"I have Venus in the sign of cancer, what does it mean?", "I have Venus in the sign of libra, what does it mean?", "I have Venus in the sign of scorpio, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Venus present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Venus in cancer? What it means to have Venus in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Venus planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have Venus in Aries: love in a passionate but does not know how to manage your feelings. You want your partner will give everything immediately and so do you. This prorompenza in expressing their feelings and in doing so they are manifested to you can very often lead to big fights from which no longer able to go back even for a typical and inherent pride of this Venus. In courtship you want to get it all in quick manner otherwise, if it leads to long, it risks getting tired, to get annoyed and lets go. And sex? Here, too, you know to be too quick and your lovemaking can last very little especially if you are men. Luckily you are a fairly faithful sign but your partner should never be boring otherwise first greet him and then there you will find another.

What it means to have Venus in Taurus: this beautiful location that sees the bull great lovers, great artists, sentimental but also very faithful to which they are jealous partner. Passion in bed. Venus is also the governor of the bull as well as the sign of Libra. Certainly have What it means to have Venus in the bull is a very good thing unless you have negative aspects that invalidate the favorable influences. So we are facing a very loving partner who knows how to take throat their partner. In fact it is not uncommon with this Venus is both love good food and good food and you conquer the prey in this way, taking her to dinner at a place not too luxurious and expensive but where you eat well and above everyone tastes food natural and not very elaborate. Generally it is a very loyal and loving partner who knows how to take care of her appearance in a not too excessive. She loves to wear makeup so not too exaggerated.

What it means to have Venus in Gemini: jump from flower to flower. But what you want from love? Be still, and do not often change partners. Try not to be superficial in this. You are just passionate. This Venus puts us in front of a person who is not overly unfaithful or liar feelings but often annoys the always stay with the same partner especially if it is monotonous and will not follow its requirements. It can be superficial in the speeches and all too picky when looking for a partner to be financially well off but especially lively, cheerful, always with new ideas and couple projects to be put into practice. A bed is not the most attractive and exciting Venuses and often his last embraces very little but still attracts many people of the opposite sex.

What it means to have Venus in Cancer: even more romantic, sensitive, attentive to the needs of your partner. What I blocks are moments of despair, moments of lunacy. It works a bit like those who have the Moon in this sign. Certainly you may not be very faithful but that happens when you are not understood by your love because you live in a very very particular size, difficult to understand and when there are difficulties of dialogue then your lunacy in love can take you to experience the outside of your relationship. Know to be mlto cuddly but mostly you want to be yourself to be pampered, to be caressed, kissed, touched. For you these gestures are important, perhaps at times more than actual intercourse that for you is an end in itself. Your partner must be very romantic and sensitive like you.

What it means to have Venus in Leo: you love very much your family, your partner, and you are faithful. Sin of narcissism, and you can spend too much to give gifts to your love. Exceptional in bed. Certainly it is true, you are perhaps the most ardent lovers of the zodiac although Mars has to tell us what are the sexual energies are set in motion by studying the birth chart of a person. But this Venus than enough to say that we are dealing with a partner who wants to dominate the relationship of the couple in every way. The leader wants to be him both in daily life and in bed. Unfortunately, the downside of this Venus is the excessive egotism, narcissism and desire to show off, to excel, something that your partner may not even go down. Difficult for you to learn to be less narcissistic.

What it means to have Venus in Virgo: with this Venus are less brainy, less attached to material things of life but more sensitive. You are generally loyal and often very fascinating but little sensitive to the partner's intimate needs. Qu fact we are faced with a way to love a little too unique way, so little altruistic but very selfish. The physical appearance of people with this Venus is often very nice but generally do not care much about the body and the way they dress especially if you have no need to win because a former partner at our side. Certainly you can not fully demonstrate your feelings and you can not also be fiery under the sheets, for you were a little cold.

What it means to have Venus in Libra: really you know give your partner what he seeks. You know love him in the right way, and exact from him likewise. Faithful and never over the top in any discussions. Shortly fiery in bed. Generally those who possess this What it means to have Venus in one of two governors signs (the other is the bull) can often be a really great person physically, but especially keen to take care of your body and their appearance to appear in public always very clean, tidy, good for short. It's his gift often to attract people of the opposite sex. Sometimes exaggeration in this but it is one of his few flaws. Faithful as not many in love can also be very hard on your partner especially when he wants to assert his reasons. This Venus puts us in front of a person that does not require excessive feelings but loves to live them in balance. Even his sexual life is not too exaggerated, say normal.

What it means to have Venus in Scorpio: romantic, magnetic, stunningly beautiful. You just have a look to attract your prey. Buy more passion in romance with Venus in your sign. This your strength in attracting the opposite sex can certainly be a problem for your partner but you have to say that this is not one of Venus as infidels because you often lured unwittingly and without knowing it, you do it by nature. Unfortunately you are also very jealous partner, possessive in love and affections in general and this jealousy if it is grown and find reason to be, it can lead to big fights, big uncontrollable outbursts. Do not keep an eye on your love when there is no real reason. In bed you really know how to do.

What it means to have Venus in Sagittarius: love tied abroad, a foreign person, other customs and traditions. Many occasions to make love matches out of your original Earth. you are not very true believers? This is the real problem a bit like those who have it upward in Sagittarius or the Moon always in this sign. Your desire, your desire to experience new cultures, people, places, unfortunately, brings you to know the bed, the alcove of other people that attract you so sexually. Not everyone who has What it means to have Venus in Sagittarius is unfaithful and this happens when the partner is a person who involves him in very different projects, where there are always new places, different people to meet. It is located in a sign of this fire Venus makes the person attractive but above all full of sexual energy that knows how to vent well in bed.

What it means to have Venus in Capricorn: you are less cold than usual in your manifestations in love. You certainly can not say that you are a romantic, indeed, occasionally a gift to your partner do that there impoverished. Better in bed where few may know that Capricorn are outstanding and with Venus that supports them even better. Certainly this Venus placed in such a strong sign speaks of emotional stability, perhaps made of a few outbursts of love, a few caresses, pampering, but definitely a great desire to be faithful over time as long as you respect each other. You should certainly open up more and not stand still there waiting to be the vosto partners to do always the first step.

What it means to have Venus in Aquarius: this Venus is too libertine and can lead to being unfaithful with your partner, rather to have more partners together without them knowing no one outside of you. This Venus puts us in front of a person from too little faithful that when he has the chance does not miss dating even though it is happily in pairs. Your excessive desire for freedom should not lead you to marry you because you do not like the constraints unless you find a partner who is willing to forgive your escapades. Lies on the agenda with you and the problem that your partner also believes there though often find incredibly utopian excuses for your emotional shortcomings.

What it means to have Venus in Pisces: the typical position of the romantic person with capital R. You know how to give love, you know offer to partner in every way but be careful not to fall victim to scams, your too know how to love, knowing how to donate. Sometimes you're just too simple-minded, too believe the gossip that your partner can tell you and you can not understand where is the truth and where the lie. Your fantastic imagination of utopian love very often, the closer to the world of the film loves that the real world. You must try to be more concrete in love and not to give too much trust to partners; also know how to be a little jealous and possessive so. Excellent Venus for artists and musicians.


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