The scorpio is really terrible in love. Usually very jealous, possessive, vindictive, magnetic, attractive although you should always check the influence of a person scorpio and the positioning of Venus and Mars in your natal chart. Today we see some tips and tricks to make sure you successfully wooing a born under the sign of scorpio who is a man or woman, boy or girl. How to make a scorpio man and woman fall in love, attract him / her, seduce him / her? How to please a person of the scorpio? How to fall in love a man or woman of the scorpi? How to implement effective weapons of seduction to please this sign? How to prevent rejection of a scorpio? If you've ever wondered "How can I attract a person of the scorpio? How do I approach a woman and make my scorpio? How can I conquer a man scorpio?" then find the answer in these small tips below.

1. The first thing we recommend is to try to seduce the person of interest with eyes, with the eyes or touching it lightly. Look at it several times in passing or touch her / him almost by accident. He / She will intrigue.

2. Be sealed in your speeches you do with a scorpio sign. Do not say everything at once but keep in pending matters in order to attract her curiosity, and because the scorpio are very curious.

3. What to give to such a sign? Items such as bags, bracelets, necklaces, clothes, lots of clothes, shoes and fragrances. But the scorpio woman loves to wear makeup and then tricks are fine as a gift. The men could see willingly simple dinner meetings full of mystery or tools, useful objects to their work. In fact, people are very concrete.

4. Never talk about topics related to intimacy because it will be natural to talk about later on when your relationship is already well under way. These arguments have begun, just touched by a scorpio.

5. What not to miss a scorpio is certainly the sixth sense and if you think to hide something in your life poor you. Be honest because any lies that come to light it may make vindictive or simply move it away from you.

6. If you want to hit this sign there is nothing better than a dinner with soft lights, almost in the dark with mysterious dishes maybe chinese, oriental. Touch his fingers while whispering the words spoken. He / She will melt you will see.

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