The chinese sign of the Tiger gets along with who? How are people born under the chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger? How does a person born under this sign? What elements characterize it? In chinese horoscope, zodiac sign of the Tiger which features, merits, defects, strengths and weaknesses does it has?

First, those who are born under this chinese sign is really an independent person who cares to his freedom and woe to touch it. This is both in love and in work where you would run if it were private. Featuring a very malleable intelligence and great leadership skills is reluctant to collaborations also because it is very rebellious and impulsive nature. Easy that can attack people if it feels threatened or if you do not like his ideas. Often acts of impulse coming to conclusions but that may hit the mark given his strong sense of instinct well developed. It's a great fighter capable of defending his family if he sees attacked by someone.

As mentioned can and should do the leaders on a team but not willingly accepts the criticism being able too often become very short-tempered. We must not contradict him so even if you notice in him a certain stubborn authoritarianism. For this would be good for him his military career. His courage and his strong energy may be awarded in the sport where he can reach great heights. Love can see this person show a lot of passion and loyalty to his partner but be careful not to betray a Tiger because sfoderebbe his claws and I would make it pay.

Avoid him for a while all the signs except Horse and perhaps Rooster with a love that can blossom or a strong feeling of friendship.

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