It's hard, I understand. A leo that loves him woo a woman or man, conquer, seduce. So it is not easy that you do you fall to your feet. But you can groped to take him on track using the tips, ways described below. How to please a person than a lion? How can we conquer and then pleasure a guy man born under the sun sign of leo? How to attract his attention? How to make a leo man and woman fall in love, attract him / her, seduce him / her? How to make a leo girl, woman fall in love with you? Fine questions that can be answered below. Follow these little tips and tricks and probably will attract his attention. If you've ever wondered "How can I bring, conquer, attract a leo of me?". Then you've come to the right place.

1. Of course, the first suggestion is to make note slightly trying to attract his attention. You have to make sure that he is to make the first move and not you. It is he who wants to dominate in the relationship and does not want to be controlled, dominated by you. If little by little eats some interest to your person then a little later we will try.

2. In courting, if you really want to try, not down, stay on him and do not make the leader, the boss. Throw the hook and wait for him to present, make his move. The reins of the relationship wants to take him.

3. It is a really very proud of himself, perhaps too and then fill it with compliments. You will see how you will enhance and will be a point in your favor in courtship.

4. She loves the independence and does not like to be too overwhelmed by the presence of people. Your courtship and should not be absolutely insistent. Work with it on, one day and one no.

5. Would you like to invite them somewhere? You know who loves sports, fitness, aerobics? So rather than invite him to dinner or the movies invite him to a sporting event.

6. That the gift can you do? Certainly an subscription to the gym, a massage center if it is a woman but a man. Orchids may be for you if courted a leo female and if possible the color of the Sun, the planet That dominates it, I know on the yellow. She loves her job and work hard to win His goals. For a man would be fine also give him a tool that relates to his work.

7. Just because the Sun is ruled by the generally a very optimistic person, lively, active and therefore not bore her / him with topics of depression but with life.

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