"I'm Scorpio sign of the maya zodiac. How will the new year for me?". How will the new 2019 year for the Scorpio maya sign ? If after calculating your maya sign on this page you found out that you were born in the sign of the Scorpio, then here you will find the predicions for the new 2019 year. For the sign of the Scorpio, maya forecasts and horoscope. The sign of the Scorpio will be lucky this year? How will the year of the Scorpio in love, luck, work and money? Find out more now by reading below forecasts divided by by love, work-money and luck.

Love - 2019 Scorpio sign : among the least fortunate signs this year we find your sign maya. This 2019 therefore it is not favorable in love, in the feelings and in the family affections also. In fact in these months it is very easy that there is many quarrels with your love, with your partner and these discussions you/they can easily bring at the end of a sentimental relationship that had been lasting even for different years. Also in family and with your children and parents there can be many problems of relationship and therefore you try to stay calm and not to make many damages. The people that a new love looks for would do well to remain where I am because it absolutely is not a good period to know new people.

Work/money - 2019 Scorpio sign : the job continues above all well enough if you have sowed to sufficiency in the past times. Then this year is one year when you can still pick up many successes that however you/they must be sweaty. In fact a lot of people been born under this symbol maya will find again him to face real battles to succeed in bringing a quantity of money home that before they brought home in very less time and with less efforts. Then the job doesn't miss and the earningses but the expenses don't miss they are very tall and you must be very careful not to spend more than that that earn.

Luck - 2019 Scorpio sign : you must still attend a few years before fortune remembers you. You owe without doubt to only count on your strengths and you cannot hope in helps from someone and even from the destiny. All the positive things that can arrive will be only thanks to your worths, to your hard job. Not aim money to useless games hoping to become rich and not you waste the few money that you have in projects or investments that can make to enrich only who proposes you them.




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