"I have Mercury in the sign of pisces, what does it mean?", "I have Mercury in the sign of taurus, what does it mean?", "I have Mercury in the sign of scorpio, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Mercury present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Mercury in cancer? What it means to have Mercury in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Mercury planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have Mercury in Aries: lively intelligence, active, inflexible. You can be people who have brilliant ideas all at once but then you have to know how to put into practice. In fact, this astrological position is typical of people who wake up with an idea, but after a few hours have another, or just find difficulties to implement it, leave alone. We must therefore seize the moment because the intelligence of these individuals is very instinctive and often the instinct in them can provide good ideas but you have to put into practice and to which we must believe it. In love but also in labor relations and friendship must be careful he or she who owns Mercury in the ram because it can take from one and become aggressive when in no time at all. Excellent work which has to speak just because here we are in the presence of a person who says what he thinks, speaks of instinct and certainly can often say what others do not want to hear.

What it means to have Mercury in Taurus: your talent with this Mercury is the ability to communicate to others your love, to be able to communicate with the kitchen, with the creation of excellent dishes. You are calm in your way to stop the others and this calmness makes you lovable especially by men so you know conquer just talking about topics related to nature or the kitchen. You know very well educate your children, and you are generally very sincere both in love with other people who may be linked to the labor market or the sun friendships. Works related to nature, to the kitchen as well as art and especially the singing as Mercury concerns communication, speech and thus also the voice. You know to excite your partner in bed just talking and whispering in his ear very sensual.

What it means to have Mercury in Gemini: in one of the planets that rules the planet of intelligence and communication enhances the quality of Gemini. Excellent all work related to writing, prayer, journalism, TV. Can you talk to your neighbor and amuse him with your speeches. Often we are faced with a lot of humor to people but unfortunately with the propensity to tell a lot of lies, telling false tales, lies sometimes really giants. It should not be an expert to understand why it can be said so many absurd and that it is easy to find out. In love, the dialogue is based on a desire for a lot of communication rather than based on physical appearance than for these people does not count much. Even though in this area eye to his lies, it is certainly not one of the people most loyal and knows too well to deceive your love partner.

What it means to have Mercury in Cancer: cancer is generally not a good communicator but acquires this ability if Mercury is in your sign. So we are witnessing a character less lonely, less moody and sensitive but more marked towards the opening to the world even though we are always in the presence of a way of speaking sweet, affectionate, almost never aggressive except in cases where the typical lunacy of this sign is reflected in the communication. It was not very large speakers, and even very great philosophers because we are here in the presence of an intelligence underactive less than other positions in the birth chart to the contrary. This Mercury can still make very magnetic thanks to a few words which are pronounced, a bit like going on for those who, on this planet, have it in Scorpio.

What it means to have Mercury in Leo: exploit your intelligence and your ideas to dominate others, to subjugate, to make the leader in every situation. You can become so great leaders, great leaders, great military. But remember that not all your thoughts placito can find the good of others and do not be so selfish too. In fact, this Mercury is very powerful because it gives an exploitable energy at best just the way we communicate and if these qualities of the gab is used consciously and correctly can attract many people, followers and here that any job can be good as long as they give the that can go to become the leader of the masters, of the people to follow safely. Sometimes you notice an excessive pride in people marked the birth of this astrological position. But we are dealing with a person that hardly tells lies especially in loving environment.

What it means to have Mercury in Virgo: Mercury also rules this sign and then gives positive qualities also to the virgin. You are the best in the aspect of self-criticism, you are very precise in your speeches and your ideas are well evaluated. Not so act of impulse and your intelligence is put to the service of your convenience. Mercury in this sign does not enjoy a good reputation because it makes the person a little too calculator to regarding money. In reality these people is an inherent primal need to know how to administer his assets and his family and if it sometimes seems stingy we should not be surprised. Certainly all the work related to the administrative sector can be good as long as the person has the free card to do what he wants but also in a team and under an employer can offer the utmost. Hardly sparla inappropriately and rarely mind. If it does it is to protect its immediate family or friends. His intelligence is very real, almost like that of someone who has Mercury in Capricorn but there is isolated, however, and it is known to be comfortable in the team, together with other people.

What it means to have Mercury in Libra: you know discuss, you know how to speak in public, with friends. You are never aggressive in the way you ask yourself indeed very balanced. Your intelligence is at the service of a thirst for justice that dwells in you. Excellent studies related to areas such as case law. Mercury in this sign describes a very balanced person in his way of speaking and expressing themselves and that is hardly offensive in his speeches even with his words always try to be diplomatic and to give all those who participate in the dialogue. Sometimes in fact, his oratory diplomacy can make it dislikes of many because they do not quite get to choose which side to take. His intelligence makes it suitable for work precisely related to the field of diplomacy but also the judicial and political sector. Sincerity is very important for people marked by this configuration and hardly tell lies but have this Mercury weakened by not good aspects such as a square or opposition to Venus or Mars.

What it means to have Mercury in Scorpio: use the word to charm others, to drop it at your feet. You are very magnetic when you speak, and although physically ugly can conquer anyone. Remember this gift and use it. But sometimes you can be too direct in the things you say injuring those who have before. It is known as the scorpion is a sign dedicated to revenge, to magnetism, aggressiveness. Mercury then in this sign speaks of a person who has great oratorical gifts and although not much talk, the few words he utters can attract the attention of many. It is therefore a very magnetic well as verbal and oratorical and if other aspects of the show can really do work such as where to make the political impact is very important speeches. Obviously we have to say that if there are negative aspects in the natal chart and concerning Mercury, then we can be faced with an individual who exploits in a non-sincere, honest his oratorical gifts and then he is a liar. His tongue is also often edgy, offensive. In short, those who have Mercury in Scorpio is aggressive in the way you talk, he says what he thinks and this does not always do well.

What it means to have Mercury in Sagittarius: the study of languages is ideal for you and can bring good fortune because Mercury is related to the word, communication. often traveling and know a lot of people with whom intesserete good terms. In this sign, the planet of the word can be ambiguous because on the one hand you may find yourself faced with a person often sincere and the other to one that often likes to tell the lie. Of course, to see if we are in the first or second case we must consider the aspects that undergoes Mercury in Christmas theme. This position is typical and is recommended for those who like to travel, meet new people and talk with people, men and women of different cultures. Jobs related to languages abroad and are therefore benefited from this Mercury adaptable to all types of meetings. What you need to be careful is an ease of falling victim to scams and fraud because it often gives too much faith in people you know very little yet.

What it means to have Mercury in Capricorn: Mercury in this sign is not good because the Capricorn are usually little talkative. The intelligence, however, is really strong and can lead to having brilliant ideas that put the servizo of reason can really do achieve great things. These Capricorn speak little in public. It is not a good position to do work in contact with the public because this Mercury makes taciturn, often for no reason but the reality is that you can not or do not want to say what you think, but on the other hand we are faced with a concrete person, series, precise, to trust both at work and in the sentimental field. He does not like to betray and be betrayed and especially does not like lying unless clearly necessary. So jobs where is prominent prayer are not indicated and is best to do the work in which a kind of minimal but the long effort is required. Excellent intelligence although it is slow in the carburetor. It is typical of the people that to understand a fact must listen more times, have it explain more than once.

What it means to have Mercury in Aquarius: it is well in this sign and gives big-talking but can be exploited to bypass the other. Equipped with a malleable intelligence and is updated continuously, it can lead to lies, to tell lies often. Great gifts of intelligence, but this is a very flexible intelligence and that is adaptable to the most diverse and disparate situations. The person with this position can really be struck by exceptional ideas overnight and it is good that just put it into the field, obviously he has the economic faculty. Excellent and various working relationships with a large-talking that makes them very listenable. But we say that this Mercury in this air sign does not make the person just totally sincere and some lies here and always escapes especially in love. In this area in fact its partners must not always trust what he says.

What it means to have Mercury in Pisces: ideas that come from the world of dreams. Projects that may arise in the mind of the person who is usually very sensitive, imaginative. Excellent position to become poets, artists, musicians. This Mercury does not make generally prone to having good social relationships based on communication because it is more prone to talk with themselves, with their own unconscious. So it does not have a great communication talents but the ideas that you may have can really be very creative. Generally we are in front of people very sincere and they love to hear, by your love partner, sweet words, affectionate and for this I love reading poetry or romantic writings.


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