"I have Saturn in the sign of gemini, what does it mean?", "I have Saturn in the sign of leo, what does it mean?", "I have Saturn in the sign of sagittarius, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Saturn present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Saturn in cancer? What it means to have Saturn in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Saturn planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have Saturn in Aries: your decisions, your fixed points can appear and disappear in the morning to the evening. Try to be more decisive in advancing your life because that Saturn gives you excellent quality of discernment. Certainly slows much your enthusiasm and your desire for continuous innovation but often your instincts are wrong and then this planet helps you to avoid making mistakes in life that could prove fatal. Attention to everything that concerns the bloodstream. very energetic and impetuous father.

What it means to have Saturn in Taurus: people are very practical and stable. You know how to move in life accurately without risk. You know to be strict with your children. Saturn in taurus fact makes you more austere than they actually are and maybe you can be badly considered by the members of your own facmiglia for hardship. You tend to not get fat and you need to be very careful to diseases linked to the throat and cold in general. Your appetite with this Satunro is held back and maybe that's good. very sensitive and loving father to their children.

What it means to have Saturn in Gemini: your exuberance, inventiveness here is blocked by Saturn which makes you more serious. Unless you love the superficiality and less worldly life, and you tend to stay more at home, avoiding crowded places. Saturn in this osegno in fact is not very well and makes a loner than usual when in fact we know that a twin is anything but. The father of these natives can be a great playful, perhaps a little liar with their children and superficial in their education.

What it means to have Saturn in Cancer: your sensitivity collides with the reality that asks you the planet of time. Do not think too much but put in your energy field to achieve goals. This planet makes you less imaginative and more concrete and less moody, which is typical of many Cancerians. We should pay attention to food and avoid alcohol because the stomach and intestines can be very sensitive issues in health. This position may indicate a father who was very sweet and affectionate but sometimes may have had sudden changes of mood swings that influenced the growth of the person, the child with this configuration at birth.

What it means to have Saturn in Leo: as well as being proud, vain and have a strong foothold as a leader you are also very strict with others and pretend seriousness even from them. This configuration is typical of great people who manage to achieve propi dreams, to put into practice their ideas and projects in a very tiring but once you reach the goal no one can knock them down. Grade fatigue in all businesses, but rewarded by huge successes. Ideal work where necessary to be leaders, and leaders have much seriousness and infinite resourcefulness. You can be very authoritarian and austere fathers or otherwise going manner pier.

What it means to have Saturn in Virgo: Saturn here accentuates the pragmatic skills, decision making, self-criticism of its virgo. Maybe you can be too judgmental with this configuration in the birth chart. Here we are often in the presence of those who rarely smile and have fun and they are often teased for their monotony by others. But you are very great administrators of your goods and the goods of others as long as there is time to take action. Nothing to these people is given but it is thanks to their quality hypercritical you go along and you will get success with sacrifice. It is not a good configuration with regard to being parents and especially father.

What it means to have Saturn in Libra: you know to be good parents can in a balanced way to educate your children. Sometimes you can look too austere but you know that this can serve to raise them as correctly as possible. Sometimes this your diplomacy, this excessive desire for libra can lead to legal and administrative problems not trivial but typically, less than other bad aspects in the natal chart, it are resolved in your favor.

What it means to have Saturn in Scorpio: use reason to convince others of your ideas. Your charm lies precisely in this, and you can succeed in relationships where the partner has saturnine qualities. This Saturn brakes a little magnetism and sensuality typical of the scorpion that this can somatize health problems to the sexual sphere, genital in men. Even the psychic abilities are decreasing but in rare cases they can attend truly unique events. Scorpionico a father is a father too aggressive, austere which can also get to hurt the children, beating them.

What it means to have Saturn in Sagittarius: you are generally happy people, jovial, and it seems that this Saturn can curb this natural urge that your score. Buy wisdom in what you lose in adventurous spirit. Is Jupiter your governor planet Saturn and not making it clear that this configuration will often feel helpless, with little desire to do and you can even hate everything that has to do with other cultures, with city, with traditions of other peoples. In the birth chart of a child this position indicates a father who has traveled extensively and he did a job relevant travel, foreign languages, etc...

What it means to have Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn is the ruler of this sign and then gives a lot of concrete, strength of character, great ability to withstand the tests of life. You can also be very long-lived, but suffer from troubles to the bones. Here Saturn from the maximum and often gets the most from the individual unless the negative aspects that the planet forms with others in the birth chart. You are tireless workers, lower your head and you know nobody can knock you down because your strength of mind is unwavering, exaggerated, very powerful. Many targets can be reached, but they always require much effort. A child who has this configuration in his chart sees a father too lonely, aloof and austere.

What it means to have Saturn in Aquarius: Saturn, along with Uranus, also the Governor of the sign of Aquarius. Good to have this planet in your sign exaggerated because your independence, your desire to escape, of freedom and of infidelity can be damped. This Saturn in this sign is therefore often favorable making a faithful person always if other aspects that confirm this are present in the birth chart. You can not possibly leave out problems related to the bloodstream so that should be monitored and any problems to the lymph glands. The people marked by this configuration are often very thin nature. The child has a little austere father, indeed that gives a lot of freedom of movement.

What it means to have Saturn in Pisces: even here the time the planet can help the person to be less sentimental, less imaginative but more realistic. It makes you open your eyes and you do not become self-deluded. Your living too much in the world of dreams, believe your fantasies is then diminished, reduced, and this can be good for many of you. Generally, given that the ruling planet of Pisces is Jupiter, and that leads to obesity, this Saturn instead leads the person to always have a good physical structure. More Saturn brakes the desire to escape with the use of drugs or alcohol as the second governor of the pisces is the planet Neptune. The child with this configuration in the birth chart is often found to have a father who falls in vices such as smoking, alcohol, drugs but above can be an artist, a poet, a musician, a writer.


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