"I have Jupiter in the sign of sagittarius, what does it mean?", "I have Jupiter in the sign of aries, what does it mean?", "I have Jupiter in the sign of gemini, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Jupiter present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Jupiter in cancer? What it means to have Jupiter in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Jupiter planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have Jupiter in Aries: great vitality, love of life and engage in a thousand projects. Luck in your actions if they are more due to the intuition that the reasoning. jovial and cheerful spirit. And here we are in the presence of a person almost always upbeat and happy, radiating positive light but unfortunately that can go off at any moment if his geniality does not find favorable opportunities. A position which reflects some degree of luck to get out of life without sudden occasions that much has been done to make them come to if. Watch out for the blood circulation and thus blood pressure. Often you much luck in business and especially in those where you can drag and involve other people because the union can do for you the strength.

What it means to have Jupiter in Taurus: lovers of good food and so careful not to take on pounds over time. You are a paciocconi, well-liked by all. Love very nature, natural things but you have to be careful not to overdo it because your physique, can easily meet problems of obesity and water retention. Moreover you have to be careful to the liver. With this position all the work related to food and nature are really blessed with good fortune but also those related to administrative sectors because that Jupiter makes very shrewd person, and with a good chance of being able to invest his assets and those of his family, to the best . It has fun with little and surrounded by old friends.

What it means to have Jupiter in Gemini: great initiative, extroversion a thousand, want to go out, make trips, to live a fulfilling social life. All work related to communication will find the good placito. Luckily the game but be careful not to spend too much. Especially with this location many might be pressured to groped their luck at games of chance but the protection of this planet can not be unlimited in time and setbacks are always possible. In this sign the benevolent planet is in exile and does not offer the maximum of its splendor but we are looking at people who can succeed and make their fortune in many fields such as teaching and journalism.

What it means to have Jupiter in Cancer: the person moody, touchy, sensitive by nature here loses these qualities at the expense of a greater will to live. In this sign, Jupiter is in exaltation and find numerous outlets for bringing luck, serenity, joy in life even to those cancer generally depressed and melancholy. Family life is much favored as well as any legacy he may come and bring sudden wealth. This mark, however, also speaks to us of a person a bit too sluggish and lazy and therefore should move more and be with others otherwise a few extra pounds may be the least that can happen.

What it means to have Jupiter in Leo: he gives the great person wants to get busy, a big smile and a remarkable generosity to those who need. You are magnanimous people and you can reach important positions. When you say that people born under the sign of the leo are good and generous not it lies but with Jupiter in this sign is even more true, and then we have a person born under the sign leo and bargain with Jupiter in this sign fire then be assured that his heart is incredibly selfless. With this position you can be admired by many people, become celebrities even in small provincial town and you can reach lavoratvi goals and professioanli important. Jupiter protects any financial risks they take, and sometimes makes the person indolent, narcissistic, greedy and far too proud.

What it means to have Jupiter in Virgo: you know how to put aside the money and invest it you know even in real estate. Visitors to this position in fact is a godsend for those of which administers the goods and not only his own fortune and possessions, so you can have confidence in this individual especially if part of the family. Excellent organizational skills and so he knows to be a valuable employee, a great colleague where you work as a team, as a team. Propensity and love for nature and for the genuine things in general but sometimes sins of avarice and may feel almost always dissatisfied with how to continue her life. Others see this as a persna to trust and to aim to see their lives improve, and with Jupiter in the virgo you can also be good leaders.

What it means to have Jupiter in Libra: for you are good jobs in politics that require justice, balance, tact and diplomacy. In these sectors Jupiter protects you and drives you so much to do well and succeed over the years. You are very fascinating and your person often has a bright light that attracts others. Since the libra sign is ruled by Venus then tuti work related art in general and then as music, singing, sculpture, painting, photography, etc... are really very favorites. Social relations are generally good and many but you must always be careful not to fall victim to scandals often due to your exaggerations because your diplomacy with exuberant Jupiter often goes to hell.

What it means to have Jupiter in Scorpio: these people have a remarkable charm that can bring them a lot of luck. You are magnetic and people are comfortable with you. Lucky intuition, listen to your instincts. You are always able to create new projects, ideas and then your internal, mental resources never end and will really make a person with a thousand faces and a thousand occasions. If the planet does not suffer negative aspects in the birth chart then we are in the presence of a magnetic-person greatly in a positive direction and then pulls in luck disproportionately. Sometimes it is moral and just by too much emphasis on sex and vices in general. also work related to these worlds.

What it means to have Jupiter in Sagittarius: beautiful this position of Jupiter in his governor planet. You are truly one always cheerful spirit with a smile on his mouth, and this takes you much fruit in life. Luck in travel. Jupiter is located here in his home and then its rays benefits are amplified and bring great psycho-physical well-being to the individual who has this position in his chart. We find ourselves faced with a person who is enriched in a huge way in the material and so cheap at the expense of a poor spiritual life, or just the opposite. It is not rare that this position is typical of people dedicated to religion.

What it means to have Jupiter in Capricorn: you can set aside very large sums of money by giving you to do the job because of your tenacity. Favorite jobs in which you engage yourself without being commanded and controlled by anyone. Excellent physical and mental strength. Success and wealth can be achieved in those jobs where in time and must say so much long-term commitment that this Jupiter does not then provides at the end a lot of luck. Indeed the planet at this mark is not good and its bad sides are more pronounced than the positive. Certainly these individuals are very ambitious and tenacious and can succeed in the diplomatic field and in contact works with many people.

What it means to have Jupiter in Aquarius: you love so much your spaces and no one can rubarveli. cheerful spirits, free and very jovial know also be very generous, and feel very problems that affect humanity, above all concerning the helpless. We are faced with nice people, very tolerant, genial, with much humor and very curious and that their curiosity can lead them to be of great inventors, scientists. Often get really unusual successes, outside the norm but are also subject to ups and downs in both a social and working life so they must try not to spend and spend money when they do not find themselves in trouble in times of crisis.

What it means to have Jupiter in Pisces: in a friendly sign Jupiter does nothing but bring out the imaginative, sensory skills, creative pisces. Fortunately for all that is related to art, painting, music. In dreams you can find the key to success. Jupiter is one of the governors of the planets sign of the pisces and thus enhances the qualities of this sign. We find ourselves in front of people very altruistic, sweet and sentimental, with many friendships that can bring considerable fortune in life and few people want instead of evil. thus endowed with great sensitivity, generosity towards others and expansion can succeed in various fields but especially where the help of neighbor is indispensable (eg nurses, doctors, veterinarians). Even great artists have Jupiter well positioned. Often they have dreams too utopian and therefore in the life of every day can not be achieved. He lives bad sex life and you have to be careful not to overdo it with food, alcohol and various vices such as smoking. So be careful not to get fat.


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