"I have Mars in the sign of capricorn, what does it mean?", "I have Mars in the sign of aries, what does it mean?", "I have Mars in the sign of cancer, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Mars present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Mars in cancer? What it means to have Mars in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Mars planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have Mars in Aries: with an aggressiveness that may come up at any moment uncontrolled. Be careful also in intimate relationships where your energies are bursting at the beginning but then easily dampen. Here it is that this Mars makes it very hyperactive at work but also in the sentimental field, and you can never stand still at least initially but then this super energy goes to decline very quickly. Here it is that this location is ideal for those who practice a sport in which there is need an instant energy surplus of the 100 meters race type. Energy can be sometimes uncontrolled and then you may experience muscle tears, wounds, cuts, sudden falls especially if you ride the bike. Eye to guide and therefore do not run, being careful not to distract you. Sexually your energy takes you to have intercourses very powerful but short-lived.

What it means to have Mars in Taurus: you are people who show a lot more nervousness that lurks within you. But once you accumulated woe to those in front and made you angry. very strong passion. This Mars makes the person really very sensual and with a strong erotic charge, not the scorpionic type but simpler, more honest and clean. Great lovers then to bed and it is not uncommon that you face a job relating the field of feelings. This energy can be used also to educate the most of their children and to be the Head of whether you are a man a woman. Excellent work related to the education of children, so teaching and very interesting for you even the jobs that have to do with the countryside, animals and nature but also the cuisine.

What it means to have Mars in Gemini: not very passionate in love with an intimacy not lived well. You are with a double-sided. You can get on your nerves all at once and then return to calm down. Your energy is never irrepressible and at best as that of someone who has Mars in aries or leo but it is very delicate, a little masculine and invasive. Therefore difficult to fight, come to assault your partner or one of your co-worker. Even in the privacy not resulted in exceptionally passionate embraces and caresses, cuddling very pronounced but you know to switch on the partner with the word. The work related to this configuration may be different but especially those affecting journalism but that kind of journalism on the golf sent therefore and not behind the desk.

What it means to have Mars in Cancer: Mars in cancer is not located very well. Susceptible and sensitive but also lunatics can not find a good ally in this planet that can make you become beasts overnight but that often takes you to accumulate so much energy inside that you can not outsource the work they do in their affections and feelings, thus risking to be the victim of disease. This is one of the worst configurations and locations for Mars in this sign because the life force is not used almost never the best. In bed you are not great lovers and often you are among those, especially women, who find an excuse not to make love. And that job is ideal for you with this position? You have to do the work where it is not required the use of large physical and above all mental energies and therefore the ordinary worker is fine.

What it means to have Mars in Leo: great passion, great lovers in bed, you want to dominate. Do you want to show everyone what you are worth, that you are the king. Do not overdo it because you are number one and put aside pride when you discuss. This Mars in this sign unleashes the full power and thankfully usually you are able to dominate the excesses but you should still encounter problems of excessive pride, narcissism in dealing mainly working and sentimental. Clearly with this location you want to absolutely dominate the partners and want to be the leaders of teams and work projects. This is not wrong but you can not always be in the front row and sometimes you need to know you are doing the part. The best lovers in bed, fiery, know satisfy your partner. The ideal work will see leaders, chiefs, leaders of the team, so you can become employers of companies, you can be excellent doctors and department heads, excellent politicians and leaders of movements.

What it means to have Mars in Virgo: generally with this setup we do not trigger a very aggressive person, indeed it seems that the red planet could lose much of its energies in this sign. Energies that are brought together in advancing projects and get busy in savings. It is not a beautiful energy that is developed with this position because the virgo is not the ideal environment to Mars and then we are facing a strange way to exploit their energy both physically and mentally. Such as jobs that can do well in this kind of people? Being a virgo very analytical the vital energies that Mars surplus supplies can take her work as a scientist, mathematician, inventor, or the work of the administration of very large assets, and works related to banks. Bad about the sexual side with an energy that does not seem to find the right outlets.

What it means to have Mars in Libra: your anger, aggression is always very measured. Never foul-mouthed but you are always librad. But sometimes it grows inside you a little devil. This Mars in fact is able to accumulate so much energy, even negative, for then pull it out at the appropriate time, but not all, in a gradual and therefore not to exhaustion. In short, it is also diplomatic and librad in the manifestation of this force. Here, as always, work linked to the policy are great, but especially if you see the diplomats. But since the scale is a sign ruled by Venus also work related to art are excellent, especially related to the fine arts such as music, poetry, painting and sculpture. This Mars makes individuals who possess it in the birth chart does not excellent amateurs under the sheets and very discrete suitors.

What it means to have Mars in Scorpio: it is in this sign that Mars can find a way out to bring the war. You are warmongers born and you are in fact very dangerous if you get angry. Already jealous and possessive in itself woe to those who does a tripped. Mars is in Scorpio its governor sign here and then its vital forces are extreme, and if used wrong, if for example in the natal chart Mars is ill-disposed towards Saturn or Pluto of birth, we can be in front of the typical individual who commits also terrible crimes because his aggression is at best but mostly ill-channeled. In fact it is said that those who have Mars in Scorpio uses its energy in a negative, rather it can become excellent surgeons, butchers, carpenters, sculptors. In fact, the ideal jobs are those in which the energy is given off physically, it comes out almost completely up to exhausting the individual who knows but then recharge very quickly. Careful not to offend the people you talk to because even in bad communication can convey these energies of the red planet. In bed you are magnetic dock, great conquerors and wonderful lovers of unique erotic sensitivity.

What it means to have Mars in Sagittarius: your energies can be well conveyed abroad, to travel. Take a job linked precisely to these areas and you will find the right outlet for your Mars. Here the person can not remain locked in the house but must escape from inside the home and do related work abroad, must meet new people, even unusual, strange why is evil and its energy is poorly conveyed leading to the emergence of diseases psychosomatic. Being in a sign of this fire Mars gives great erotic and sexually charged but not like the one you get with a Mars of birth into a leo or scorpion. A bed so you know we do but be careful not to want to have adventures, more than in a contemporary adventure especially if you are married or have a steady couple. You really are great workers and lovers degrees under the sheets so.

What it means to have Mars in Capricorn: the classic position of the person who does not argue and never gets angry but woe if broke. Become an uncontrollable monster worse than a scorpion. Fortunately it can happen very rarely. Good employment sectors that require much physical strength but a slow and steady effort. So be careful to a person who has Mars in Capricorn maybe form a bad square aspect or opposition to Saturn in the birth chart because the wrath you can break down and be super destructive just because accumulated in large quantities over time. This Mars leads the individual to be very vindictive with the passage of time and for him revenge is a dish that is served cold. The works that exploit this type of energy are jobs in which there is not much need to speak but only to act and work in which the energy must come out slowly and spread over time. For example if you do sports jogging it is ideal and not the 100 meters.

What it means to have Mars in Aquarius: woe betide anyone who touches your space, your freedom. In these cases you can become aggressive but become very rare. Engage in self-employment I recommend it because the work in team, in spite of the aquarius is the typical sign of friendships and collaborations, not good just for this type of energy that infuses Mars in a sign that he is not certain friend. Work suitable are those in which the strength both physical and mental should not come out suddenly and in an exaggerated way, but quiet and then the worker or better an independent work as a freelancer. In love and above all in the alcove, then under the sheets, we are faced with a person not outstanding as a lover, and that often fails to take the reins of erotic games that likes to get involved with a partner who knows how to take the initiative.

What it means to have Mars in Pisces: the red planet in this sign is not good because it is a very sensitive sign, very susceptible and very based on imagination, dreams. People with this configuration are unable to voice their energy as the others but they can channel it into their own creativity. This is not to draw out the vital energies can lead to psychosomatic problems, diseases and healing difficult to understand unless you face a job or you have a creative hobby like painting or better can be sculpture or music, where over imaginative intellect also need a good dose of physical strength, manual effort. And intimacy as those who have this position in the natal chart? Here Mars is unable to unleash all its energy, fails to channel them and you know not express under the sheets.


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