"I'm gemini sign and I want to know what the new year 2019 bring for me. "Do you want to know your future in 2019? Do you want to know what will happen to your zodiacal sign of gemini in the year 2019? What positive or negative events there will be in this new year? Where you could find annual forecasts well written and easy to understand? What developments leads to your gemini sign the new year 2019 with Jupiter in scorpio and Saturn in capricorn and where can you read horoscopes and predictions regarding love, work, money and luck? Gemini 2019, the complete horoscope about love working money and luck as well as mental fitness, you find it right on this page. You were born under the sign of gemini, but have you a different rising sign from your sun sign? Well then you can also read the weather according to your astrological ascendant. "Who tells me what in store for me in 2019? I was born under the zodiac sign gemini. What fortunate or unfortunate events can happen to me in the new year 2019? Where can I find and read a great horoscope 2019 for my gemini sign, air sign? I want to get news about my future in 2019 with regard to love, work, money, luck and physical fitness. Who will help me find a great site with yearly horoscopes well researched? What brings the passage of Jupiter in the sign of sagittarius in 2019 for my gemini sign? What brings the passage of Saturn in capricorn sign for my gemini sign?" Let's see how it goes the year 2019 for the beautiful gemini sign.

You can also download or print the book in pdf format, to take with you, with forecasts for all 12 signs and not only for your gemini sign, when you read the general predictions for your sun sign do not forget that you also important to read the regulations for the rising sign. All this information can then be useful to have a clearer vision of your future with regard to the New Year 2019. Your rising sign can be calculated on this page if you do not know it. Below are the gemini horoscope divided in love, work, money, luck and fitness, then you can also read some information about your rising sign.

Love Gemini 2019 : unfortunately we do not have good news for you also regarding the sentimental sector. Certainly Jupiter who comes in opposition to your sky is not very favorable to live a peaceful year in the family and with the person you love. However, before talking about those who already live a love story, let's talk about solitary hearts. When Jupiter is in opposition the easiest thing that can happen is to be absolutely involved in a sentimental story that is just a great illusion. Love is perceived as a great dream that can not be realized in real life and therefore leads to being particularly active at the level of imagination but not very concrete. So, under this sky, you will know a person who naturally has no interest in you, but this person will be true love for you. All a great and stupid illusion that can therefore lead to a great disappointment towards the end of the year, when Jupiter will end its appearance of opposition. So solitary hearts must be very careful about illusions and preferably must remain firm while those who already have a love story, will have to face very complex times and often the choice to close will be necessary. Obviously the relationships that last for so many years can pass unscathed this transit while the new relationships could enter into a deep crisis despite Saturn is no longer in opposition. Uranus does not involve you in a direct way and therefore your sentimental situation will not change quickly but almost certainly many couples will break out with the arrival of summer or near the autumn period. Dialogue is always very important to you, so try to base your relationship on this fundamental quality.

Job - career - money Gemini 2019 : when the planet of fortune forms a bad aspect in the sky, you have to pay close attention to all the people we meet in professional life, in the business sector because scams and scams can be the order of the day. Jupiter opposite to your Sun in fact indicates the presence or the arrival, in the professional sector, of a person who is not absolutely positive and can even betray your trust to steal money, ideas, projects or to harm you at a legal level. It must be said, in fact, that Jupiter in opposition, very often indicates legal problems, bureaucratic problems and a good lawyer will always be necessary in these situations. Be careful though. Since Jupiter is hardly ever a negative planet, remember to avoid all those people who make great promises, promises that may seem absurd. Do not make any kind of real estate or financial investment in this year and do not give money to anyone because the scams, the bureaucratic errors, can really create trouble that will continue for several years in the future. Feet well planted on the ground wisely in the expenses that can be many, especially during the summer, but also in the first months of the year and then around January. The work creates complications and you can argue with a person who works alongside you while those who are independent professionally, will have to suffer a drastic drop in customers and gudagni while the costs may increase. Unfortunately, in some situations, Jupiter can be even more damaging than a bad aspect of Saturn and to avoid falling into a trap and ruining one's working and economic life, try to keep your eyes wide open. No investment, no trust in people you do not know and no longer steps in the leg.

Luck - fitness Gemini 2019 : your situation on the mental level is not excellent but we must not forget that Saturn is no longer in opposition and therefore we must only try to be careful not to waste unnecessarily the few energies that this year offers. When Jupiter is opposed optimism can be very exaggerated, your positiveness can be misleading and you fall into some trap and deception and then you must try to carefully evaluate every situation you live, day by day, seeking advice only in people you know for many years and have the gift of wisdom. So a very fervent mind, full of imagination but unable to realize what you think because all these thoughts are really very complex to achieve, almost impossible, especially during this particular moment. The health improves over the past two years because Saturn has created several problems to your body and also a lot of tiredness as well as much pessimism but we must not forget that the opposition of Jupiter can lead to exaggeration with food, with alcohol, risking honeycombs fatten and damage the liver. If you like to make small or big trips then you may have some difficulty with the hotel to book, plane or car and anything you do could really make you regret the choice you made. Be careful not to play the money at the usual games of chance because when Jupiter is in opposition can offer the illusion of a small or large winnings that may never arrive and indeed make you empty the pockets that already will not be very full of money. A physical and mental recovery is possible during the season of your birthday and therefore around the end of May and for almost the entire period of June while July and August are very tiring. Possible problems in the legs.

Loveforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 gemini

Work and moneyforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 gemini

Luck and fitnessforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 geminiforecasts horoscope 2019 gemini


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And if you have ascendant in ... :

Aries: a very complicated year for you but fortunately Jupiter supports your strength and offers the possibility of recovering energy right in the most difficult moments. We must be very careful in love and avoid quarrels but above all do not underestimate health problems.

Taurus: a good year for you because Jupiter is no longer in opposition and so you can start a new period, certainly more profitable than last year. Meanwhile, spring is excellent to carry out every project thanks to the influence of Saturn.

Gemini: difficult astrological configuration because Jupiter disturbs the Sun and the ascendant, creating a very complicated situation in every sector. We must be very careful and avoid scams, scams. Do not invest money and do not believe the promises of people you do not know.

Cancer: a very heavy period for you because Jupiter no longer supports your professional initiatives and Saturn in opposition creates problems of communication but also at the level of health. Some problems with your teeth or bones and difficulty getting out of trouble, so be very careful.

Leo: the best period for you is the summer with the months of July and August which will be excellent for carrying out an important project thanks to Jupiter's support. Your professional life is in clear recovery and even money increases but the expenses will be too many.

Virgo: the period is not easy because Jupiter is no longer a good support for you but fortunately Saturn is in good shape and provides excellent energy and an indispensable wisdom to avoid mistakes at the professional level. If you are looking for a job, then send your curriculum in the summer.

Libra: finally Jupiter improves several things in your life after a rather disappointing year, especially in love. Sentimental life can recover after false promises and after a season full of discussions and betrayals. Earnings are clearly increasing.

Scorpio: the positive season for you is not yet finished and indeed Jupiter, moving into your second astrological house, finally allows you to see a little money. In fact, your professional initiatives can bring small profits and great satisfactions.

Sagittarius: beautiful period especially from the end of November 2018. You can accomplish anything in your life and you can solve every problem because Jupiter also supports physical as well as mental strength. Now life smiles at you and you too are very optimistic.

Capricorn: work and study can go on without any particular problems and you can solve a very complicated situation, being able to receive praise and gratification. Saturn supports your every important initiative but you must not be too stubborn.

Aquarius: an interesting year because the opportunities to earn, to increase the number of customers and to carry out new projects, will be very large but you have to recover health and physical strength because unfortunately the stress is still clear motion in your life.

Pisces: the year is not great but you do not have to be so worried because even though Jupiter is no longer with you, Saturn stabilizes your life and promises to achieve successes and achieve goals slowly but surely. Love is more complicated than last year.

The 2019 year for the 12 signs :

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