"I was born under the sign of the mayan Deer". What is the sign of the mayan Deer? What strengths and weaknesses do it has? The mayan horoscope for the sign of the Deer reveals what features? What other signs should agree the sign of the Deer? Look for the mayan horoscope sign: its features, merits and defects.

Characters with very creative and very sensitive can be loved because of their mild-mannered, peaceful. They love to live in a great deal of freedom and open spaces then the choice of a job you could opt for one with nature. They feature vivid imagination even though they may not be quite decisive in completing the commitments. Thanks to their creativity can be great artists and then work in the entertainment world.

Always elegant dress that is in the way of being in love woo or otherwise generally just love the concept of love without which they could not live. Unfortunately there are very loyal and need to join partners who are aware of the feelings they have.

The Deer can find a lot of similarities with Snake, Monkey and Tortoise.

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