Mayan people, great people of the past, it was very prone to divinatory arts and sciences such as mathematics and astronomy. Even astrology was important for them, and then, as with almost all ancient peoples, they also created a unique zodiac format but not by the 12 zodiac signs as our current but less than 13 marks in accordance with the phases of the moon. In fact, the lunar calendar was divided into 13 months of 28 days each. 13 In addition, these signs were not the classic signs aries, taurus, gemini, etc... but they had names like the chinese zodiac animals. How do I find and know what is your own, our mayan zodiac sign? "What's my mayan astrological zodiac sign with merits and defects?" What animal are in mayan horoscope and characteristics that we possess? If you do not know what the mayan zodiac sign you belong then do not worry. You will understand immediately. You might really be amazed at the precision of the characteristics associated with each pet. But what are the 13 signs of the mayan zodiac? They are: hawk, jaguar, dog, snake, squirrel, tortoise, bat, scorpio, deer, owl, peacock, lizard, monkey. If you think that the Mayans were not able to accurately calculate the positions of the planets in space then you are mistaken because they were excellent astronomers and mathematicians.

Find your own mayan sign of belonging is easy. Below you can see a table with dates and names of the 13 animals. Find the range of dates That falls on your birth. If you were born February 14, for example you sign hawk. If you were born on July 3 are the sign of the tortoise, if you were born on December 25th are the sign of the lizard, etc ... Once you know your mayan score click on image below to read the corresponding features. Just appears with those of your western zodiac sign horoscope (aries, taurus, gemini, etc...).

Maya symbol Period of birth
BAT from July 26 to August 22
SCORPIOfrom August 23 to September 19
DEERfrom September 20 to October 17
OWL from October 18 to November 14
PEACOCKfrom November 15 to December 12
LIZARDfrom December 13 to January 9
MONKEY from January 10 to February 6
HAWKfrom February 7 to March 6
JAGUARfrom March 7 to April 3
DOG from April 4 to May 1
SNAKE from May 2 to May 29
SQUIRRELfrom May 30 to June 26
TORTOISEfrom June 27 to July 25

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