"I have Neptune in the sign of libra, what does it mean?", "I have Neptune in the sign of leo, what does it mean?", "I have Neptune in the sign of virgo, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Neptune present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Mercury in cancer? What it means to have Neptune in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Neptune planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have Neptune in Aries: you can have dreams that you can trigger at night. Your imagination is too exuberant and turns off immediately. Careful not to challenge the sea too. You try to avoid making sudden decisions above all when they have to do with a period of deep spiritual or psychological crisis and must be taken away from you and the strange people who want to take in situations that have to do with drugs or similar substances .

What it means to have Neptune in Taurus: sensitive enough to be able to demonstrate to those who love your love. You can have a vivid imagination in the kitchen and become great artists, singers, musicians could even dream or imagine your best artistic works also moments related to nature. It may indeed provide an important inspiration in every way. You may also have children who are successful in the agricultural field or in the arts.

What it means to have Neptune in Gemini: already very extroverted and imaginative in itself, you can get better energy that comes from ideas that you can flash in head all at once, but be careful not to use drugs to bring out quste ideas, you do not need this because Neptune can give you the inspiration at the right time. Unfortunately you must always fight with a certain ambiguity of character and sometimes even fight a spiritual battle.

What it means to have Neptune in Cancer: lock yourself in a world all your own and do not know how to go about get out. You do not feel understood by others. Your imagination and your plans seem to be far from those of others who do not understand you and try to take a dip in your spirituality conscious to find the answers you need but it is not always so and so often you can live moments of great indecision, depression and seek to tear yourself away with substances such as alcohol and drugs, but stay away.

What it means to have Neptune in Leo: great imagination provision of your power. You can have brilliant ideas to invest in independent works. Your ideas and projects can bring great fortune but must often be portaet out not by one simple reason but by your intuitio, by your imagination that can really lead to large enterprises. Seite also determined to live a life in spiritual and religious feeling very full and correct, right.

What it means to have Neptune in Virgo: Neptune here is not really that well because you are a pragmatic types , reasoners, computers and recently brought to the world of dreams. Maybe you do not like even the sea and indeed I recommend you steer away if you do not want that happen unpleasant incidents. Your pragmatism, sense of analysis and your common sense in administering your and other people's property, can not find a fertile ground with this Neptune and then eye to the cheats that can always be around the corner.

What it means to have Neptune in Libra: managed to find the right balance in the choice of friendships and looking for ideas. You are not very keen imagination, but you are more concrete. Often your dreams speak of injustices suffered and imagine a life of love and peace as every religion should inspire each of us. In fact you are very religious people, pious and try to follow a straight path.

What it means to have Neptune in Scorpio: your skills by psychics can be accentuated and find outlet in a industry as the paranormal. You can be good conjurers, great artists and great navigators of the seas, and great explorers. But there is a downside, and that is, you can take the chance to use those powers, and this lively and at times mysterious imagination that Neptune gives you to attract to you the people favors, but incorrectly. premonitory dreams.

What it means to have Neptune in Sagittarius: you imagine going to a different place than your own. Fate often dreams tied to the sea, abroad, to people of other ethnic groups that would like to meet. Your imagination goes beyond the common areas. So you people who often make great mental journeys and can, however, be accompanied by the use of substances that you should avoid. Do you have a great psychological force that must be carried out to avoid going to meet psychosomatic problems.

What it means to have Neptune in Capricorn: not a good location because the Capricorn are concrete, real and just likely to dream. The projects that flash through the head, however, can really bring success if they work hard and sacrifice to his side. So even if Neptune in this sign is not favored and does not find the right outlets, can help the individual who has this configuration in the birth chart, to have an edge, a greater force that can also come from a religious belief very well rooted in him.

What it means to have Neptune in Aquarius: great location that makes these people more free and more dreamers . Ideal work related to art because the intuition and imagination are so driven to breakdown that can come out really major works but be careful not to fall victim of your fears, of your exaggerated desire for freedom which will bring states of unconsciousness where abuse of substances not favorable to your body and your mind. Freedom to move from one religious belief to another.

What it means to have Neptune in Pisces: Neptune rules precisely this sign and then here is in exaltation. Great location that sees then accentuate the qualities of sensitivity, imagination, creativity pisces. Try the path of music, painting, art, but be very careful not to come into worlds made of drugs, alcohol because you do not need to find inspiration in this way. Unfortunately, this configuration makes the people who suffer it too sensitive, melancholy and may be afraid of their dreams, the subconscious propro, often heading for nightmares, often difficult to explain.


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