The chinese sign of the Dog gets along with who? How are people born under the chinese zodiac sign of the Dog? How does a person born under this sign? What elements characterize it? In chinese horoscope, zodiac sign of the Dog which features, merits, defects, strengths and weaknesses does it has?

The dog is certainly the most loyal man and this feature is also present in the chinese horoscope. Who has a friend or co-worker born under the sign of the Dog will know how affectionate and reliable he / she is. He / she loves her family and her roots and often prefers to work near his home in order not to stay away from his suffering. Search the security and stability both in love and in work and if you do not get likely to fall into periods of pessimism and melancholy, already seen that it is kind of sad. It is generally very wary of others and not from friendship to many in fact it seems that his friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Equipped with a great sense of duty is capable of dealing very seriously the tasks that are offered and it is precisely because he works tirelessly to achieve material security for himself and his family. Sometimes that can be formed in many natives of the sign, excessive doses of ambitious nature, But that certainly does not hurt to have. We come to speak of love. Sure bind to a partner of the same victim pessimism and melancholy would not be ideal for this sign. Better to bind to happy people, able to bring it up when he has need. He needs affection, cuddles and is very loyal but also possessive and jealous. He's afraid of being alone and this sometimes tedious, your partner talk about his fidelity. If you are looking for, however, a person bring up the family dog is perfect because you really love her can be for life.

And who can get love and harmony in the workplace and in the affections? The Dog can find excellent partners in Mouse, Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Monkey and Pig while better not to start serious relationships with the sign of the Rooster.

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