"I was born under leo zodiac sign". How are people born under the sign of leo? What are the basic, essential and unique characteristics about this sign according to Paolo Fox? What is the character of a person born under the leo zodiac sign or who owns the leo ascendant zodiac in his astral natal chart at the time of his birth? How is leo sign? How to conquer and seduce a leo man or a leo woman ? How are men and women of the leo sign? How are the boys and girls, people of leo sign? The leo man like you can be conquer and how to tell if you like at a leo man or leo woman ? A man born under the leo sign and love, how it behaves in bed and when a person is interested in what attitudes he? The leo sign is jealous, possessive, run away when the love relationship becomes very serious or not? Well, if you ask yourself all these questions of course you knew a person born under this beautiful sun sign of fire. In this article we will see precisely the basic features of the leo sign, the fifth sign of the zodiac, listing faults and virtues that can be really useful to tell if a person can be suitable for us. Do not forget that it is also important to calculate the rising sign. In fact, if a person has the leo rising, then it will have many characteristics of this zodiac sign, although his sun sign is leo. You can calculate on this pageyour rising sign.

Beautiful zodiac sign whose ruler planet is the sun. Great energy, great strength to live and a lot of appetite control. So people born under this sign of fire should absolutely fantastic to succeed in everything they do otherwise then become irritable. Equipped with a great character, they have a very strong desire to excel, to be first class, the first of their work, in sports, in short, in everything they do in their lives and it is for this reason that often the people around him can see him as a tyrant, a despot, a very strict person but simply he has a desire for very high independence that goes against all those people who do not have a great desire to be controlled. A man and a female leo can do any kind of work, but the important thing is that in the area in which it moves, there is freedom to do, willingness to work because he likes to participate in the work in which many people can say what they think and offer their preparation. However, we must always make it clear to a leo that the reins of command are in his hands.


The sign of leo is fantastic as far as even the emotional and sentimental sector. Their sense of duty can easily be transmitted to their children that they absolutely must follow, otherwise listen to his fatherly pride or mother will be put to the test. The strong character who possesses and the sense of the very pronounced duty can generate a kind of antipathy in many people around him, but in reality we all have to understand that we are facing a leader able to save his people. Decidedly dynamic, he does not like to sit still and even engages a lot and does not carry forward only a project but is able to engage in different jobs, although it has almost always need to find help and support in others. And in love? Its so much intimate and erotic passion did not like in the zodiac. The man's ardor leo or the leo woman under the sheets has absolutely rivals and those who love a person born under this sign knows what we're talking about. In emotional relationship it can certainly be very jealous and possessive Toppo and ask many things that the partner can not give it the protection and security it offers is unparalleled.

Unfortunately, men and women born under this sign have several flaws and above may be excessive in their manifestations, can in an exaggerated way to show their power to others and the desire to rule disproportionately can be a double-edged sword, being able to attract many dislikes. These individuals must learn to measure out their forces, they must learn to work together even more with others and do not think you can do all the things on your own without the help of anyone. Stubborn in emotional relationship often does not like to listen to the reasons of his love partner and when a relationship comes to an end, he hardly back on his feet. Obviously the best loving relationships and are working with the other two fire signs, Aries and the leo but also with twins and libra while the aquarius, he too independent sign, though at first it may very attracting the leo, then with the passage of time, it creates a climate of hatred and relationship difficulties with many threads.

Leo merits : strong character, he wants to excel, sense of duty, he wants to be the leader, independent, dynamic, intimate passion.

Leo defects : excessive displays his power too, wants to rule over all, stubborn, not good dosa his forces, uncooperative.


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