How to calculate and know what day of the week it was when you were born, come into the world? "How and where to find it, knowing the day of the week when I was born?". "How do I know which day of the week was I born? What's the meaning of my birth day?". "How do I know if I was born on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday?". How to calculate the exact day of the week were you born? How are those born on Monday temperamentally? How are those born on Tuesday or Wednesday? What character have people born on Thursday, Friday or Saturday? Here we see the characteristics that each person seems to have when it is born on a certain day of the week rather than another. Find out what day you were born. If you do not understand how to know what day of the week you were born in then you are at the right site. Calculates the day of the week you were born and your basic features here.

Perhaps you are not aware but traditional astrology associates of certain characteristics to those born on a certain day between 7 which is composed of a week. Unfortunately, not all remember him and here instead of going to look for the calendar year in which we were born or ask our parents who might not remember we can use the form below for a quick calculation. Simply enter the day, month and year of your birth to know the day of the week when you have come to light so if Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or on Sunday. You can, after finding it, as they read immediately under the people born in each of the seven days.


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What features has someone born on the day on Monday: those born on the first day of the week are certainly under the influence of Moon and then people are generally very imaginative, full of imagination, very romantic and sensitive. They can be very moody sometimes and go from a state of well-being, happiness to one of malaise and apathy. They really know to be very susceptible to the words and deeds of others. In general, both women and men born on Monday appear, in the eyes of others, very magnetic, charming, sensitive and cuddly. In the work know how to get noticed, how to assert their word, their ideas because they have a good gab and thus could do work related to communication such as journalism, teaching, the presenter.

What features has someone born on the day on Tuesday: related to the red planet Mars These people may have a strong self-control and self-determination One That rock can bring them forward in the profession and in society but with calm decision. Also Mars is the planet of anger, the anger, the pent-up energies That may come out of a sudden. Here Is that people born on this day may hatch a grudge for years and then throw it out all at once, and in an explosive manner. Woe to be in front of a person as well as a time of tremendous anger. I know must learn to manage Their unconscious mechanism of this accumulation of negative forces . In the work are very decisive Able to carry out strenuous commitments with constancy and perseverance. Achieve the results later ounces Obtained but not hand them off any more. Excellent physical energy to be used in manual labor. In love are not so much affectionate but quite cold.

What features has someone born on the day on Wednesday: here we are bound to the planet Mercury, planet, intellectual ideas, intelligence. Those born on this day generally so knows how to exploit these skills to get ahead in life even though it may happen to be in front of people too clever at times. They may look cool in the eyes of others but their coldness means determination to set and achieve goals. In general, people are good although sometimes saying things in the face may attract to himself dislikes. They do not have many friends but few but good. Sometimes you notice a defect in the game and in general to bet more than that to win, to compete, to participate, to prove their greatness. They know how to take care of their body even doing sports and use their intelligence, mental practicality to attract partners in love. In the work are reliable and very serious in taking forward the commitments.

What features has someone born on the day on Thursday: who was born on the day of Jupiter is a person can certainly be a jovial, cheerful, happy, optimistic but sometimes too much, that often take during the course of life, blunders. His optimism may in fact take to have illusions, delusions because he too believed in the things that he saw only the positive side, positive. So it is necessary that these people, always surrounded by friends, are more cynical and not allow themselves to be influenced too easily. I am easy-going and funny and want to help others. Sometimes sin in eating and can be physically obese. They can attract good fortune to itself in all fields and also in the game can often be affected by luck. It would be useful to them to do the work where it is necessary determination, a smile always on his lips and then work related to communication with others, to stand in the crowd. Their joie de vivre is reflected also in amorous relationships always very lively.

What features has someone born on the day on Friday: obviously those born on this day of the week was born under the influence of the planet Venus. Equipped with a fine mind, a sensitivity that activates knows how to attract the people around him, this person can be very charming and magnetic and take advantage of his skills as loving to get what she wants, she seeks. It is usually very good at the field and then from art to music, painting, sculpture, acting, etc ... As true artists and poets can live moments of great emotional transport, loving and being very romantic and so can also be negative, throwing himself down and suffering in silence. But if they can exploit this by writing their melancholy poems, phrases beautiful. They love everything that is related to the occult and people are often surrounded by many friends. In love, they know how to attract those who are interested because they know they have so much charm. It is better for these natives do not work as they may be intolerant of the monotonous daily routine. Better work related to the field of art or religion, or the occult, astrology.

What features has someone born on the day on Saturday: here we are under the influence of Saturn, planet linked to austerity, sacrifice, the coldness, the seriousness and pessimism. Who was born on Saturday is a really very strong, stubborn, obstinate who knows how to get ahead in life at the cost of neglecting, set aside, do not treat the sentimental aspect, joyful it. He can be a really very good but also very bad and then woe to upset her or him an injustice. He loves to make his way in life by sacrificing himself, making many efforts but also allow him to get great results. It is a typically jovial person but can often appear sad, serious, pessimistic. In love, who was born on Saturday knows how to make love and how to attract the partner appearing sometimes very strange and different from others, very eccentric. Having outstanding qualities as a leader and being one that you create by yourself, can do fine work in which he assumes the command. Companies can manage and be well versed in astronomy and for work related to space travel.

What features has someone born on the day on Sunday: people born on Sunday are linked to Sun remember that being a star and not a planet. They may seem in the eyes of other people out of the world and who fail to follow the modern times but have really great energy and almost never are able to get busy in life. Often rely on their instincts and unconscious decision making and not mistaken in this. We are faced with peaceful people by nature and they are fine on their own rather than in the midst of the people. Their loyalty and sincerity is remarkable as well as their intelligence. Admittedly, they should learn not to ponder too much on things, but on the decisions to act on instinct, intuition having a very pronounced that hardly wrong. How work could be excellent professors, teachers are able to pass on to others what they know, they know. However, they can become great politicians and diplomats. You'd better look after their body doing sports because otherwise they risk gaining weight.