"I'm pisces sign and I want to know what the new year 2019 bring for me. "Do you want to know your future in 2019? Do you want to know what will happen to your zodiacal sign of pisces in the year 2019? What positive or negative events there will be in this new year? Where you could find annual forecasts well written and easy to understand? What developments leads to your pisces sign the new year 2019 with Jupiter in scorpio and Saturn in capricorn and where can you read horoscopes and predictions regarding love, work, money and luck? Pisces 2019, the complete horoscope about love working money and luck as well as mental fitness, you find it right on this page. You were born under the sign of pisces, but have you a different rising sign from your sun sign? Well then you can also read the weather according to your astrological ascendant. "Who tells me what in store for me in 2019? I was born under the zodiac sign pisces. What fortunate or unfortunate events can happen to me in the new year 2019? Where can I find and read a great horoscope 2019 for my pisces sign, water sign? I want to get news about my future in 2019 with regard to love, work, money, luck and physical fitness. Who will help me find a great site with yearly horoscopes well researched? What brings the passage of Jupiter in the sign of sagittarius in 2019 for my pisces sign? What brings the passage of Saturn in capricorn sign for my pisces sign?" Let's see how it goes the year 2019 for the beautiful pisces sign.

You can also download or print the book in pdf format, to take with you, with forecasts for all 12 signs and not only for your aries sign, when you read the general predictions for your sun sign do not forget that you also important to read the regulations for the rising sign. All this information can then be useful to have a clearer vision of your future with regard to the New Year 2019. Your rising sign can be calculated on this page if you do not know it. Below are the aries horoscope divided in love, work, money, luck and fitness, then you can also read some information about your rising sign.

Love Pisces 2019 : so this year is very special for you because Jupiter is in quadrature to your Sun while Saturn forms an aspect of sextile. In the love business, things can get worse or go on very slowly and with a very low sense of satisfaction. Unfortunately, if your relationship of love, in the past years, was not already particularly positive, during these months of the year 2019 the risk will be that of having to face a hard battle based on continuous quarrels, misunderstandings and in some cases, betrayals. The truth is that your love story is no longer as exciting as in the past and the love you have always dreamed of, desired, now crumbles before your eyes as the days go by. Only the period of March and July could be positive enough to recover the emotional relationship but in any case the risk of closing a sentimental story that has become very heavy, is present throughout most of the year. The love life is very complex to live because the partner does not understand your inner world, does not support your ideas and no longer expresses his emotions as in the past. Generally you prefer to base your love relationship on a mutual exchange of feelings, emotions and sex is an unimportant thing, which must only be an outline but it must not be absolutely essential. So difficult period for couples who will also face moments of solitude, separation and complete silence while lonely hearts will have to face a very hard time when they decide to conquer someone. Especially during the spring your heart will be able to beat strongly for a person you have just met, but unfortunately it will not be easy to succeed in conquering the heart of this person. Saturn, unfortunately, is very heavy and makes your love life not very engaging and considering that your soul is very sensitive, moments of depression can come after periods of sentimental disappointment.

Job - career - money Pisces 2019 : professional life undergoes the backlash of Saturn that provides a negative energy, an energy that does not allow you to easily realize your projects but offers you the opportunity to work tenaciously, breathlessly and without expecting big ones goals. In fact, even if this planet forms a sextile with your sky, unfortunately fails to express its potentials that are blocked by the quadrature of Jupiter. All this means that every project to work on will be very difficult to carry out and the results will be very poor. If you are looking for a new job you will have to wait for the spring and then the month of March but even in this period the situations that arise are not particularly interesting and above all the earnings are very poor. With this astrological configuration you do not have to leave your job to start another job, another professional road because the future is not full of great opportunities and success, at least for the 12 months of the year 2019. Be very careful financial and economic investments. If someone offers you the chance to invest money, be very careful, read the documents and do not sign if you have any doubts because some problems may arise later. If you have to buy a house this year it is not exceptional and not even if you have to buy tools for your work. Obviously Saturn makes you very strong and you will be able to work without any particular problems and also for many hours a day but luck will be really scarce, the expenses will be many and the rewards can be counted on your fingertips. If you do not have a job yet, going in search of it will be really complicated but the most interesting periods to get noticed are the months of March, April, July and November.

Luck - fitness Pisces 2019 : when Jupiter is in quadrature you have to pay close attention to your psychophysical health and do not underestimate any problems and discomfort that may arise during the summer especially, summer that will be a particularly complex period, tiring and without optimism. Saturn requires a lot of seriousness and Jupiter does not give positivity and therefore, considering that your mind is often very sensitive, most likely you will have to undergo a period of depression, of pessimism from which it will not be easy to go out. Jupiter unfortunately gives illusions for almost the whole year and you, who love to live illusions, love to imagine the impossible love in your head or hard to reach work, you have to open your eyes and be more concrete and realistic. Fortunately Saturn provides a great help and allows you to listen to your mind and not your heart to avoid making mistakes. As we have already mentioned, these two influences can create some complications in terms of physical fitness, but only if your age is over 50, while young people will simply have to face a year with little physical energy, a lot of mental tiredness and little desire to act and to do new things. Moreover, under these astral influences, even travels are not very interesting and probably long journeys will bring a lot of tiredness and little entertainment. During this 2019 it is really very difficult to feel good inside yourself and find a good inner harmony but the advice is to attend yoga classes, pilates courses, in short, the advice is to do very relaxing things for both the body and the mind that they absolutely must not enter a crisis. We must avoid extreme sports where your body is put to the test. Probable liver problems and the possibility of gaining weight due to water retention or excessive ingestion of food and alcohol.

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Work and moneyforecasts horoscope 2019 piscesforecasts horoscope 2019 piscesforecasts horoscope 2019 piscesforecasts horoscope 2019 pisces

Luck and fitnessforecasts horoscope 2019 piscesforecasts horoscope 2019 piscesforecasts horoscope 2019 pisces


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And if you have ascendant in ... :

Aries: a beautiful period of recovery for you even if the summer is quite difficult for the feelings due to significant expenses that you will have to face. Love does not live a good period but work can bring excellent successes and gratifications also at the economic level.

Toro: you have to fight a lot during this year but spring is an excellent time to solve economic problems and to start with new projects that can improve your economic situation. Love is good too and allows you to solve a lot of misunderstandings.

Gemini: unfortunately we must be careful about the illusions and the cheats but also an optimism that could damage your working life. Be very careful also to health because this Jupiter can create some complication with food and alcohol.

Cancer: the period is really heavy because Saturn in opposition to the ascendant can create strong feelings of malaise, make you experience periods of depression and remove all energy. We must still fight and not give up, trying to remain optimistic every day.

Leo: the love life is finally recovered and above all during the summer you can meet a person who will make your heart beat faster while if there is already a person to love, then emotions and eros are constantly increasing. Great period for work.

Virgo: this configuration is not exceptional during this year but meanwhile the projects that were born last year can continue without any particular problems and can really make you gain. The only problem is a strong nervous breakdown that could come and little optimism.

Libra: spring is the most difficult period for work and for love but in the remaining months, so in summer and autumn, Jupiter promises to improve all situations on a professional and sentimental level. Money is not lacking and now you can promise what you want to the person you love.

Scorpio: this year is not very interesting for you that you absolutely have to carry on a project that is not very satisfying. You have to concentrate your efforts on physical recovery and income because last year there were so many expenses for many of you.

Sagittarius: the summer months are beautiful but also all the other months can bring joy, serenity, happiness, favorable occasions in love and work and also lots of money. You must not give up on love life and in fact love knocks on your door in the summer.

Capricorn: maybe your mind is very tired because the efforts made in the past have consumed almost all the energy. The best period is spring to recover psychophysical energies. Work goes on very well, money is not enough and love is neglected.

Aquarius: beautiful season especially with regard to physical recovery. Stress decreases and finally you can find some time to rest, relax, maybe together with the person you love. If you are lonely hearts, January and February are good months to make good matches.

Pisces: Saturn protects your work and makes your professional and economic life more stable but Jupiter should not be underestimated because its quadrature to the ascendant and also to the Sun, can bring some health problems. Beware of illusions in love.

The 2019 year for the 12 signs :

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