during the last months of the old year. Therefore a period of great rebirth in which to feel more serene and ready for battle in every sector.

Taurus: you take advantage of the presence of Jupiter in Taurus still until May 2024 and try to avoid making too many mistakes because if it is true that the transit of Jupiter into Gemini will still be good, according to this planet, achieve greater satisfaction in the first part of the year . Very passionate loves on the way.

Gemini: Jupiter transits on your zodiacal ascendant in the second half of the year bringing greater strength, greater sense of security and also allowing you to recover lost opportunities in the past. Surely your morale will be very low at the beginning of the year but even if we start badly we are convinced that 2024 will end well.

Cancer: nobody likes being alone and for you in particular, very sensitive, passionate, seductive and romantic people, it is important to have a person by your side and here finally during this year there will be interesting opportunities to make your dream come true. 'love. Lightning-fast encounters.

Leo: with this configuration between the Sun and the zodiacal ascendant you will suffer especially in the first part of the year and you have to be very careful not to make too many mistakes, not to overestimate yourself and not to believe too much in some people who will make promises that they absolutely will not be able to keep. Be cautious.

Virgo: that Saturn in opposition to your zodiacal ascendant does not help a lot and does not allow you to be efficient in various areas of life, especially at work. Much better in the second part of the year but Saturn remains in Pisces and therefore know how to have your feet firmly planted on the ground and do not be utopian.

Libra: this cannot be a great year because Jupiter and Saturn are not in excellent positions both with respect to the sun sign and the zodiacal ascendant but at least in the second part of the year Jupiter which forms a sextile with your natal Sun brings greater vitality, sense of security and a lot of optimism.

Scorpio: you have a lot of confidence in your qualities and in this sense you are right as Saturn helps to consolidate many goals you have achieved. Too bad for the first part of the year, for the first 5 months in fact, which will be tiring and will give less fruit but with Jupiter in Gemini everything will improve.

Sagittarius: Jupiter will not be kind to you on a physical level especially in the second half of the year as by passing through Gemini he will form an opposition with your zodiacal ascendant. We must not be too optimistic, too exuberant and we must stay away from useless illusions in which we risk falling.

Capricorn: if we analyze the astrological sky then we must say that from the month of January to the month of May you can reap a lot of satisfactions, be particularly happy, cheerful, lucky and reach those goals that you may have set yourself a couple of years ago. Jupiter in Gemini does not bring much news.

Aquarius: an excellent moment with Jupiter in Gemini that allows you to be reborn in the second part of the year and after having suffered the uncertainties and disappointments in the first part of this 2024 with Jupiter in quadrature with both the zodiac sign and the ascendant. Not an easy year but in which you will be able to be reborn.

Pisces: super time for work and great responsibilities with that Saturn flying over your zodiac ascendant. It is not an easy period for the physical forces, for your interiority because Saturn wants something from you and among what he wants we also find a lot of effort, a lot and very hard work.

The 2024 year 2024 for the 12 signs:

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