"I met someone born under sign of pisces. How is your character? How does he behave?" What characteristics, strengths and weaknesses have a boy or a girl born under the sign of pisces? How is the sign of pisces in love? "I have met and known a boy / girl pisces and I'm loving him / her. What is your character? It might go well with me?". Which are characteristics, merits and defects, strengths and weaknesses, basic features of a man and woman born under pisces zodiac sign? How does working on the native pisces and what hidden qualities do he have? Each sun sign has different positive and negative qualities that it is better to know in advance to avoid creating wrong relationships.

Of course it is very important to analyze also characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the ascendant sign of a person we want to know. You will see that making a summary of what was read for the sun sign and ascendant, you will be able to guess a lot of the character of a person even without knowing it. Finding your ascendant is not so difficult. Go in this page and follow what is written.

Pisces basic features: what is the sign of the pisces? The sign of pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and. It is usually not a sign very optimistic and confident in life even if Jupiter should instill these qualities but rather that Neptune is heard making dreamer, very sensitive, tender and sweet. Perhaps these qualities are brought to exasperation in his case and therefore can fall prey to unscrupulous people. It should have more confidence in himself and in what he can do but unfortunately I must say that is not equipped with much initiative. It excels in work related to art and then in music, for example, but also in the kitchen and in the education of their children due to its extreme sensitivity and tact. Very uncared for appearance and health of your body may fall victim to insecurities and fears, fears sometimes unfounded. Neptune makes those born under the sign of Pisces people very easily influenced and that is why it is advisable to be careful who you choose as a partner that is as a friend. And if we get that Jupiter also makes them gullible then the omelet is done. In love and affections is generally true even if it does not show much its transport to the partner. Can bind easily to a person for many years of his life even if it betrays him.

Pisces basic merits: sweet, loves family, loves festivals and traditions, confident in life, loves children, good-natured.

Pisces defects: naive, little faithful to your partner, excessive confidence in giving to others, greedy, can not have a few flaws, lack of courage, lack of determination.

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