How will the year 2018 for the zodiac sign of pisces ? What will happen to the pisces in 2018 ? What aspects of the affect and will be positive or negative ? "I'm of the sign of pisces, what to expect in the new year 2018 ? It will be a lucky year, the best year for the pisces ? Will i find love in the new year ? I'll feel better physically and mentally ? Will I find a job ?" Look at let's see the best and the best horoscope annual predictions for the new year for the pisces sign of love, work, money, shape, health. You can also listen astrological predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in audio video format. The best 2018 year horoscope weather and astrological predictions for pisces sign. In these predictions are taken into account especially the positions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that give more or less a good idea of how to evolve the year for the 12 signs.

To get the most accurate predictions do not forget to read the horoscope for your sun sign and your ascendant. Make a summary of the two readings because you have so much detail and you will have more accurate information. The ascendant can calculate it at this website page if you do not know it.

Love Pisces 2018 : the sentimental sector goes very well indeed. You can absolutely try to develop a very important sentimental story. The love around you is very much in the spring and near your birthday but also in winter you can be really happy. The desire to go live with your love partner in a new home, the desire to have a son, the choice to set a date for your wedding. So many things can be done in this wonderful year for you on a sentimental level. Your relationship goes really well and finally your love partner understands and understands your needs, your sensitivity and your desire to dream. If you are looking for a person to love then 2018 is one of the best years to meet your twin soul. Care should be taken in the encounters that can be made in summer but also in winter. Finally, a person who is part of your circle of friendship moves forward, finds the courage to ask you to come out and tell you why you might be born a beautiful love and a fantastic sentimental story that can go on for several years. With this positive sky you do not have to be locked in the house but you have to go out, attend new people, new places like nightclubs, pubs, restaurants. Do you love dancing? Well, then attend a dance school and there will be several occasions to meet loving people really interesting. The heat that surrounds you, the love you have in your life is truly wonderful and needs to be exploited to the fullest because Jupiter forms a beautiful trigon that brings luck to feelings and Saturn forms a fundamental sextile. People who are still sun will be able to fall in love with a man or woman who possesses the skills of wisdom, maturity, seriousness, and perhaps later with age. All the sentimental stories that emerge during this period can last a lifetime, even though during the first year some discussion may be born but the base is great for living a great love.

Job - career - money Pisces 2018 : the work goes on very well. How many projects do you have in mind? Well, all of these projects should not only stay in your mind but have to be put in practice because the success rates are really high. If your work is connected with the art world, you can really achieve great goals. People will look for your company and you will be really appreciated for your great creative talents. The sky is very favorable for implementing various changes in your life. Probably some projects will need a lot of money to be carried forward but with Jove and Saturn so favorable you can look for the help and support of so many people. If you have decided to change jobs, change cities, or change jobs within your company, then these choices are really just right. You do not have to go back to your choices even though you might initially think you can not do your projects. The most productive and important phase is that of the last 4 months of this 2018. In these months you will finally see the results of your great commitment. You have no money, do not you have a job? There are plenty of job opportunities to find, but you have to be very prepared. Fortune in professional meetings and interviews will not fail, but the best thing is to study and upgrade, because the competition will be ruthless. During the second part of the year you may also have a great desire to invest a small amount of money in buying a property as a home or you may decide to make a big financial investment through your bank. Even though the sky is very favorable, do not underestimate the documents and do not be afraid to ask for help from a lawyer or accountant who will understand what ways to deal before signing the cards.

Luck - fitness Pisces 2018 : your sky is very positive for almost the whole year. Jupiter and Saturn form two very beneficial aspects. The desire to live is so much and optimism is at the stars. In all areas of your life things seem to go really well and the smile will never fail on your face. The family loves you, the job goes very well and many projects can be successful not only thanks to your commitment but also thanks to a pinch of luck that will make you meet some very determinant people in your life. The sky is really conducive to long journeys and during these trips you will encounter the love of your life. Also, if you have a lawsuit that has created many problems in the past, now the solutions are very close and if you expect a sum of money you can hope it arrives right towards this wonderful 2018. Great successes from a relative or A family member or a son can go to school very well or start earning enough money after finding a great job. All things that are related to the arts and your creativity can bring success and the efforts you make will be minimal. Good news can come from places far from your city and so many beautiful things can happen with long lasting shifts in the car. The luck that comes to this wonderful year can last for at least another 3 years and therefore is not a transitory fortune and must be exploited to the utmost. As ? The smile should never miss your lips even in the difficult times you will face in the summer and above all optimism must always take the place of pessimism. Love in your life is the light that illuminates this great journey. Best wishes. Health is great and if you've had any problems in the past few months maybe now you can finally find a very effective medical solution. Energy is at very high levels and you can do so many things.

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Work and moneyforecasts horoscope 2018 piscesforecasts horoscope 2018 piscesforecasts horoscope 2018 piscesforecasts horoscope 2018 pisces

Luck and fitnessforecasts horoscope 2018 piscesforecasts horoscope 2018 piscesforecasts horoscope 2018 piscesforecasts horoscope 2018 pisces


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And if you have ascendant in ... :

Aries : so many changes can take place in your life but you have to struggle to bring some success at home. Love creates some problems in the summer with some discussions that can really be important and difficult to solve.

Taurus : the spring season is best for you but the rest of the year is not great and you can not expect to receive much help. The difficulties in work and above all the many expenses make you a season with such pessimism.

Gemini : beautiful astral configuration that promises such a desire to love and to be loved and so many job opportunities. Perhaps the expenses will be difficult to deal with but some family members can help.

Cancer : the workplace requires so much effort on your part and the results you will achieve are not even exceptional. However, the sentimental sector goes very well and love rises many of your days.

Leo : the best working period is the summer months where you can get discrete successes but unfortunately the sentimental sector creates various problems due to misunderstanding or betrayal.

Virgo : great year for you. All your projects can be successful and even money can increase in your pockets. If some friend asks you for help then do not turn your back. Finally, love also lives a good time.

Libra : the indecision you live in these months is paramount. You just do not know what you want to do. Changes in the past year may not have been very positive and your worries also create problems at work.

Scorpio : great energy, great desire to do and love. What do you want most from life? All things can finally turn very well for you and the favorable changes can be really many.

Sagittarius : the summer months are great for you to meet a person who will sharpen your heart but it is in winter that work will give you great satisfaction especially if your job is abroad.

Capricorn : the winter season brings many successes especially if your work is related to art. There are so many sacrifices, but the results can be very satisfying. Only in love the period brings some concern.

Aquarius : good year for you too. Of course you have to fight the stress that will accumulate especially in winter and spring, but you can be happy to have a person who loves you.

Pisces : maybe this astral configuration is one of the luckiest. So many successes, so much creativity that can be exploited to achieve many goals you set in 2017. Love goes to swollen sails.

The 2018 year for the 12 signs :

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