"I do not know how to please me as a person born under the sign of the taurus, as a lure, how to make sure that interests me". Have you a person born under the sign of taurus can be an easy task if you know of strengths, weaknesses, what it likes and dislikes. What to avoid in order not to get a two of spades from a taurus man or woman? How to attract a girl or boy of the sign of the taurus that we really like? How to make a taurus man and woman fall in love, attract him / her, seduce him / her? How to please a person of the taurus? What tips and tricks to use to approach, seduce and make you a taurus? If you do not know how to fall in love, conquer a man or woman taurus sun sign then follow these little tips and you'll see that your courtship could be successful.

1. You must understand that you can always be there when you look at him. Make him understand that you are a loyal and jealous because he does not then it is not so much.

2. He likes to eat and loves cooking. Linked to nature and then to come from the earth foods That one of the best things would be to invite him to dinner, and if you are friends maybe invite him to your home where you can Demonstrate That You can cook. Probably decides to help in the preparation of the dishes and then the intimate moment will be born. But cook something tasty and not too elaborate.

3. She loves her family of origin, His parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and then speak of your love for your family members can not help but get his attention. You will start to like it because it dealt with a subject that holds a lot.

4. Certainly loves picnics, trips outside the city especially if you are in touch with nature, with animals. Good idea to organize a picnic in the countryside, surrounded by greenery.

5. Generally, the taurus just for the strong concept of family love their children and have more than one. Make him understand that you also love children and if you have the opportunity to know her a little brother or nephew, sister little cuddle in his presence.

6. And what can you give? If woman is certainly a perfume created by natural essences and not widely available, or a nice foular with colors not too bright. If it is a man by a necktie greenish tones might be okay. Also a nice CD of indian music, though outside the box of traditional pop music.

7. Friends are important for a taurus man or woman. Escludete them not in your travel plans, exit with him / her that you want to woo. Often asks you to want to go out with friends or friends of vecchia date. Do not say no because you're still maybe even just friends and not lovers. Give so much importance to his friends and parletene well in his presence, even though maybe someone is obnoxious.

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