"I was born under aries zodiac sign". How are people born under the sign of aries? What are the basic, essential and unique characteristics about this sign according to Paolo Fox? What is the character of a person born under the aries zodiac sign or who owns the aries ascendant zodiac in his astral natal chart at the time of his birth? How is cancer sign? How to conquer and seduce an aries man or an aries woman ? How are men and women of the aries sign? How are the boys and girls, people of aries sign? The aries man like you can be conquer and how to tell if you like at an aries man or aries woman ? A man born under the aries sign and love, how it behaves in bed and when a person is interested in what attitudes he? The aries sign is jealous, possessive, run away when the love relationship becomes very serious or not? Well, if you ask yourself all these questions of course you knew a person born under this beautiful sun sign of fire. In this article we will see precisely the basic features of the aries sign, the first sign of the zodiac, listing faults and virtues that can be really useful to tell if a person can be suitable for us. Do not forget that it is also important to calculate the rising sign. In fact, if a person has the aries rising, then it will have many characteristics of this zodiac sign, although his sun sign is aries. You can calculate on this pageyour rising sign.

This zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon, and in fact is a very fickle sign, often moody and mood can change at any moment without notice. Its ability to be angry for something very banal is very high but when the anger is triggered it can be very destructive, so you have to be very careful to manage this type of personality. In fact, his personality is very complex because the person born under this sign live in a world of her own, often in a world full of melancholy, pessimism and desire to do the right things needed in her life. The sense of closure that he shows everyone is also very difficult to understand because it creates a kind of obscurity really complex to manage, to hatch. Cancer sign, however, known to be very gentle and affectionate in love, but not only, in the family to his parents and the children she loves so much. In fact the best moms or dads are the best right in this zodiac sign. Then very gently, gently, very pronounced maternal instinct and desire to meet and understand the needs of the people he loves.


He is a lover of nature and loves to make long trips, often for jobs like moving to other cities where you can enjoy very large green areas and where do many walks outdoors. What about at work? How to behave at work this zodiac sign? Well, the work for him is crucial to its evolution and the place, usually, in a very conscientious. In fact it is a tireless worker with a great ability to work in teams or alone and should not run a business, you should not make the head because it is not a leader. Unfortunately, cancer has its flaws that may occur in the workplace with excessive head shots, sudden changes of mood that can really scare and attract the antipathy of workers. However, do not like to live alone, she does not like to work alone and does not like to handle things alone, having always need the support of another person who may be a parent, a brother, or even his sentimental partner.

And in love? Hard to understand his emotional world precisely because of its closure towards others and towards those wonderful emotions that love can give, he sees sometimes dangerously perhaps because he so afraid of being abandoned and suffering. Despite this, when he loves it can be very jealous and likes to defend in every way his sentimental partner. The need to receive much love is really very big but unfortunately it can go from a strong desire to be loved with a great desire not to be touched by anyone. So it's a very moody person, the person most moody of the zodiac. Often we can see in his personality, a way of speaking that is similar to gossip, especially women, in fact, can be very gossipy and talk bad especially the men of the other women. This zodiac sign is a good life partner in Scorpio or in pisces belonging to the same natural element, water. Virgin and taurus also know how to be good companions for life while the capricorn, despite causing a strong attraction in this sign is too closed and so it would be better to avoid it.

Cancer merits : sweet, delicate, maternal instinct, love for nature, conscientious, strong worker.

Cancer defects : easy to head shots, moody, jealous, gossipy, too needy of affection, can not live alone.


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