"Under which maya sign I was born? What is my maya zodiac sign?" What are the best predictions for the new year 2023 for the 13 maya zodiac signs? In the section maya horoscope we described how to know which maya sign you belong and qualities, strengths and weaknesses of each maya sign and here we see instead of talking about how will the year 2023 for each of them. So we'll see for the 13 maya zodiac signs the horoscope and predictions for the 2023 year. What are the 13 signs? Hawk, jaguar, dog, snake, squirrel, tortoise, bat, scorpio, deer, owl, peacock, lizard, monkey. How will the 2023 year for the sign of the maya hawk, jaguar, dog, snake, squirrel, tortoise, bat, scorpio, deer, owl, peacock, lizard, monkey? What it will be the maya signs more lucky during this new year? So choose your maya sign by clicking on the images or links below and find out what is in store for the new 2023 year for your sign. If you don't know how to calculate your maya sign then go on this page and then come back here or find your year of birth in the table below and in correspondence of it to discover that the maya zodiac sign you belong.

Maya symbol Period of birth
BAT from July 26 to August 22
SCORPIOfrom August 23 to September 19
DEERfrom September 20 to October 17
OWL from October 18 to November 14
PEACOCKfrom November 15 to December 12
LIZARDfrom December 13 to January 9
MONKEY from January 10 to February 6
HAWKfrom February 7 to March 6
JAGUARfrom March 7 to April 3
DOG from April 4 to May 1
SNAKE from May 2 to May 29
SQUIRRELfrom May 30 to June 26
TORTOISEfrom June 27 to July 25

The 2023 year for the 13 maya signs:

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