"I was born under the sign of the mayan Monkey". What is the sign of the mayan Monkey? What strengths and weaknesses do it has? The mayan horoscope for the sign of the Monkey reveals what features? What other signs should agree the sign of the Monkey? Look for the mayan horoscope sign: its features, merits and defects.

They have a very high sense of humor and manage to defuse situations heavy. Sometimes too restless like to be independent from an early age and then their concept of freedom must find an outlet, otherwise they become irritable with people around them. They know how to make herself well and are always looking for new adventures, they want to discover new places, want to travel and meet new people. For their strangeness, behavior may appear unsuitable for serious work but it is a mistake because they are endowed with great powers of concentration and innovative ideas.

Love and courtship can be put in their challenge for many contenders and this is a side character typical of women. Unfortunately there are very loyal because they fall in love and disinnamorano quite easily and therefore are not the ideal partner for life. Best man of the sign of the monkey who can also decide to make steady for life if she finds the right soul mate.

It can go on very well and be in tune with the Snake and the Pavone.

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