"I was born under the sign of the mayan Hawk". What is the sign of the mayan Hawk? What strengths and weaknesses do it has? The mayan horoscope for the sign of the Hawk reveals what features? What other signs should agree the sign of the Hawk? Look for the mayan horoscope sign: its features, merits and defects.

The sign of the Hawk is certainly endowed with a tenacious spirit and want to achieve the objectives at all costs. So ambitious and strong-willed can assume positions of command, the leader for the good of all. He does not like to be controlled and take orders from anyone, and for this you better do the work where it is independent of the choices in steps, in making decisions.

Who knows this sign knows that it is a very intelligent person and pointing rather than on a tax on a mental approach. It has complex tastes in love and if you hit him, you have to be attractive to him intellectually. She loves entertainment and especially enjoy the expensive things and so who woos must realize that it will have to throw away money if he wants to conquer.

It should agree in general with the signs of Snake, Owl and Squirrel.

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