"I have Moon in the sign of taurus, what does it mean?", "I have Moon in the sign of capricorn, what does it mean?", "I have Moon in the sign of aries, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Moon present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Moon in cancer? What it means to have Moon in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Moon planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have the Moon in Aries: the woman can look like a man in his behavior, very strong-willed, stubborn, and that is the master in the house. The man is more submissive, but in relationships with others are more active displays. This Moon makes the person generally very overactive towards the partner, very demanding and you get tired of the same old routine, wants it always to the new center. To this may also have sudden behavior at any moment, he may want to quarrel if his actions are not met. It is very sweet as a person be it man or woman in bed and has a passion that goes on immediately to end up just as quickly. The relationship with the mother may be very quarrelsome, energetic, always very active with nervousness. Visitors to the Moon Birth in ram often sees his mother as a friend. The man with the Moon in this sign are looking for a strong-willed woman, tenacious, cheerful, colorful, always ready for action, always optimistic and just as the woman.

What it means to have the Moon in Taurus: he gives the person a femininity worthy of the word itself. Candor, love of family, the desire to be surrounded by nature. Sometimes stubbornness. Excellent Luna for the arts sector. The relationship with the mother are very tender and affectionate and generally with all the women in the case of a man and with all men in the case of a woman. Its sensitivity is very strong and it is not uncommon to be facing a really beautiful person both physically and attracts others. Excellent his artistic skills especially related to singing and to the study and learning of music in general. His subconscious so sensitive often leads the person with this moon having dreams related to nature, to animals but also to food. Typically its relations are excellent with all also at work but woe to tease otherwise it becomes very aggressive to vengeful over time. People of this lunar type are attracted to women or men not too flashy, rather simple in the way they do and very gentle, calm. This obvious in love.

What it means to have the Moon in Gemini: shallow person who tries not very demanding meetings. The relationship toward the mother may be so. But Dona flair and imagination. And it who possesses this Moon in the natal chart is not really a person to be given a lot of confidence especially in love because it is equipped with a sensitivity that can often mutate and be different. So then his dreams are varied and related to many events experienced in real life. The relationship with the mother may in fact be very superficial not seeing the parent as a guiding lighthouse seen that those who possess this Luna tends to do it alone but has an underlying weakness, a capacity of not discern between good and evil forever. Search and is attracted mainly by men or women with whom more than establish a relationship of true love itself, establishes a strong friendship-love.

What it means to have the Moon in Cancer: this Moon in the sign that rules makes the sweetest person, sentimental, dreamy but also far too moody and able to move overnight from one state to another. In its governor sign this moon may have several aspects in favor and against the rather different person and this depends a lot on other aspects that the satellite forms with other planets in the birth chart and that the house occupies. Its sensitivity is sometimes so exacerbated that a bearable level by all the people around her, which have to do with her and that is that his lunacy comes forward and you have to be careful when that happens, perhaps better run away because it could not commit beautiful gestures, especially against the love partner that with this moon can only be a sweet partner, affectionate, sincere. The relationship with his mother since childhood can be made of ups and downs, moments of real complicity followed by moments of great misunderstanding. His dreams are often difficult to interpret.

What it means to have the Moon in Leo: generous, proud of all but also stubborn, narcissists. They wanted important relationships with prestigious partners. Love of luxury. In the end the end this is a moon much appreciated and if you are able to channel his energies for good you can get great benefits. For example, this leads Luna to be generous and imbued with a sensitivity and altruism that does not stop at the thought but which acts in real life. Of course sometimes you can be too proud, narcissistic and eager to always be right. The love of the mother is infinite but with her it establishes a too energetic relationship that can sometimes arise in their quarrels because of its lion pride. Here we are in the presence of a man or woman looking for a love partner or even strong work, tough, dependable, tough and that never weeps on him. often dreams of victories, the achievements of goals sometimes utopian for its quality.

What it means to have the Moon in Virgo: it just brought to a true manifestation of feelings. It is more critical computers and in love, less open with your partner. Few made gifts. This Moon often has the same values as if you had ascendant virgin. You are looking for a partner not spendthrift, prudent, faithful and beautiful physically but not flashy. The relationship with the mother is made of little affection, of few words and gestures but it is a love and a sincere affection. That for which you have to be careful regarding these people is that they can choose to join the opposite sex for purely economic purposes, to quench their thirst for economic security. Hardly ever his is a real sensitivity and say that we are often faced with little people selfless and who do not care about the problems of others.

What it means to have the Moon in Libra: you can find the right balance in the things of life especially in the working relationships and love. You search for an emotional partner who has the sense of taste and is correct. This partner must be faithful, sincere, always be available both in good times and in those less fortunate and especially the research partners that he must have strong diplomatic skills and be a great all do. also balanced its manifestation of the feeling that is never so overwhelming but it can find a fair agreement. It would be a good colleague of always correct work and willing to help others but then there is the problem that perhaps demands more than they gave.

What it means to have the Moon in Scorpio: look for the attractive woman, wearing makeup, you irrepressible real men? Generally this indicates Luna great magnetism and charm but also a lot of aggression, jealousy that can lead to quarrels. It is the Moon in Scorpio makes the person far too often has a rage, an aggressiveness that is accumulated over time and then can result in a sudden and terrible, and woe to those who are nearby. Its sensitivity must try to find an outlet in sex because that is where his strength, his energies are released at best and that\'s why you go in search of a beautiful and attractive woman that stimulates the sexual appetites. The relationship with the mother are often also imbued with a strong aggression and you can go from moments of joy, happiness and real moments in their rebellion against the parent. Dreams can often be linked to sex sphere.

What it means to have the Moon in Sagittarius: certainly love to travel and for you a lover partners of other cultures, xenophilous would be fine. Indeed likely that you are brought to meet people just foreign to your world. Your ideal partner fact must be a man of culture, who likes to move, shift, attend different places because you always want to know new people, new traditions and cultures. The Moon in Sagittarius gives people a great artistic sensitivity and relevance to many jobs in the arts or with the languages are ideal. In fact you can often dream to travel, to learn about unknown people who attract us. As for the personal relationships with their mothers they can be based on a very broad level of discourse and a very intelligent mother with little education he would limit much a child with this moon.

What it means to have the Moon in Capricorn: you manifest just your feelings, you are closed, cold and dates to see but you\'re good in bed lovers. Maybe too stingy and savers. But you have a sense of duty, you are ambitious and tenacious. This Moon reflects almost the same meanings that would a person with Ascendant in Capricorn. In fact, the sensitivity of these people is very high even if it is not put on display where not only cone few people and intimacy of friendships and loves. In short it is a cold moon with most people but not with your partner but be gentle, soft-spoken, not too energetic and very real in the things of life. The relationship with his mother must be well based on mutual trust, even on a respect for their spaces that should never be invaded. Luna This gives a great sense of humor to the people who possess it. Good sexual energy that can lead to very long embraces.

What it means to have the Moon in Aquarius: you aspire to more relationships because the concept of independence and freedom is deeply rooted in you. Careful not to be too clever and liars with others. Often to see if a person is faithful or not by birth chart you look at the ascending or the position of Venus but the Moon is in no way be underestimated. Have the Moon in Aquarius is a symbol of a feeling that goes far toward independence and even if you do not want is often undergoes various love stories simultaneously. But it is also a moon which marks the person very altruism and desire to help those in need. As for the relationship with the mother we are faced with an individual who absolutely must have all its spaces and you can not impose anything otherwise will still own head and it is not uncommon to go away from home even at an early age. He then seeks partners a person? The partner is either love or business must give freedom to 360 degrees and unfortunately must also be able to share with the opportunity, very concrete, of betrayals suffered less than aspects in the natal chart to the contrary.

What it means to have the Moon in Pisces: the Moon in this sign amplifies qualities such as sensitivity, imagination, love for poetry. Give yourself to others perhaps too much. Do not be too submissive. With this moon you can get really great artists, poets, musicians because your skills, your sensitivity will open your mind and managed to create something great in every area of life and business that you decide to deal with along the way. It is true, often your sensitivity may be exaggerated but above all makes you all too helpless in the face of life\'s challenges, you can not so easily to act and often you are the victim of pessimism, melancholy, little joy. The ideal partner for you must have as many sensitive skills, maybe he too was an artist and try to understand your world of dreams, imagination which is even more pronounced at night in your dreams, almost always borders on the fantastic. The relationship with vosta mother from an early age is almost always marked by mutual understanding even though it is easy to have incomprehensible whims especially young children.


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