How will the year 2024 for the zodiac sign of gemini? What will happen to the gemini in 2024? What aspects of the affect and will be positive or negative? "I'm of the sign of gemini, what to expect in the new year 2024? It will be a lucky year, the best year for the gemini? Will i find love in the new year? I'll feel better physically and mentally? Will I find a job?" Look at let's see the best and the best horoscope annual predictions for the new year for the gemini sign of love, work, money, shape, health. You can also listen astrological predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in audio video format. The best 2024 year horoscope weather and astrological predictions for gemini sign. In these predictions are taken into account especially the positions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that give more or less a good idea of how to evolve the year for the 12 signs.

To get the most accurate predictions do not forget to read the horoscope for your sun sign and your ascendant. Make a summary of the two readings because you have so much detail and you will have more accurate information. The ascendant can calculate it at this website page if you do not know it.

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Love Gemini 2024: a year absolutely to remember because Jupiter arrives in your zodiac sign after about 12 years even if not immediately but only around the end of May 2024. Meanwhile, its transit for the first 5 months of the year still behind you can help you solve some problematic in the sentimental field, perhaps to find a right solution with a partner with whom you are separating or with whom you are trying to find a better complicity. If you are alone this new year promises to give a meeting but in our opinion also more than one that will inflame your heart, will make you absolutely very well predisposed towards people and you will be attracted by the physical but also by the inner beauty of the person you will meet. Let's say that for many of you the first months will be disappointing on a sentimental level and you will probably not be able to be calm, you will experience moments of melancholy and loneliness that are absolutely deleterious for you since you are still used to having fun, smiling at life and being in among the people. Things will definitely change in the second half of the year and therefore you must not be discouraged, you must not be sad but think positively. The best periods in which thanks to a renewed charm you will be much more sensual and attractive, are those that see the transits of Mars and exactly the period with Mars in Aries from May 1st to June 9th 2024, in Gemini from July 21st to September 4th 2024 and in Leo from November 5th until the end of the year. So the positive months are many and in fact we are almost convinced that lonely hearts will have many opportunities and not just one to meet people compatible with them. As for the people who already have a man or a woman to love by their side, the situation will improve significantly from the month of June and it will be possible to start making plans together such as thinking about living together, getting married, having a child or move to a new home.

Job - career - money Gemini 2024: your professional path improves markedly with the arrival of the second half of the year as Jupiter will be in your zodiac sign after about 12 years and will allow you to finally express your inante qualities, your strengths and qualities, reaching interesting goals also before the end of the year. However, starting from the beginning of this year with Jupiter behind and Saturn in quadrature with the zodiac sign Pisces, we must be very careful not to ask too much but to know how to be satisfied, without making utopian projects that may not find the support of anyone. Jupiter in the twelfth house however works like a parachute, like a lifesaver and every time you find yourself in difficulty professionally and even economically, you will be able to find an escape route, someone who can help you, a person who will allow you to get you out of trouble. With the arrival of Jupiter in Gemini you will be very well prepared to start new professional paths, to undertake new studies even if you are no longer so young and you want to change path, abandon an old job to start a new business. Changes of cities, relocations and even changes of duties within your own company or office with an atmosphere that can improve with some colleague with whom you have created differences in the past. It must be said, however, that Saturn in quadrature will be very heavy to digest and will make everything very tiring, all very uphill and there will be many moments in which you will think you have made wrong choices, to go back, to abandon everything. We must not give up because this is the year of revenge and it does not matter if it will be very tiring, if it will require a lot of expenses, a lot of economic investments because the results, the harvest you will have, will repay you for everything you have lived. If you are looking for a job the opportunities arrive from the month of June but you have to be prepared.

Luck - fitness Gemini 2024: having Jupiter behind, therefore in transit in the twelfth astrological sector can be a very valid ally to support a period that physically but also morally could be really heavy, tiring because of Saturn in Pisces, therefore in quadrature with your natal Sun. We must not give up being happy but undoubtedly the first months of the year will be rather tiring and with the energies in sharp decline despite good transits of Mars. Jupiter is a parachute however and in every complicated situation you will face it will allow you to find the right escape route. Definitely better the second part of the year 2024 with the planet of great luck finally after 12 years in your sky. If you have experienced a disappointing winter but also a spring on an energetic level with some discomfort, slowly things will improve and you will feel stronger, more and more creative and optimistic, with greater confidence in what you want to do. Excellent time to undertake trips even very far away and not only for professional but also for personal reasons, for fun. Recovery from any ailments, an improvement in general health and treatments, positive therapies also thanks to the wonderful doctors you will meet on your path. When Jupiter returns to your natal Sun it is also an important year to give up in vice, to finally say enough to a situation that oppressed you for many years and that made you slaves, such as vices such as alcohol, smoking, addiction. linked to gambling. We conclude by saying that in some moments you will need to heal your spirituality because of that Saturn that will constantly ask you to mature, to evolve, to perceive the lessons of life, the defeats as well as the victories, as moments of growth. So the advice of the stars is to do a lot of relaxation exercises, pray, find your center of gravity.

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Luck and fitnessforecasts horoscope 2024 geminiforecasts horoscope 2024 geminiforecasts horoscope 2024 geminiforecasts horoscope 2024 gemini

And if you have ascendant in ...:

Aries: excellent time to continue harvesting if you have been able to sow well in the last year while Jupiter was in sextile to your natal Sun but the wonders never end and here is that the new transit of the planet of luck from the month of June in Gemini, will bring again many occasions in every area of ??your life.

Taurus: various positive opportunities in the workplace but also sentimental can happen from January to December and therefore for the whole year and this because the double transit of Jupiter will still be positive. Obviously Saturn in Pisces asks to know how to take responsibility, even many.

Gemini: good time in love if we evaluate the second part of the year and excellent job opportunities but beware of that Saturn in quadrature with your sun sign and the ascendant that lowers the immune defenses, makes you not very happy and quite melancholy. We must always try to smile at life.

Cancer: if you want to achieve some success, achieve something pleasant, do not wait for Jupiter to enter Gemini but work hard in the first part of the year and take advantage of Saturn's qualities to reach goals that can last over time. A mature, responsible and not very superficial love arrives.

Leo: your professional life seems to be in the balance at the beginning of the year with Jupiter in Taurus and even physically you will not be in good shape but it is important to say that the subsequent transit of Jupiter in Gemini will improve your life in every sector, strengthening the mood and optimism useful for moving forward.

Virgo: Saturn opposite the zodiacal ascendant but also in quadrature with the sun sign is not a good thing. Difficulties, many obstacles to overcome, many opportunities to give up instead of moving forward, a lot of tiredness and the risk of entering a state of melancholy and depression from which it will be difficult to get out.

Libra: unfortunately it is not easy to face the first part of the year in which you are probably thinking about some changes to be implemented which however do not arrive. Everything will change in the second half of the year with a splendid trine of Jupiter to your zodiacal ascendant and the smile will return to your lips.

Scorpio: a rather complicated moment and it could not be otherwise with Jupiter opposing your zodiacal ascendant creating moments of illusion, disappointment, daydreams that cannot be used to progress. Fortunately, the seriousness with which you will face the difficulties will be the winning weapon.

Sagittarius: a decidedly anonymous first part of the year, without particular events and in which perhaps only in some cases you can experience the risk of losing your job or a lot of money. Do not underestimate the professional life then and know. The second part of the year will instead be very heavy and full of not very beautiful events.

Capricorn: a really positive moment comes with the first part of this year 2024 because the ascendant is supported by Jupiter while after the month of June you will live every day without particular events but after having achieved various objectives and satisfactions that will allow you to move forward quietly and serenely.

Aquarius: do not underestimate the months from January and May which could be quite tiring both in love and in work and talking about money, with Saturn in the second house for the whole year, beware of financial investments and unnecessary, superfluous expenses. After May, physical strength is recovered and great success is achieved.

Pisces: a year characterized by the heaviness of Saturn on your ascendant who wants to give you a lesson, make you learn something that will not be easy to understand. Often physically tired and perhaps with a few more ailments due to the age that is no longer very young. Don't fall into the tunnel of depression but smile at life.

The 2024 year for the 12 signs:

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