"I like a woman or man of the sign of the gemini? How do I please her? How do I conquer her / him? How to please and attract his attention? How to please a person of the gemini? How can I seduce her, make her mine?" Today we see what the best techniques for the seduction of a person born under the zodiac sign of the gemini. How to attract his attention? How to make a gemini man and woman fall in love, attract him / her, seduce him / her? How to make a man fall in love gemini woman, boy, girl, ladies, lady? How to approach, seduce, conquer this sign? What ways, tips, tricks to use to seduce a gemini? Here are some to consider.

1. Talk, make speeches with this sign ruled by the planet Mercury, related to communication. He loves to discuss, to talk about various topics and is a little passionate. Better words that caresses.

2. He does not like people monotonous but those who own initiatives. She loves to travel, loves life, wants to explore, move, get out and hates being in the house. So always try to get it out by attending various meeting places, possibly crowded.

3. Even the gemini have a very strong sense of friendship and thus an approach to it, try and coinvolgere some of his friends, invite him to go out with you. Never tell him to let go his friends for you, we immediately exclude from his life.

4. Gemini are usually neglected and do not care much about the shape and health. Rely on this topic trying to make him understand just how important it is to treat your body with the spirit. Started to understand that to keep him.

5. Give clothes or a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a poem or phrase not too mushy. If it is a man wooing twins who were tested with a wallet, with a scent, with a pen particularly elegant but original.

6. Do not ever forget his birthday, his name day, anniversary if required. For gemini it is important to gather and celebrate with friends.

7. It let's face it, the gemini is a bit superficial and a liar but as a first approach to conquer it does not make him understand that it is because he already knows. Ranting about these defects there certainly puts in a good light.

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