"I was born under the sign of the mayan Owl". What is the sign of the mayan Owl? What strengths and weaknesses do it has? The mayan horoscope for the sign of the Owl reveals what features? What other signs should agree the sign of the Owl? Look for the mayan horoscope sign: its features, merits and defects.

They have a great sixth sense and are then able to read the lpensiero people, comeuna They are able to predict the future situation will evolve and thus can be frightening for it. When you are with an owl you can own fear of being discovered and there is therefore the need to avoid it almost. But the owl is not only very intuitive, very sincere and if you learn to know it is not scary and you feel the need to have him as a friend or love partner.

Can play different roles in work, especially those where there is need to put in the field skills to be psychic. Very organized and not leave out any details. In love the Owl knows what she wants and knows when his partner is ill. The is almost always true and this fidelity is required from him even to his companion. A little more libertines are younger ones of the sign.

They are in tune with the sign of the Hawk, Peacock and Squirrel.

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