"I'm libra sign and I want to know what the new year 2018 bring for me. "Do you want to know your future in 2018? Do you want to know what will happen to your zodiacal sign of libra in the year 2018? What positive or negative events there will be in this new year? Where you could find annual forecasts well written and easy to understand? What developments leads to your libra sign the new year 2018 with Jupiter in scorpio and Saturn in capricorn and where can you read horoscopes and predictions regarding love, work, money and luck? Libra 2018, the complete horoscope about love working money and luck as well as mental fitness, you find it right on this page. You were born under the sign of libra, but have you a different rising sign from your sun sign? Well then you can also read the weather according to your astrological ascendant. "Who tells me what in store for me in 2018? I was born under the zodiac sign libra. What fortunate or unfortunate events can happen to me in the new year 2018? Where can I find and read a great horoscope 2018 for my libra sign, air sign? I want to get news about my future in 2018 with regard to love, work, money, luck and physical fitness. Who will help me find a great site with yearly horoscopes well researched? What brings the passage of Jupiter in the sign of scorpio in 2018 for my libra sign? What brings the passage of Saturn in capricorn sign for my libra sign?" Let's see how it goes the year 2018 for the beautiful libra sign.

You can also download or print the book in pdf format, to take with you, with forecasts for all 12 signs and not only for your aries sign, when you read the general predictions for your sun sign do not forget that you also important to read the regulations for the rising sign. All this information can then be useful to have a clearer vision of your future with regard to the New Year 2018. Your rising sign can be calculated on this page if you do not know it. Below are the aries horoscope divided in love, work, money, luck and fitness, then you can also read some information about your rising sign.

Love Libra 2018 : the changes that you made last year have also brought positive fruits in love? Many stories have really undergone a difficult time and today you find yourself with a story that has closed. This year no longer sees the favorable influence of Jupiter that does not help recover the sentimental relationships that have so much suffered in the past, and indeed Saturn's quadrature puts you in great trouble if you are still dragging a love relationship that should instead End. Past trades have come to the fore, your lies or the little time you've spent with your partner have created a complex situation that now requires a very complicated decision on your part. Saturn in fact asks you to close all those love affairs that are no longer good and are full of problems, while the sentimental stories that go on without any particular discussion can still come to serious complications. Your partner becomes unbearable, the time to pass with him is really very little and there seems to be no agreement on almost all the things you do together. This is a big problem for people like you, really very sensitive and who often seek a compromise in situations but now unfortunately we have to decide: inside or out. The choice must be made. If your sentimental history is over in the past few months and then in 2017 then the best thing to do is to be alone with yourself without thinking of a new love, and people who have been alone for so long, perhaps for many years, have to look for To be well with your own solitude because if a relationship of love is born this year, it can be really complicated to carry on since its inception. Concerns also for some elderly relative or for a parent who needs your help. Even in the family you no longer feel the warmth, the affection of the other components and all this brings you to a situation of great affective discomfort that must be solved with calm.

Job - career - money Libra 2018 : work does not go on well in this 2018. Unfortunately, Jupiter does not help you anymore in situations where you have often found yourself. This means that all the things you are doing, the various changes that you want to make in your life, are now not a bit of a shortage even for the sake of the planet Saturn. In fact, Saturn asks you to erase the past but above all to close those professional situations that have been going on for a long time but do not lead to useful results. The climate at work with some of your colleagues or your employer can really become very heavy and several discussions can lead to drastic decisions. Abandoning work at this time of crisis is certainly not the best thing to do because this year maybe the occasions to carry another good job occupation, are really very few, almost nonexistent. Money can also create several problems and you may have the impression that the world has it with you but it is not. Expense can be many and especially for the family and the investments you have decided to do in the past may still not yield positive results. Do not sign agreements and contracts under this sky because you may find them with several economic problems that will then be difficult to resolve. People who do not find work unfortunately have to be content with some occasions that arrive and that certainly are not at their height, but the climate you will be experiencing during this 2018 is very complex in work. You do not have to ask for the moon and you do not have to exaggerate with the expense. You also have to say something very important. Saturn often, when in quadrature, asks people to close a work relationship, to renounce some contracts, to change the way otherwise life will be very difficult and the work is really heavy. In fact, to make a small step in your profession you will have to sweat a lot and praise and gratification will not come to fruition.

Luck - fitness Libra 2018 : the planet of luck has ceased to be favorable to you. What has it brought to your life? Certainly many changes have taken place. Maybe many of you have changed their jobs, some lawsuits have been successful and maybe some of the money they've been waiting for a long time have come. Unfortunately, the current period is very critical in all areas and especially in terms of physical and mental fitness. Since work does not go as you would like and probably love and family create many discomforts within you, you might feel the need to get away and leave your city by abandoning all but the problems need to be addressed. The difficult climate in which you are carries so much stress, psychosomatic problems that you do not find easy to care and you absolutely have to try to relax as soon as time offers you this opportunity. Fortune is no longer yours, and all you want is to be taken with the strength and determination that is now missing in you. Unfortunately, it is very likely that you have some problems with bones or teeth in these very difficult months and you should not overlook the signals that your body sends you at any time of day. Summer could be really difficult for your children to handle because some of them could create some problems, even a relative or a very old parent can create great thoughts that will not let you sleep at night. However, the period around your birthday is favorable because Jupiter is a sextile, so from now on you can begin to feel a new energy, a force you did not have before. The optimism that is not in the early months of the year, fortunately, comes back to the last 4 months of 2018 and then tighten your teeth until that time and never give up.

Loveforecasts horoscope 2018 libraforecasts horoscope 2018 libraforecasts horoscope 2018 libra

Work and moneyforecasts horoscope 2018 libraforecasts horoscope 2018 libraforecasts horoscope 2018 libra

Luck and fitnessforecasts horoscope 2018 libraforecasts horoscope 2018 libra


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And if you have ascendant in ... :

Aries : things are better with this astral configuration because at last some change that you have strongly wanted in your life can finally bring good news. Love also sails in good water.

Taurus : This configuration is one of the worst this year. Jupiter does not help you, Satan certainly creates a trigon to your ascendant and protects your health but things do not go well in work and in love where there may be many wrongs.

Gemini : you finally do not feel the heaviness of the past months and you finally have the desire and the great desire to do so many beautiful things in your life. The sky smiles at the new sentimental stories, but also on those born a few years ago.

Cancer : a pretty positive stage awaits you especially during the summer when you finally get to know what you want to do about your life that until now has created a few problems. In love you have to try to make you understand.

Leo : feelings are complex these months and if you have lost important decisions towards the end of last year, perhaps the consequences that are absolutely not positive especially in love are coming now.

Virgo : beautiful configuration that promises to bring a period of great physical and mental energy first, and then a stage of great decisions that can lead to the realization of many projects. Money is rising.

Libra : unfortunately you are Saturn not once but twice. You will have months where pessimism will often be your life partner but you have to try to smile. Fitness will not be excellent and not exaggerated with food.

Scorpio : beautiful looking. Luck will occasionally remember you. The changes you make these months can be complex but bring luck and you will be very happy with some choices and decisions. Love is protection for you.

Sagittarius : there is no energy to go on in life and to try to realize all of your projects that you have in mind but maybe you have too many ideas in your head. There are few choices but they have to be well-studied. Great love.

Capricorn : the changes continue this year as well and Saturn gives a great deal of strength and energy. In love maybe you have not yet found your soul mate but surely maybe you're fine too, dedicating your time to work.

Aquarius : the sentimental sector is critical enough for you but work does not go on in a complex way. The chances of earning so much money are not lacking but stress needs to be put under control because it can create some health problem.

Pisces : great year for you. The stars are positive for the job where you can get different successes but also the creative field of your life goes very well. Artists can get so much success. Love also makes making really important choices.

The 2018 year for the 12 signs :

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