align="justify">"I'm taurus sign and I want to know what the new year 2018 bring for me. "Do you want to know your future in 2018? Do you want to know what will happen to your zodiacal sign of taurus in the year 2018? What positive or negative events there will be in this new year? Where you could find annual forecasts well written and easy to understand? What developments leads to your taurus sign the new year 2018 with Jupiter in scorpio and Saturn in capricorn and where can you read horoscopes and predictions regarding love, work, money and luck? Taurus 2018, the complete horoscope about love working money and luck as well as mental fitness, you find it right on this page. You were born under the sign of taurus, but have you a different rising sign from your sun sign? Well then you can also read the weather according to your astrological ascendant. "Who tells me what in store for me in 2018? I was born under the zodiac sign taurus. What fortunate or unfortunate events can happen to me in the new year 2018? Where can I find and read a great horoscope 2018 for my taurus sign, earth sign? I want to get news about my future in 2018 with regard to love, work, money, luck and physical fitness. Who will help me find a great site with yearly horoscopes well researched? What brings the passage of Jupiter in the sign of scorpio in 2018 for my taurus sign? What brings the passage of Saturn in capricorn sign for my taurus sign?" Let's see how it goes the year 2018 for the beautiful taurus sign.

You can also download or print the book in pdf format, to take with you, with forecasts for all 12 signs and not only for your aries sign, when you read the general predictions for your sun sign do not forget that you also important to read the regulations for the rising sign. All this information can then be useful to have a clearer vision of your future with regard to the New Year 2018. Your rising sign can be calculated on this page if you do not know it. Below are the aries horoscope divided in love, work, money, luck and fitness, then you can also read some information about your rising sign.

Love Taurus 2018 : the sentimental sector is not particularly affected by the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Certainly in recent months we must be very careful not to delude themselves. In fact it will be very likely to encounter people who will attract a physical and mental level but also in fact these people absolutely will not fit you. So in love you must have our feet firmly planted on the ground because unfortunately the confusion will be lots for several months. So what to do if you are people who do not currently living a love story? The stories that are born in these months are not favorable but if you manage to accommodate you and do not go after an impossible love, then Saturn can lead to the emergence of a very serious emotional and sentimental relationship based on maturity, on wisdom and not on the superficiality that is a failure from which you have to stay away. You do not have to be absolutely sad even though during this year's pessimism is at high levels due to the seriousness and commitment that the planet of wisdom asks. The sentimental stories that go on for a few years or a few months will have to undergo a period full of discussions and arguments, but that could be very constructive. Jupiter is not so negative to lead to a romantic break but obviously you do not tease the other planets like Mars, as soon as look unfavorable to your zodiac sign. The sentimental couples living a period of uncertainty for several months, however, will necessarily have to make a choice that could be, in some cases, to close the romance. The family relationship is excellent and can arise even disagreements with parents or with some children especially if they were born under a sign of water. Quarrels with some friends.

Job - career - money Taurus 2018 : Jupiter is in opposition since October of the year 2017. This is never always negative because Jupiter is basically a positive planet but some unpleasant things can happen especially if you are shallow people in work. Although Saturn brings job stability have to do first of all a lot of attention to legal and bureaucratic problems causes that require you to be very precise. They may in fact be forced to pay damages to a friend or a person you do not know. A example driving your car could create some accidents. So Jupiter asks carefully, open your eyes even when you sign a contract because a labor contract that apparently may seem conducive to your financial and economic progress, may instead be very unprofitable. Fortunately Saturn trine aspect helps to realize several projects that you have in mind but you try to rely solely on your strengths, on your sacrifices and your sweat. Only a few people can help in the profession and in the positive development of your ideas. An elderly man, a father, a grandfather, an employer who has more than 50 years, can be a very important person for you and so try to listen to his wise counsel because Jupiter leads to many illusions and to build castles in the air. Financial investments are not very favorites especially if they are connected in a very short time, but how much money you are able to put aside? Certainly the year just past has been very challenging for expenses and perhaps now you have more money you can make for your future projects. You do not have a job? Well, then the period is definitely not bad to find a new professional occupation, but you have to make the few positive things that come to you with no hope for a great opportunity.

Luck - fitness Taurus 2018 : when Jupiter is in opposition obviously you can not hope that the fate bring you luck. Your life requires a lot of commitment and certainly succeed in many things you do, but the successes that will come will be due to your commitment, your sacrifices. We do not hope for the best but that does not mean that there will be good times for you. For example, the spring, usually your very positive period, will be excellent to receive good news both in work and in money. Mars brings so much energy for several months and Saturn gives you the opportunity to realize many projects even if, in the physical and mental side very often you will feel very tired. In fact the opposition of Jupiter brings first people did not care for the health and physical fitness may have different problems. Water retention, weight gain, or so much exaggeration in eating and drinking. Pay close attention to the liver, alcohol and fatty food. The stomach and throat may have different problems and not only due to seasonal influences and viruses that arrive in winter. So you can live a period in which you prefer to neglect your body and your mind will be very tired because of the ongoing work that will bring much stress. The far no trips are definitely recommended, but you can just spend a few weekends in places of the sea or mountains. The pure air of these places can bring back an optimism and a desire to live in a few months will be missed. You need not worry because Jupiter in opposition only lasts a few months and soon negative thoughts leave space to so many beautiful things in your life for a 2018 return October happiness but above all serenity.

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Work and moneyforecasts horoscope 2018 taurusforecasts horoscope 2018 taurusforecasts horoscope 2018 taurus

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And if you have ascendant in ... :

Aries : pretty good year for you where you can realize various projects but also find a good harmony with your sentimental partner now understands you more to understand your needs.

Taurus : this configuration is certainly not the best or rather we should say exactly the opposite. Do not sign contracts, pay close attention to lawsuits and bureaucratic problems and do not underestimate your health.

Gemini : a fairly decent year in which finally no longer feel the opposition of Saturn. You can then hope to take forward projects also sentimental level and love will help you overcome various difficult stages in enough work.

Cancer : very complex period in which all the things we were doing were wrong, it's finally over. Excellent recent months to regain the passion in love but also to find harmony in the family who had been lost.

Leo : this year is not very favorable to financial and economic investments and also in love might have some important discussions that can lead to emotional separation. Try to avoid arguments in the spring.

Virgo : excellent this coupled. The earth element is favored during this month thanks to this particular upward. Finally some project can be carried out and the results can also arrive before the summer.

Libra : for you this year is a fairly difficult year in which you do not accept the changes that life presents you with. For this reason the love affair can go into crisis and romantic couples who were born recently may also decide to separate.

Scorpio : great year for you in all areas but especially to a working level where, thanks to your commitment but also a bit of good luck, you can accomplish many things. Maybe you fancy going to live alone.

Sagittarius : your sky is certainly full of energy in summer, while during the other months various family problems can arise and tension can skyrocket. Try to treat your body if your age is over 50 years.

Capricorn : the changes you have implemented in the past months do not bring the results that you meant but this should not take you a pessimistic situation and unease in which you prefer to isolate yourself and also get away from love.

Aquarius : these 12 months is not exceptional for work and economic revenue, they may indeed get different expenses to deal with, expenses that may not depend on your behavior. The time to devote to the feelings is always less.

Pisces : how many projects you have in mind to achieve? Maybe not all of your ideas will find favor among planets but one thing is certain. The creativity that you can take to achieve goals much work and love goes on very well.

The 2018 year for the 12 signs :

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