The chinese sign of the Rooster gets along with who? How are people born under the chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster? How does a person born under this sign? What elements characterize it? In chinese horoscope, zodiac sign of the Rooster which features, merits, defects, strengths and weaknesses does it has?

Keen observer of reality is very much devoted to his work is that it can carry out more projects together. She loves to be pleased and scale the heights of society, and he has good reason because its quality allows. Unfortunately sometimes make mistakes due to his excessive pride, narcissism and may miss good opportunities to work and gain just for this. He can be very frank in the judgments that the wonder and sometimes this can disturb his audience but if you want a fair person, sincere then it it will be with you. His success in life is due to the fact that he knows neglecting the small insignificant details to devote himself to the most important, essential.

It's the classic colleague who would always at your side because it can stimulate others to infuse confidence, practical sense, willpower and this is very much loved by employers and can be a great leader, boss. Very worker knows devote himself to the work with a commitment that is difficult to see in other signs. And love? Honest and sincere in love, even if a bit too harsh in his attitudes. Although he loves the show and exalt his partner in the company, with friends, sometimes makes it too trophy to show off. From the partner wants to complicity to achieve goals that you set itself over the years and is able to give herself to him only if it deserves it, also showing great skills extravagant.

Its good relations especially in love with the sign of the Dragon and of Snake while there is a lot of harmony with Mouse, Rabbit and Goat.

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