The chinese sign of the Monkey gets along with who? How are people born under the chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey? How does a person born under this sign? What elements characterize it? In chinese horoscope, zodiac sign of the Monkey which features, merits, defects, strengths and weaknesses does it has?

It is certainly a very strange person, difficult to pin down, so clever and whimsical. Never stands still and is always looking for action hating the monotony. The classic person who wants everything now and for the truth might get what he wants if only he insisted, however, if it does not get what he wants immediacy can give up on two feet. It is admired and sought by all for his brilliant ideas who also knows how to show in public in ways certainly not Orthodox. But like it and it is very contention in the work. She loves to travel, spend, dressing in a particular way, different from how they dress the other, and sometimes just for her bizarre ways is not taken seriously. Trouble for her but also for those who reject it because really the person born under the chinese sign of the Monkey is incredibly ambitious, inventive, optimistic.

In the work seeks to achieve early success, but this is also due to a sense of inferiority. He feels insecure and this fact puts the money in the center of his attention and the truth can get to maneggiarne too much and is good for its many foibles and vices. You can entrust to her many types of work, especially the ones where there is danger and you have to have ideas new, original and successful. It is a sign by which we should tie because before the family places his work, his professional success but it can have many stories, adventures and read disengaged, without liability. But there is a silver lining in her. If you start a family and have children can leave all its pretensions working, professional to raise and educate her children.

What are the best that can become lasting relationships over the course of a lifetime for the sign of the Monkey? Ideals are those with Dragon, Horse, Dog while problems and disagreements can arise in relationships with Buffalo, Tiger and Rooster.

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