"I was born under cancer zodiac sign". How are people born under the sign of cancer? What are the basic, essential and unique characteristics about this sign according to Paolo Fox? What is the character of a person born under the cancer zodiac sign or who owns the cancer ascendant zodiac in his astral natal chart at the time of his birth? How is aries sign? How to conquer and seduce a cancer man or a cancer woman ? How are men and women of the cancer sign? How are the boys and girls, people of cancer sign? The cancer man like you can be conquer and how to tell if you like at a cancer man or cancer woman ? A man born under the cancer sign and love, how it behaves in bed and when a person is interested in what attitudes he? The cancer sign is jealous, possessive, run away when the love relationship becomes very serious or not? Well, if you ask yourself all these questions of course you knew a person born under this beautiful sun sign of water. In this article we will see precisely the basic features of the cancer sign, the fourth sign of the zodiac, listing faults and virtues that can be really useful to tell if a person can be suitable for us. Do not forget that it is also important to calculate the rising sign. In fact, if a person has the cancer rising, then it will have many characteristics of this zodiac sign, although his sun sign is cancer. You can calculate on this pageyour rising sign.

The aries sign generally is full of initiatives and hates doing the same things. His attitude towards life is almost always positive and in fact he hates being with sad people, people who mourn him but above all do not have the initiative. Unfortunately, it can really be too impulsive and ruin not only business relations but also sentimental, simply because on any given day they decided to do in a certain way. Great creativity and insights that should be used, however, the disappointments thinking otherwise they can be a lot in life. In fact, another typical problem is that such people are very much excited for something new to do, but then, suddenly, it can give up everything, can give up overnight for no apparent reason but the reason is the lack of stimuli to move forward. Generally he loves very bright colors and even when dressing and makeup likes to use very bright colors such as yellow, red or purple.


In love can be very affectionate thanks to an underlying sweetness that can be mitigated or annulled only by a rising ground. His strong will can certainly allow him to carry on amorous situations, however, but also for a long time professional stimuli must always be present in any field of his life. The spirit of initiative that allows him to come forward when he decides to woo a person although it is generally the man who is stronger in the courtship phase. Unfortunately a very serious problem of man or woman battering aries is his stubbornness. In fact, his stubbornness can often lead to close working relationships and loving who could still move forward well again or at least could get better over time. Another flaw is that it is always convinced of his ideas and leaves little room for the ideas of others, especially the ideas of his sentimental partner who then is forced to submit, unless his sun sign is aries or leo.

Generally inattentive to his body, to his care, it is not even very attentive to the health problems that can come above all when the age is very advanced and therefore needs support, a help. Which are usually the zodiac signs that get along with this sign in work and in love? The best people are those born under the signs of fire as leo and Sagittarius but two aries unfortunately can not live with. Clearly, the gemini can be a great life partner while the man or woman aquarius can give them a freedom of action would be excessive and would occasionally suppressed. The attraction between a aries and a scale can really be very strong in love but it can create lots of tension and works best on the job. The most suitable jobs for this type of zodiac sign are jobs that require a lot of movement. For example, the sport could go well at a young age for his strength, the will and the stubbornness of this type of person as a sedentary and very repetitive job or a job where there is no contact with the public, are not absolutely suitable for this wonderful sign so much fun and attractive.

Aries merits : sweet, affectionate, loyal, strong-willed spirit of initiative.

Aries defects : stubborn, a little idealistic, irritable, always convinced of his ideas, restless, inattentive to his body.


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