"I'm cancer sign and I want to know what the new year 2018 bring for me. "Do you want to know your future in 2018? Do you want to know what will happen to your zodiacal sign of cancer in the year 2018? What positive or negative events there will be in this new year? Where you could find annual forecasts well written and easy to understand? What developments leads to your cancer sign the new year 2018 with Jupiter in scorpio and Saturn in capricorn and where can you read horoscopes and predictions regarding love, work, money and luck? Cancer 2018, the complete horoscope about love working money and luck as well as mental fitness, you find it right on this page. You were born under the sign of cancer, but have you a different rising sign from your sun sign? Well then you can also read the weather according to your astrological ascendant. "Who tells me what in store for me in 2018? I was born under the zodiac sign cancer. What fortunate or unfortunate events can happen to me in the new year 2018? Where can I find and read a great horoscope 2018 for my cancer sign, water sign? I want to get news about my future in 2018 with regard to love, work, money, luck and physical fitness. Who will help me find a great site with yearly horoscopes well researched? What brings the passage of Jupiter in the sign of scorpio in 2018 for my cancer sign? What brings the passage of Saturn in capricorn sign for my cancer sign?" Let's see how it goes the year 2018 for the beautiful cancer sign.

You can also download or print the book in pdf format, to take with you, with forecasts for all 12 signs and not only for your aries sign, when you read the general predictions for your sun sign do not forget that you also important to read the regulations for the rising sign. All this information can then be useful to have a clearer vision of your future with regard to the New Year 2018. Your rising sign can be calculated on this page if you do not know it. Below are the aries horoscope divided in love, work, money, luck and fitness, then you can also read some information about your rising sign.

Love Cancer 2018 : Jupiter is finally in the trine and this wonderful aspect can only be positive for you coming from a really difficult couple of years but above all the 2017 was not good for you. How are things now in love? We can certainly say that couples who have experienced a crisis period finally succeed in carrying out some projects and thinking of creating a family. Although the planet trigon Jupiter is not as strong as its conjunction, many of you may decide to go live, think of having a son, or buying a home. The feelings you feel during this time are great and you certainly feel that now more than your romantic partner loves you so much. The understanding he demonstrates, the ability to be up to your expectations, makes you very happy, though Saturn unfortunately opposes your sign, and this means that you will have to face so many sacrifices and so many dark times in sentimental life. Under this configuration there may be many discussions and even several separations, even if Jupiter helps find an agreement to move forward. And what can they do during this year? Jupiter helps to make new meetings, new friends, but Saturn puts a brake on you and makes you realize that the people you meet must absolutely be very small, superficial and very mature people. When Saturn is opposed to a sign the best thing would be to not marry, not marry, but wait for a better time. Unfortunately, however, Jupiter offers these meetings on a silver plate and especially if we are alone for so long, then the illusion of falling in love can come. Relationships born under this sky can last for less than two or three years or in any case will lead to a climate almost always full of discussions and misunderstandings.

Job - career - money Cancer 2018 : this 2018 is not beneficial either for the professional and professional sectors, but also for the business sector. Why ? Simply because Saturn creates a lot of obstacles to your professional growth and under this sky it may also be that many people lose their jobs. Redundancies are possible or unintentional transfers to other places with job assignments that are not accepted very easily. But Jupiter then what is it for? His trigon is a great luck for you because he can mitigate the problems that Saturn brings and so what has been said above can only be true for a certain number of people. In fact, Jupiter can bring several job opportunities and earnings especially to those seeking a new job. In short, the opportunities will not be missed, but the offers may not be up to what you want. During this year you have to be satisfied and above all you do not have to risk in financial investments. Indeed, while Jupiter has signed contracts, Saturn says that these contracts could hide some complications and therefore all documents must be controlled by a very experienced person. As for money, you should say that it should not be missing in your pockets because you are able to save it but maybe there will come a lot of sudden expense that could create so much confusion and uncertainty in your life. Perhaps a senior person of your family, perhaps a father or grandfather, will need your financial support for health problems and you naturally need to refuse to help this person who has been very important to you. To conclude, the work will go on not very well and there may be so many discussions and quarrels with work colleagues and this climate that creates it will make you think about abandoning everything.

Luck - fitness Cancer 2018 : unfortunately Jupiter is not such a powerful planet in astrology as it is Saturn. In fact, his trigons can not do anything against Saturn's opposition. Your zodiac sign then faces a couple of years where health will have to be constantly under control. You should not underestimate any trivial symptoms that could lead to serious problems. Bones or teeth will be your weak point but in general go to a period of great psychophysical stress where you do not have much desire to work, to have fun, to be together with others. Saturn in fact wants you solitude, isolation, sacrifice. But the time Jupiter passes on your Sun will surely be a good time to recover mental and physical energies, and then to receive some very good things from destiny. In fact, positive news can come from relatives or a lawsuit unlocks in your favor, and you may also unexpectedly receive some good news as to work or a sum of money that is late to arrive. You have to try to exploit these few months of luck because Saturn's appearance lasts for many months and this planet does not feel its benefits unless after a few years. Stress can be very high and your body will feel so much effort. Do not make long trips and do not give your trust to people you have known for a while. Unfortunately this stage is also very critical for some elderly person who is in your family. It is also possible to mourn or lose friends but the planet of wisdom and sacrifice wants something from you. Give him what he asks for and then feel free. If you feel the need to change something in your life then implement these changes during Jupiter's trigon in your birth Sun.

Loveforecasts horoscope 2018 cancerforecasts horoscope 2018 cancerforecasts horoscope 2018 cancer

Work and moneyforecasts horoscope 2018 cancerforecasts horoscope 2018 cancerforecasts horoscope 2018 cancer

Luck and fitnessforecasts horoscope 2018 cancerforecasts horoscope 2018 cancer


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And if you have ascendant in ... :

Aries : good configuration that promises different changes in your working and professional life as you have to sweat hard enough to put aside some money as expenses will be heavy enough.

Taurus : people with this configuration can only say thanks to the stars because so many things can go well, so many roads can open in front of them and the projects they have in mind can be put into practice and bring several successes.

Gemini : Saturn still disturbs your sky but physically you feel much better now than the psychiatric times. Love goes well and you feel that your partner loves you even if several discussions can come in winter.

Cancer : it is not a good year for you because you will have to deal with several problems and you will also have to be careful about your health and especially not to do harm at work. Some may in fact claim compensation.

Leo : summer can be the best time to develop some of your ideas but it will not be easy to carry on. Now what can you do? Simply wait for better moments avoiding doing damage. Love creates some problems.

Virgo : you can certainly carry on several projects and get several successes. Autumn period is excellent but spring will make you feel very alive and with so much energy to be exploited.

Libra : the changes that have begun in the lifetime a few months ago now seem to be firm. The days are all the same and you can not really be happy. At this point you also have to wait for better moments.

Scorpio : health improves, work improves, revenue increases and people search for your company. The energy you are releasing is very positive, and you can of course carry out various projects successfully.

Sagittarius : great year for you, even if in a few months you will have to sweat so much to bring bread home. Even though the year is very positive, it also requires a lot of effort. Well the sentimental sector with various encounters.

Capricorn : you too have made several changes in your life and now you are at a turning point. All the things you have thrown away and that were useless let you focus on your professional career.

Aquarius : it's not a good year for you. Your economic income is dropping, your friendships are not so important to you and stress is at very high levels. Try to find the way to relax and cure your body.

Pisces : intuition in your projects is right and finally this year you can accomplish several things that were very important to you. Life smiles at you and love also seems to go on well. Wedding projects.

The 2018 year for the 12 signs :

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