The chinese sign of the Rabbit gets along with who? How are people born under the chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit? How does a person born under this sign? What elements characterize it? In chinese horoscope, zodiac sign of the Rabbit which features, merits, defects, strengths and weaknesses does it has?

Certainly not with an extreme desire to get busy and work hard. This is the Rabbit or Cat or also known as the Hare. Let's say you can cut and run like hell when it comes to commit to something even if that something is of the utmost importance to him. It is a type lazy, that he takes very convenient letting others do the hard work judging from afar. Therefore impossible for him to set itself goals and try to reach them because they would abandon everything in between. Certainly not the leader or boss can make the situation better for him and works that do not require the expenditure of too much physical and mental energy. He loves being in the company and suffer if left alone even if it proves to be too shy with new people.

Charm, kindness and gentle ways can drop at his feet many people who can bring luck in many areas of life, especially at work. Unfortunately can change your mind and then flag all too often and this makes it clear that it is not even very faithful in love. Spendthrift, fond of luxurious things have to be careful if you want a partner that gives stability in life because the rabbit just can not. In love does not know to be very passionate but prefers that the relationship is based on exchanges mental, intellectual rather than physical.

Goat, Dog and Pig are the perfect partner for him as best left alone Tiger, Dragon and Horse.

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