How will the year 2022 for the zodiac sign of aries? What will happen to the aries in 2022? What aspects of the affect and will be positive or negative? "I'm of the sign of aries, what to expect in the new year 2022? It will be a lucky year, the best year for the aries? Will i find love in the new year? I'll feel better physically and mentally? Will I find a job?" Look at let's see the best and the best horoscope annual predictions for the new year for the aries sign of love, work, money, shape, health. You can also listen astrological predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in audio video format. The best 2022 year horoscope weather and astrological predictions for aries sign. In these predictions are taken into account especially the positions of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that give more or less a good idea of how to evolve the year for the 12 signs.

To get the most accurate predictions do not forget to read the horoscope for your sun sign and your ascendant. Make a summary of the two readings because you have so much detail and you will have more accurate information. The ascendant can calculate it at this website page if you do not know it.

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Love Aries 2022: you face a very particular year 2022 as you will feel the influences of Jupiter in your zodiac sign already between May and October. A taste of the luck that Jupiter will bring for the next year again. So as regards the feelings it must be said that this incredible year will be interesting already with the month of December, thanks to a beautiful Mars in Sagittarius but also but it will be the month of July to be really nice to live on a sentimental level with various possible encounters for lonely hearts while those who are in a couple will have the opportunity already to realize a love project. For example, at the end of May it will be possible to feel a very strong need within you to go to live together, to marry you, to go and live in another house together with your partner and in some cases certain couples will decide to have a child or even to getting married, although this last chance seems to be more concrete in the coming year. A spectacular start of summer, therefore, to find a soul mate, to have even erotic adventures and then Mars arrives in Gemini and remains in this sign of the zodiac for many months, from August until the end of the year. Its sextile makes social life better, you will have the desire to be among people and also to love more, to improve the relationship of love and who knows in this period you will feel the strong need to do something for the future . If you are older and therefore you are no longer young, think of having a very mature person support you and who may slightly block your impulsive and even instinctive way of being who often creates problems in couple relationships. Therefore important and fundamental, crucial months, to lay the foundations for a love that can last over time and waiting for the year 2023, the year of change and not only in feelings. Lonely hearts that must try approaches and courtships without being afraid.

Job - career - money Aries 2022: Saturn in the zodiac sign Aquarius consolidates everything you have done in recent years but with the arrival of Jupiter which until the end of May will be behind you but then will pass through your sky, you can further increase your chances of strengthening the job you own or to find other breakouts, professional paths. This is an incredible year for many of you who undoubtedly know how to appreciate a Jupiter that in July will bring luck, opportunities, advantages and not only economic. If you are going to invest money for your future, if you want to buy a new home, then start looking around without hurry because the opportunities will come. If you don't have a job don't worry too much because March, April, June and all the months starting from September will be really wonderful to demonstrate your true value and the qualities that someone will finally be able to appreciate. Already with the beginning of the year that Mars in Sagittarius until January 24, allows you to have greater confidence in you, optimism, vitality and very useful insights to take advantage of professional situations that can happen along the way. Absolutely good months, those indicated before, to take school exams, university exams, to do professional interviews and that Jupiter behind the shoulders until the end of May indicates the concrete possibility of solving any work, economic, bureaucratic problem, thanks to support, help of one person or several people. The first month of the year is also very nice for traveling, even making long trips that can lead to meeting a very important person for the job. Do not waste this year, be ready and do not think about the disappointments of the past that cannot return with an astrological sky and therefore with such wonderful stars. Saturn asks you to work hard and mature, to become wiser but you will achieve incredible results.

Luck - fitness Aries 2022: a year like this cannot be forgotten because it is truly unusual compared to others of the past. In fact Jupiter, the planet of fortune, will not always be behind you, therefore in the zodiac sign Pisces but will also pass through your sky between the end of May and October, almost all of October. Surely in this period you will feel that something around you is changing and if you are not afraid of change, of letting go of the things that are no longer useful in your life, then everything will shine with a new light, an enchanting light that it will radiate what is around you as well as within you. Physically it is not easy to support this Saturn which continuously asks for sacrifices but with the support of Mars for many months, January, June. September, October, November and December, you can absolutely feel good and face stressful periods without getting too tired. Positive events, beneficial not only in private and love life but also professional and economic. Traveling is ideal for preparing mind, body and spirit for a truly unique moment. What could happen before the period in which Jupiter will enter your zodiac sign for about a month, is to have a thousand problems but which will be easily solved thanks to the help of someone. In short, any situation that apparently seems to be complicated can be easily resolved thanks to people you meet on your existential path. Do a lot of sport, take care of your nutrition and remove your vices because that sextile of Saturn in Aquarius requires a lot of maturity, a lot of awareness and wisdom. But don't give up on the fun and start writing on a piece of paper all the intentions for the new year, the year 2023, in which real changes will come and be unique. The best month where something truly wonderful can happen if you are optimistic in life will be June. You will finally be happy.

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And if you have ascendant in ...:

Aries: wonderful astrological configuration You have almost 12 absolutely positive, fortunate months in which to go in search of all that you have lacked in the past. You are being reborn after a very bad period and already with the beginning of the new year you will understand that both in love and in work things will turn page in a magnificent way.

Taurus: with Jupiter in Pisces you will experience very beautiful moments, interesting both professionally and professionally. Obviously when the planet of fortune is in Aries you will be forced to review some things and you will not be able to solve everything and you will have to ask for someone's support. A very good year, however, and with concrete news.

Gemini: this astrological configuration is not excellent but suggests a series of months in which professional and perhaps even personal blocks will be evident but fortunately, June will help a lot in finding a good balance and you will be able to look towards the end of the year, with more optimism. Consolidation of some situations.

Cancer: an excellent year and the years when Saturn in Capricorn created enemies and situations impossible to solve are long gone. Now you can be reborn and with Jupiter positive for both the natal Sun and the ascendant, you will actually be able to gain advantages in many areas. At work, above all things will go well.

Leo: the result of this double configuration confirms a pleasant year and in which perhaps June will be the best month to have what you want from destiny. A new love encounter, a new job but attention to Saturn which creates, on your path, a test to face and not very easy to overcome that only towards the end of the year will be won.

Virgo: with this ascendant you have to struggle for many months unfortunately and decide what to throw away from your life path, be it professional or personal. Money, a lot of money that comes out of your pockets, emotional, job uncertainties and your typical ability to know how to analyze everything and everyone will go into crisis. It is necessary not to venture with some projects.

Libra: June will be the most difficult month of the year with a Jupiter in Aries, therefore opposite to your ascendant and in this period be very attentive to the problems related to the physical, cure any ailments and do not neglect the need to rest. Maybe a diet will be needed. The rest of the year is satisfactory at work and sentimental level.

Scorpio: with this ascendant in a zodiac sign of water, all the months in which Jupiter will pass through Pisces, therefore 11 months, will be lucky to start new professional paths, to start a new love relationship or even to realize a project but attention to that Saturn in quadrature that tires the body and the mind and makes you even too silent, hermetic.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is in quadrature with this ascendant but fortunately during some months of the year, Mars will be very favorable and the energies will be evident as well as good humor. June sees Jupiter in trine and would be the ideal month to find a new job, have sentimental and erotic adventures and to make plans for a 2023 that will obviously be stellar.

Capricorn: the best time of the year is that of its beginning. Exactly from February you will be able to enjoy excellent energies that will favor the good opportunities that Jupiter will bring to the family, at work, in love. If you are alone you can easily meet a beautiful person, very compatible with you but abandon that desire to always be alone.

Aquarius: this for you is rather a year of waiting, of preparation and in which you have to sow a lot if you want to harvest in the following year. If you stay still and do not act then you will get nothing and indeed the risk of regressing in many areas of your life will be absolutely high. As for luck, June and early July are excellent.

Pisces: Jupiter transits the ascendant and physically you can be reborn if you have had physical problems in the past. A better optimism, the desire to start again from scratch with decidedly innovative projects to believe in. Getting fat during these very dynamic and optimistic months will be easy and therefore keep your weight under observation. Love adventures coming in the summer.

The 2022 year for the 12 signs:

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