"I'm Lizard sign of the maya zodiac. How will the new year for me?". How will the new 2021 year for the Lizard maya sign ? If after calculating your maya sign on this page you found out that you were born in the sign of the Lizard, then here you will find the predicions for the new 2021 year. For the sign of the Lizard, maya forecasts and horoscope. The sign of the Lizard will be lucky this year? How will the year of the Lizard in love, luck, work and money? Find out more now by reading below forecasts divided by by love, work-money and luck.

Love - 2021 Lizard sign: even if the most fortunate year for you has been 2016 worry you because also this year will reserve you good surprises. If you have begun then a new love story these months they are favorable for the relationship to make more mature and to begin to think to a cohabitation or straight to a marriage. Your partner loves you and you succeed in showing your affection, your feelings to him. However attention if you are looking for a new person to love, with which to make friends because the first months of the year bring not to very positive meetings and that you/they can bring only instead to illusions and disappointments. Instead The second part of the year will be more fortunate.

Work/money - 2021 Lizard sign: if you have then already a good occupation you/they should not be us particular problems but you try to hock you very because it is one year when nothing is given but thanks only to your efforts you can get more money over that a best place of employment. You try not to quarrel with work colleagues even if you notice that they are jealous and above all if there is need to remain to the job to do not then sometime longer refused. If don't have a job the period you can be excellent to do so that at least something that economically satisfies you can arrive but this especially in the first months of the new year. Attention to the expenses.

Luck - 2021 Lizard sign: the love seems to be all right on, the job brings you a lot of satisfactions and the earningses they don't seem to miss even if the expenses for the house or for your children are in increase. We are certainly able however to speak of a very positive year, favorable and certainly better than the preceding just past year. Fortune strikes the audacious ones and that is the people been born under this sign that you/they decide to invest in new projects, in new financial investments, in short the fate is positive with whom chooses to give trust to the life but above all to what feels inside. Also favored the trips.




The 2021 year for the 13 maya signs:

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