"I was born under aquarius zodiac sign". How are people born under the sign of aquarius? What are the basic, essential and unique characteristics about this sign according to Paolo Fox? What is the character of a person born under the aquarius zodiac sign or who owns the aquarius ascendant zodiac in his astral natal chart at the time of his birth? How is aquarius sign? How to conquer and seduce an aquarius man or an aquarius woman ? How are men and women of the aquarius sign? How are the boys and girls, people of aquarius sign? The aquarius man like you can be conquer and how to tell if you like at an aquarius man or aquarius woman ? A man born under the aquarius sign and love, how it behaves in bed and when a person is interested in what attitudes he? The aquarius sign is jealous, possessive, run away when the love relationship becomes very serious or not? Well, if you ask yourself all these questions of course you knew a person born under this beautiful sun sign of air. In this article we will see precisely the basic features of the aquarius sign, the first sign of the zodiac, listing faults and virtues that can be really useful to tell if a person can be suitable for us. Do not forget that it is also important to calculate the rising sign. In fact, if a person has the aquarius rising, then it will have many characteristics of this zodiac sign, although his sun sign is aquarius. You can calculate on this pageyour rising sign.

The more independent sign of the zodiac is the sign aquarius. Symbol of Independence but also of freedom and infidelity. The strong sense of liberty of these people can be so high as to force them to do jobs where collaboration is nothing. A very strong talent in this zodiac sign is the desire to help the world, a selflessness that can take an interest in social projects. So great humanity and a sense of friendship but often appear in his love relationships. In fact usually have a person aquarius as romantic partners, is like having a friend, a great friend who knows how to listen, advise but can not love as it should make a real lover. This its difficulty to show love, to show his true feelings, really makes it prone to treason and absolutely must avoid marrying an aquarius unless his influence both in a sign as Capricorn o toro. so very unfaithful person, who loves to excel in jobs related to the technology because its planet is not only Saturn but also Uranus. The planet Uranus is related to new technologies and the unpredictability and thus the aquarius knows how to be very unpredictable in the work they do but can invent many useful things.


Many inventors are born under this sign fantastic, very innovative and using professionally designed templates often very different from those of other people. Out of work so it is very original, it can also be in the years ahead than others and this can cause a sense of incomprehension. In fact, the people around him, often his parents or his children or other relatives, do not understand his world, but not because it is an impossible world, simply because they have no concept of the future that this sign has. His imagination is remarkable, and who has a child born under this zodiac sign understands what we are saying. Of course, all work related to technology are suitable for him, work related to aeronautics, computers, etc... But possibly he must work alone to his projects even if they are able to interact effectively bike with so many other people, the important thing that I feel a sense of independence and not of compulsion. When you insist on doing things all by yourself then it can become too intransigent and have difficulty achieving the goal and success.

The money for him is not critical and does not like to accumulate. It has a sense of aesthetics similar to that of the sign scale but its shallowness in body care is certainly very high. And love how it behaves? Did we mention that it can often be unfaithful and you have to think more than once before facing a marriage with a person born under this zodiac sign because she needs his space, his world and his independence. He loves being with friends than with his wife or her husband, and if the partner does not understand this need of his, then the betrayal is around the corner. And with whom the aquarius sign gets along? Obviously very winning combination is with the sign of the gemini but also with the scales while many tensions can arise with the taurus and the scorpio although initially the attraction can be very strong. Sagittarius and Aries can also be excellent companions for life even if the threads are many. And in sex? Absolutely not a great lover between the sheets.

Aquarius merits : strong sense of freedom, very independent, with great humanity, a sense of friendship, love technology, very imaginative, collaborative, ideas and projects forward in time.

Aquarius defects : excessive sense of independence, in the superficial pursuits, wants to do it all alone, neglected in body and health, marital infidel level.


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