"I met someone born under sign of libra. How is your character? How does he behave?" What characteristics, strengths and weaknesses have a boy or a girl born under the sign of libra? How is the sign of libra in love? "I have met and known a boy / girl libra and I'm loving him / her. What is your character? It might go well with me?". Which are characteristics, merits and defects, strengths and weaknesses, basic features of a man and woman born under libra zodiac sign? How does working on the native libra and what hidden qualities do he have? Each sun sign has different positive and negative qualities that it is better to know in advance to avoid creating wrong relationships.

Of course it is very important to analyze also characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the ascendant sign of a person we want to know. You will see that making a summary of what was read for the sun sign and ascendant, you will be able to guess a lot of the character of a person even without knowing it. Finding your ascendant is not so difficult. Go in this page and follow what is written.

Libra basic features: What is the sign of libra? On the air as gemini and aquarius belongs to the cardinal signs and has a taste that is truly formidable by its ruling planet, namely Venus. Very diplomatic person, able to get everyone to agree and good point of reference especially for his family. Balanced in most things he does, try not to overdo ever. He enjoys his life if he can in a simple way and without overestimating his possessions often yielding the estimate as well as members of his family also have many friends that surround him. not very strong when it comes to making choices him by surprise. Asks sincerity and dedication to both family and friends is just as well with them. It may very well work in the field of politics, but also as an employee is fine because he knows submit to the orders of others. Very clean, orderly, methodical.

Libra merits: sense of duty, in assessing fair, balanced, cure your body with refined sense of aesthetics, precise and methodical, artistic sense.

Libra defects: does not assess objectively the other, exceeds the use of its qualities, aesthetic sense exaggerated, too fussy, sometimes too diplomatic.

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