"I was born under the sign of the mayan Lizard". What is the sign of the mayan Lizard? What strengths and weaknesses do it has? The mayan horoscope for the sign of the Lizard reveals what features? What other signs should agree the sign of the Lizard? Look for the mayan horoscope sign: its features, merits and defects.

They are usually very nice people, who love to help others, but above all faithful to their duty it is working and affective. They know they need to improve their lives and is based on the research of their improvement in all areas of life. They are brought to work where you have to use your memory and have a lot of concentration, a spirit of analysis and then everything relating to technology and science is fine.

They hate being betrayed and deceived by their partner who ask a lot of devotion. They love the freedom and must therefore look for a partner who can give him the space at the right time. Woe to try to harness a lizard because it might run away.

Jaguar, Tortoise and Scorpio are signs by which the lizard can find many points of agreement.

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