"I have Pluto in the sign of libra, what does it mean?", "I have Pluto in the sign of leo, what does it mean?", "I have Pluto in the sign of virgo, meaning that possess characteristics and then?". What is the significance associated with Pluto present in a particular sign of the zodiac? What does it mean to have in the natal Pluto in cancer? What it means to have Pluto in the sign of the zodiac rather than another in your natal chart? Let's see what's the meaning of Pluto planet in all 12 signs of the zodiac birth chart.

This will enable us, along with other factors, such as the ascendant and the position of the planets in the 12 astrological houses, better define our character or that of the person for whom we are making the astrological study.

What it means to have Pluto in Aries: sudden changes in life and often you do not want to accept . Your psyche asks to be plumbed deeper and you must not be a victim of rash decisions. Often, those affected by this configuration, live major changes in their lives overnight.

What it means to have Pluto in Taurus: accepted the changes willingly and you know change skin without major problems but these changes must be pain plan, willingly and is not to say that strictly relate to the individual who is affected in his astral theme but also his children, if he has.

What it means to have Pluto in Gemini: you like to change or maybe by nature you are forced to do so but often changes you seek are too superficial. In short, this Pluto want to make sure that you accept the changes, especially those internal to your person, in your ego, becoming aware in a more mature and decisive, and putting aside your typical ambiguity.

What it means to have Pluto in Cancer: possible mental disorders with Pluto in your sign, especially if poorly waited from other planets. And this can happen when the necessary changes in your life and you will scare the changes just do not want to. In these moments of life best be followed by a psychologist because you might really be too brittle.

What it means to have Pluto in Leo: are the master of yourself and maybe you feel the masters of world but do not bite off more than you can chew. This planet brings you luck in the changes that you know to accept but you can not always think to be you number one and so watch well-evaluate everything around you not to overestimate and underestimate any aspect in their periods in which these changes occur that can for you to be decisive for your career but also for your inner life.

What it means to have Pluto in Virgo: a non-exceptional location that does not provide additional quality to the virgo, methodical , precise, serious it is. Do you know how to deal with the inevitable changes that life puts in front, but if you do not arrive would be better. However in the end have a Pluto in this earth sign that makes you not be even more pragmatic, serious, ordered and also your inner self will positively undergoes influences.

What it means to have Pluto in Libra: good balance between your conscious and unconscious. The changes in your life always take place in a very slow, firm but found a sense of well-considered acceptance by you because you know weigh pros and cons and you are never a victim of these events but valid protagonists able to positively convey to you the Plutonian forces, always misteriore and powerful.

What it means to have Pluto in Scorpio: Pluto is one of the planets rulers of this sign along with Mars. Great psychic talents, enormous ability to cope with change but above all can be you to make sure that the changes take place as and when you want. Extrasensory perception especially during dreams and the ability to create a large number of followers, agree with your ideas.

What it means to have Pluto in Sagittarius: the distant attracts you very much, and you may have visions of your own future elsewhere. Changes may include travel, travel in other lands, away from yours. There you can rediscover yourself and especially to understand what your true mission on Earth. The most important changes and lenses can often relate to situations related to other cultures, to other people and then also to other religions.

What it means to have Pluto in Capricorn: your psyche collides with your way of thinking very stubborn , austere, severe. Try to understand that the changes that may come in your life can also be useful, have their own order and with Pluto moving slowly it all makes sense even if imperceptible to you who already act in life in a slow manner. But that Pluto if well expected from other planets in the birth chart, can bring progress and external successes but also your inner person, really incredible and unimaginable.

What it means to have Pluto in Aquarius: a mind and an unconscious that always fly to new shores. Even more you want to have and enjoy your space, but you have to think that not all destinations can also be reached because you despite your free spirit, you are often superficial in your life and jump from one thing to not completing the all. Pluto, with its changes that will involve you during your life, make you understand that you must be pù decisive and firm in your intentions.

What it means to have Pluto in Pisces: careful not thinking, brooding too much on things because the psyche it it could be affected. Usually you do not see well at the changes but unfortunately suffered without knowing how to carry your favor. This Pluto is not very favorable because it can entice the individual to external changes but above all interior, very important but that are scary and that's how it ends in themselves rejecting the world that surrounds us and these forces instead want us to evolve positively.


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