"I was born under sagittarius zodiac sign". How are people born under the sign of sagittarius? What are the basic, essential and unique characteristics about this sign according to Paolo Fox? What is the character of a person born under the sagittarius zodiac sign or who owns the sagittarius ascendant zodiac in his astral natal chart at the time of his birth? How is sagittarius sign? How to conquer and seduce a sagittarius man or a sagittarius woman ? How are men and women of the sagittarius sign? How are the boys and girls, people of sagittarius sign? The sagittarius man like you can be conquer and how to tell if you like at a sagittarius man or sagittarius woman ? A man born under the sagittarius sign and love, how it behaves in bed and when a person is interested in what attitudes he? The sagittarius sign is jealous, possessive, run away when the love relationship becomes very serious or not? Well, if you ask yourself all these questions of course you knew a person born under this beautiful sun sign of fire. In this article we will see precisely the basic features of the sagittarius sign, the tenth sign of the zodiac, listing faults and virtues that can be really useful to tell if a person can be suitable for us. Do not forget that it is also important to calculate the rising sign. In fact, if a person has the sagittarius rising, then it will have many characteristics of this zodiac sign, although his sun sign is sagittarius. You can calculate on this pageyour rising sign.

The Sagittarius sign is very special. Usually open to the world and its novelty, has a great desire to travel and if you can not do it for various reasons then began studying the traditions, the languages, the culture of other peoples different from his. much He loves the contact with nature and hates being locked up at home because even those born under this zodiac sign are people very dynamic and who can not stand still. Exceptional their sense of loyalty and their desire to learn new things in order to become more intelligent. Sagittarius A child should never be repressed in his knowledge of events to the world and the things that surround him. Often the children born under this sign have a great desire to break away from their family of origin to go to a social and economic independence. The great energy they have allows them to do many kinds of work, but clearly the most suitable jobs are those related abroad, culture, teaching, traveling, etc... A flaw that must definitely try to improve is which leads him to do too much and the result of his behavior often is that it does not end everything begins.


The sagittarius is not a good cook but still has a big sweet tooth, and in fact you have to be careful not to take too much weight for his great craving for food and sweets. If you have a Sagittarius parent then you will have noticed that bossy at home but it is not excessive in his reproaches and even can act as a friend very often instead of real parent. We have already said that children born under this sign must be left to explore new things, new environments and friendships play a vital role in their education and in their learning. Another flaw is that it does not much care his body. He does not like to dress fashionably in fact, he does not like to wear makeup so excessive but loves pretty simple bright colored clothes being a fire sign. And in love whose behavior fits this wonderful sign? Usually these people know how to be faithful enough but you have not put my finger on it and when you have at your side maybe a sagittarius, at least once in your life, you have to reckon with a small and short treason. Under the sheets it is not overly passionate and unfortunately also has the great disadvantage of not loving the sex too but prefers more dialogue. We recall that he loves so much studying, traveling and always meet new people and a relationship that becomes hard and monotonous, can really tire him much.

What are the most appropriate jobs for people born under the sign of Sagittarius? We have already said that teaching in schools can be great for them but also any work with respect to trade with foreign countries, jobs related to travel, to the sale of foreign products, and often they notice a particular propensity to journalism. But who this zodiac sign gets along? Of course, with the other two fire signs, aries, leo and a sentimental couple full of fire can ignite much passion in bed. Also, the scale and the aquarius can be very good sign for Sagittarius. Certainly the scale can curb the impulsive character of Sagittarius enough and the strong desire to sign the aquarius independence may create problems of infidelity or of misunderstanding. The opposition of characters, but also a strong attraction you may have with the sign gemini but usually are not speaking here of a physical attraction and then sexual attraction but rather mental. A pair of gemini-Sagittarius fact based its report on dialogue, communication, mental on understanding precisely.

Sagittarius merits : loves to travel, loves nature, loyal, dynamic, loves other cultures, greedy.

Sagittarius defects : do too many things at once, do not care much about their body, it tends to operate in the home.


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